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Was having some fun recording some Silent Hill: Origins for y'all, but the emulator started feeding me some visual bugs with the flashlight and has made the game just a tad too unplayable for my tastes. At least the SMT titles seem to work just fine.


Everytime I watch someone else play this to the end, I cry. I've seen Dodger, Game Grumps, and now NL's playthrough and I still cannot handle those final moments of the final boss. I really wish I had met Temmie Chang at PAX South last year...


I got two (hopefully) cool games that you guys haven't been able to shush up about for the past year or so.


That's it. I'm getting me a pianee.


This might be the very best Persona-anything I've witnessed that isn't directly from ATLUS. Sounds more than good enough to be official, holy shit.


I love these.


Just ordered a new mic on a whim, after having suddenly decided to turn the blog I was currently writing into a video script. I hope to have a test up and ready for y'all to peep within a few days! I'll probably end up doing LP's again, as well.


Courtesy of yours truly and Bass.


Happy Birthday to RE4! The most brilliantly-paced, most-satisfying spook-shooter around.


So, thanks to Amazon Video's X-Ray function, I find that the dude who played Biff in the Back to the Future trilogy had played more than several characters throughout the show and movie(s). Including being apart of my favorite scene from the movie!


Been on another lapse from you folk. Had some major tooth pain, which triggered my anxieties something *awful*. Don't think I've ever been more stressed. The nerves in my stomach were completely shot. But, I'm better now! Anyday I can, I wanna be here.


My gosh, everyone. Thank you so, so much for drastically improving my mood during this morning! I can't really imagine a much better response than what I got. You guys, truly, are amongst my bestest of friends and I love you all to an unhealthy degree.


(CW: Mental health nonsense) Just spent the last half an hour experiencing a thing that left me breaking down into tears pretty harshly, without going too much into it. I could use some wholesome responses to cheer me up, buds.


My first few purchases of the year, already! Axiom Verge, a cute thing called Pan-Pan, a double dip of Enter the Gungeon, and some point 'n' click venture called Violett on Steam. Every one of them are here with me thanks to the eShop/Steam sales.


Happy Buzz Lightyear! To infinity and elsewhere!


Just discovered there's a keen theme for the Vita from Dancing All Night that features the game's "Disco in the Velvet Room"! <3


Seemingly random thought, but I've felt this way for years about troll posters: Why the hell do you let on that your original post was "JUST A TROLL LOL"? It's so dumb. I'm no professional, but doesn't that completely deflate your post into feeling limp?


Nocturne: Gaea Raging All Night


Gonna give Mel's RE2 playthrough a bump because it's such an interesting take on the usual LP! Give it a go if you want some keen trivia on some of the game's word usage.


For my 1,000th quickpost, I struggled to think of what exactly to feature. So, I thought to myself: "What are the two things in this world I love the most?". Well, lewds and SMT... "I've got it!", as I sprung up and then also got out of my chair. Perfect!


Bass's awards categories got me thinking about my own "most overlooked" title of 2017. Mine would, easily, be Loot Rascals. I adored the demo I played at PAX South (for a front page article here on DTOID!) and am surprised at the lack of love now.


Currently deep into a new blog, got the heat going, windows open, Spongebob in the background, having a pretty solid time. Hope y'all look forward to reading it! How's it?


Is inhaling carbon monoxide worth it?


We're back to the ICONIC(tm) Daisoujou and "Seymour" moniker. Shower me with love and affection. I'm more nostalgic than that feeling you get when you pick up a Gameboy and switch on Pokemon Blue.


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