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Favorite live performances?


Heh. I have this awesome new gaming PC with a grandiose amount of potential, but what I've mostly done is play Skyrim: Special Edition and the original Torchlight.


Gonna probably do another Destiny 2 review, but for late-game. Short answer: My fun hasn't dipped a tremendous amount. Will try to include another video, too! I'll 100% all the planets, do a couple Strikes, and some more Crucible before I start.


My avatar was already spook enough for Octoidber.


I love my new gaming PC! Have now gone through a bit of Overwatch, Skyrim: SE, and Forza Horizon 3 with them all on Ultra. This is a completely new thing to me and it's only up from here <3 Unless it explodes. Gonna try Narcosis (a spooky game) in a bit.


By your recommendations on what would be some nice hardware tests for my new gaming PC, I purchased Dirt Rally, Gears of War 4, and Fallout 4! Also got Skyrim: SE on a whim. I'm gonna go play some Destiny 2 while those and some other shit downloads <3 <3


Given my new PC, anyone have any solid Steam titles that I could use to test out the hardware? Not talking just pure graphical prowess, of course. (UPDATE: Bumpity bump.)


Reporting from my very first proper gaming PC! Gasp! I'm very happy to get back into Overwatch since some months back and then... who knows what!


Unsurprisingly, as they say, Cuphead is a treat! I need to attempt to transcribe the vendor music as it's a definite fav.


So, I'm now in the business of building a gaming PC. But, it's a new challenge and I have to actually take something seriously instead of farting or cracking puns. I'm gonna need me some more gay Persona art to relieve tension.


Two cute boys cooking me dinner.


I haven't laughed this hard in a good while. And, speaking of hard, I'm genuinely sexually-attracted to Jim in this role.


I love you guys. I'm in a good mood and bright about the future! Also, here's how cool I currently look in Destiny 2.


Just splurged on a bunch of new adventure/point-and-click titles from GOG's recent sale. Less than 20 bucks! I need to play these ASAP. No excuse, given they should run pretty easily on my aging gaming notebook that can barely do Overwatch on low.


Morning! Just now finished uploading a montage of my journey through Destiny 2's campaign + splices of other stuff! Spent a good while on it, so maybe at least glance through it eh? Impressions blog soon! Love y'all and so long because I am sleep now z.z


It's weird seein' folk reference Initial D so much these days like it was some huge hit, yet I had never even heard of it until a couple years ago! I did end up actually buying the soundtrack out of interest some time ago and it's pretty alright.


I don't think Dtoid's mentioned this yet, but Outlast + Whistleblower are free over at Humble Bundle right now! Link (and freedom from the twins' naked dongers) in the comments.


D2's campaign has been completed! An above average experience that was leagues better than 1's with some impressive qualities in its first third. I'm currently putting together a (rather lengthy) montage of my journey as well as an impressions blog!


I done did a level 20!


So, what's the general consensus on Destiny 2 for all y'all able to be playing it? Currently level 13 and have been having a LOT of fun! Several tiers above the original, as far as I'm concerned. Extended thoughts in the comments.


How Destiny 2 has you go about obtaining subclasses is about the coolest thing I've seen an FPS or RPG do in a long while.


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