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I don't know any other quicker way to get this onto my phone than to post it here and then download it on mobile. So, enjoy this brilliant, Lisa Frank-esque eyesore.


I'll be doing my top games of the year later on with my blog on all the shit I played this year (it'll basically be my quarterly blogs, but Mega Expando Edition), but I will say that I hate the game I was looking forward to the most, SMTV, isn't on it.


Watching Futurama (like Fuzunga) for the past few days, on and off, again has me, once again, thinking... why the FUCK aren't there more quality R34's of Leela or Amy? The former is prime fodder and the show is still within the zeitgeist well enough.


I wish we didn't need to sleep. Sleep? More like weak. Because we're so fragile. Fragile? More like turdpile. Because humans are such piles of turds. Humans? More like P-U, man...s. Uh, unrelated image I guess.


Went down a rabbit hole of old memes and came across this oldie + goodie.


If you listen to any part of this, listen to "Attempt #5". That an AI can turn a Smash Mouth song into an almost comprehensible, genuine banger grunge track is super impressive (no matter how unintentional it was). Make sure to turn on captions!


Came across Kurtis Conner on YT. He's a young comedian who leans pretty heavily socialist, which I think is just great. And that this particular episode had me literally exploding with laughter several times ain't not great either.


I must've been put on the Secret Santa list at the last second, because I didn't even know about it! Now I feel guilty, because my secret Santa pulled off a top rack gangster move. EDIT: Who here sent me this? I want to return the favor! [BUMP 2] TELL ME!


Enjoying an old pastime whilst Christmas dinner dinnerizes.


5 hours of Dead Cells lighthouse atmosphere. It's like Rainy Mood, but more fiery. Would roast chestnuts over.


Finding myself playing very defensively with the Halo Infinite campaign on Heroic. Making quick getaways with the grappleshot, keeping distance when possible, etc. Never been like this before. Perhaps it's just to entice you to upgrade your shields?


So, I found out that my otherwise excellent physician is 110% anti-vax. Told me that taking Ivermectin is fucking lit. Big oof. Image unrelated (or is it?)


Also, it feels like Halo: Infinite's Ravager is there to replace the Brute Shot. That's unfortunate. The Brute Shot actually felt like the power weapon it was, and it was fun to watch those pellets bounce off the ground and into Covenant domes.


Would you argue that indie games officially became "a thing" between 2010-2015 and mostly thanks to the extreme appetite for horror at the time? Amnesia, Outlast, Slender, etc. Were it not for the YouTube scene, the market wouldn't be nearly as healthy.


First game I played on my XSS was, of all games, Dante's Inferno. I remember this game somewhat fondly, but am noticing some flaws, 10 years later, on Hellish difficulty. Despite, I'll give it this: It's art design kicks pre-2018 GoW's backend.


Queuing up a bunch of downloads on my new Series S and I could not be any more content than I currently am.


It seems I was gifted a cardboard box for Christmas...


I've heard some shipping-related horror stories about these particular sorts of packages, but my aunt got me an Xbox Series S for Christmas and it (with any luck) arrives later today!!! Time to make enough bank for a Game Pass sub because


I know only a couple of fellow fans of Mark E. Plier lurk within our midst, but, nonetheless, it begins!


I think I'll be getting a lot out of this.


Am very proud of a culinary creation of mine. More info in the comments! (EDIT: Summary tweet fixed, kind of. Look upon my culinary skills and weep, maybe.)


Playing Happy's Humble Burger Farm and came across a horse racing gambling machine in the hub world. "Sexy Chungus" was too good to pass up. Click the comments! Di- ... did I win?


When you can't decide which Eeveelution you'd rather put your dick into.


Despite this being my favorite album of Metallica's, I haven't heard this track in, like, a decade. Forgot how emotionally provocative it was. Almost was like hearing it for the first time again, with muscle memory carrying me through the lyrics.


Anyone else dramatically lose hype over Arceus lately? If they're reaching into the merchant NPC's as focal points for trailers so close to launch and with still so many unanswered questions, I'm gonna begin to worry they're trying to hide a minor flop.


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