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Soooo... it's just FUSE, with an even more washed out color scheme and more stilted animations. H-... hype?


Just started Jedi: Fallen Order, but I can already tell that the droid's gonna shoot first!


Soooooooooooo my city (San Antonio, TX) just got a confirmed case of the Coronavirus. Time to die!


Oh whoa! Found a new band today. Have heard their name a time or two, but never actually checked them out. Reminds me a lot of Pantera.


My best friend has a 10 year old at 29, a conqueror of a crippling meth addiction and is managing to obtain a college education. I'm at 29 with my life spiraling into oblivion.


Okay, ya normies. Since Judy Hopps is too spicy for y'all, then fine. Here's Lola Bunny. Ironically, she's way more slutty than Hopps. You guys are perverts, you just don't know it yet. #WeslikesbunnygirlsWednesday


Good job, old man!


The Capcom sale on the eShop is pretty substantial. Ace Attorney Trilogy for half off, Megaman Legacy Collection 2 for half off and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for 60 or 65% off! As far as AAA third party support, that's about as good as it gets.


Scott's a pretty underrated YTber. Has a wonderfully sarcastic, expletive-ridden sense of humor (sans the rage and insane irreverency of some others). He's the youngest amongst my subscriptions box (22 years old), but he's not your average rapscallion.


Decided to catch back up on this since it's that time again and... Jesus lord above, I think I understand it less now.


Looks like I'm gonna be doing the rockin' thing along with Joan Jett, Poison, Def Leppard and Motley Crue this July! Definitely a once in a lifetime line up. Would've preferred another metal band like Ratt or Winger than Joan Jett, but hey.


SHINY GIGANTIMAX TOXTRICITY :OOOOOOO (I wasn't even trying to rig the system for it to happen)


I thought it'd be too grueling a process to narrow down my favorite games of the past decade. But, after sifting through releases and my own memory, it actually wasn't so hard! I'm doing a video on it, but it's a ways off. So, for now, check the comments!


Speeding through my backlog like I never thought I could! I think I'm finally coming out of my video game lull that's lasted for around 4 or 5 years. Although, I am discovering just how many mediocre games I somehow decided to spend money on...


my sleepy baabie


Happy 2nd borfday to the prettiest, stupidest boy on this Earth, Hansel!


Probably going to start selling off my Pokémon cards I’ve been collecting since the early days. Got shit like Birthday Pikachu, buncha 1st Editions, Japanese holographic Charizard, etc. Where’s a good place to get an estimate on a selling price?


Working on a video about my experiences in video games from 2010-2019. But, instead of top games of the decade, I figured it'd be a lot more laid back to simply discuss some bomb-ass hidden or underrated gems like All Our Asias or Straimium Immortaly ^.^


gud leest 👍


Tiny bit messy, but built my new gaming chair! Sat in it for a while and zero muscle spasms (was a problem with the first one) and I’m liking how it looks. Was either this brand or that XDRacer or whatever chair I see some YouTubers using.


Well, when you put it like that...


Note To Self: Don’t use a wireless controller to play shoot ‘em ups on Switch. Even TwinBee is made considerably more difficult. Split-second movements are nigh impossible. How do most y’all feel about wireless play on Switch? That delay is 💦


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