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One more #MemesILove (if this counts as a meme). I had commissioned someone I was following on Facebook to try a family friendly version of one of our signature catchphrases. I'll link to them if I can track down who it was.


I would've much rathered Half-Life 2: Episode 2 just ended with this, honestly.


Got some time in with the RE Village demo. 30 minutes to be exactly exact, exactually. Here's a short stream of clips from it I did up straight from my PS4. Turns out to be not the best quality, but hey. Also got in a couple Photo Mode opportunities.


At the time of the video post date, the animator would've been about 14 years old. I'm very, very impressed.


The body is a maelstrom of both beautiful and disgusting wonders.


Internet’s out for the house atm, so I scavenged and found a King of Queens DVD collection. Man, Jerry Stiller (RIP) has impeccable comedic timing and Kevin James is more talented than the roles he’s gotten since.


So glad I noticed the somewhat hidden cosmetics for PAC-MAN 256! Really enjoying my time with this one and was craving anything of this sort (as Hipster Whale did cosmetics with Crossy Road). And, yes, PAC-MAN 99 gave me PAC-MAN fever.


Posted a new track (in the comments) for my Original Game Soundtrack project. At least 90% done (with the whole album)! Feedback greatly appreciated. [FINAL BUMP]


Found a(nother) game featuring Ellen McClain back doing her GLaDOS voice. Instant interest!


Have been going through PAC-MAN CE DX+, CE2 PLUS and PAC-MAN 99 this past week. And I'm actually about to start PAC-MAN 256! CE2 was surprisingly dull after all the hubbub around the original. Liking the original thus far. Surprisingly, 99 is my favorite!


Well. That CMOS PS4 battery prematurely killing even physical media thing isn’t wholesome news. Might have to clear my Sony backlog and then drop buying them new cold turkey. Series X/Switch/PC is plenty fun, I say!


Now that some old clothes are starting to fit again, time to load up on carbs for a meal or two as a reward! Who's hungry???


I’ve lost enough inches/weight to fit back into my Golden Girls tee! ♪(´▽`)


Hijacking #Caturday for a doge post. He sometimes smells like Doritos.


Whilst it might be through a technicality and it'll likely be gone by the end of the day... suck my dick fy!


I'm officially neck deep in PAC-MAN 99. It's such a tight, quick play-before-bed-wait-shit-that-was-an-hour-ago experience! I also have now accumulated 6 premium themes (NC1, Tower of Druaga, Galaga, Dig Dug, COSMO GANG THE VIDEO and Xevious). Halp.


Oh and as a farewell to Mr. X, one of the best mashups I know of -


Just got vaccine'd!


Really enjoying PAC-MAN 99! Way more than Championship Edition 2 PLUS, which I just played yesterday. But, I am a little confucked on how Blind Time Attack works and what I should prioritize. No matter what I do, I top out at Round 6.


I found some copies of 3D All-Stars at Target today and decided to get one, even though I already have it! Reselling it. Since it's discontinued, would you necessarily call this scalping or is it leaning more on the genuine supply/demand side?


#selfietoid Standing... proudly(?) next to my Megami Tensei/Persona shit. Not Pictured: The P5 and P4DAN CE boxes and my manbaby shame.


Lady Dimitrescu isn't just sporting that Amazonian booba.


*hunts for bottles whilst on a mandated shit get togethering* Man, this game is fucking awesome!


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