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On NSMBU Switch rumours: I can't be less interested. They're not horribly made games, but I can't think of a Nintendo series more uninspired, dull, and boring. Really, it's just another casual focused franchise from the DS/Wii era that doesn't hold up.


I broke Hornet. She can't move, she just sits there.


I know games will look and run better on my PC, but I keep buying things on my Switch. Send help


I just realized you can now stage morph from 75m to Pac-Land in Ultimate, to create the most horrendous form of torture ever invented.


Sakurai's kill count so far for Ultimate: Mario, Luigi, Megaman, and Dedede, all dead. Who's he going to take out next?


Ok, done with the VC4 demo. All battles and skirmishes A rank, all units level 4, about 2 and a half hours worth there. Some thoughts in the comments.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 demo impressions: Yes, this is the game I've waited almost a decade for. Only complaint is that it's still almost two months away God Damn it.


Oof, I guess we're going to have to put one of our cats down in the next few days. That sucks.


Just finished a new piece of music. It's quite a bit more optimistic and calm than my last few, and it may be one of my favourites. Have a listen and tell me what you think!


Yeah, the chapter 4 bosses seem pretty easy now that I have the 4 extra jobs. Tressa + Runelord = Never hit by a physical attack again.


Oh and I guess I can dance too.


Sorcerer and Runelord down. Now onto Starseer and Warbringer.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 patch coming out with the ability to play this track as the unique monster song. I love XC2's OST but the unique monster theme is one of the few tracks I give in favour of XC1. I can't wait to keep Shulk/Fiora in my party forever.


You know, there's something really satisfying about the gameplay loop of -> Enter town -> Steal all the things -> Beat the shit out of everybody -> Break into houses -> Steal more -> Repeat. Octopath gets me, that's how I played Oblivion as well.


Oh, and this is basically the truth.


I just spent the last half hour fixing my phone's GPS. It was a pretty simple fix, but I'm just glad I have a phone that can be disassembled pretty easily, otherwise I may have had to get it replaced or repaired at a shop, and that's money.


Welp, I guess I'm not playing any games online anymore. I was using a mobile internet thing since it was my only option, but Rogers decided to halve my monthly usage with no price drop. 55gb for 160 bucks a month? No fucking thank you.


So, as of today I've gone three months with no fast food or carbonated drinks. I was really tempted to get myself a can of Pepsi today, but I've decided that I won't drink any of that until I hit my goal. I'm 215 now, hoping to get to 190 this summer.


TFW Primrose gets you a 100x EXP bonus. My party jumped like 15 levels.


Therion confirmed the next Jojo.


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