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Spicy take: Any character creator that doesn't allow and encourage creating inhuman monsters is a bad character creator, because character creators shouldn't really be taken too seriously.


Started playing Bug Fables, and I don't think I've ever seen a more obvious ripoff that didn't just steal models. I'm not mad though, it's a better Paper Mario than Sticker Star/Colour Splash are. Not even close to PM1/TTYD though.


Just actually finished a run in Hades, first time since they added the final boss. Hoo boy, I hope they actually do something with the ending, since how things are is super, super anticlimactic and kinda dumb.


Earlier, I predicted that DLC fighter 5 would be Edelgard and drop with info for Three Houses' expansion. I was kind of right, we got DLC info and a Three Houses character in Smash, just not Edelgard.


I had a dream, and in that dream the character revealed in the Smash presentation was Frogger. I don't know if I'm an oracle or insane, but the safest guess is maybe both.


Hey, that Pyre review I said I was doing 6 months ago? It's finally done, and it's probably my best video to date! Check it out if you want to! One last bump! Please let me know what you think!


Tokyo Mirage Sessions is out next Friday, and all it's got for promotion since the announcement is one trailer three weeks ago. If a full Direct doesn't happen next week with a bigger look, Nintendo is just sending that game out to die, again.


Bad day at work. Current status:


I'm trying a new workflow for my next video, and I think it's working really well! In the past day, I went from having a half-finished script, to a video that just needs a few finishing touches. I may even have it ready for tomorrow.


For his neutral special, Gigantamax Intelleon wields a GUN.


Oh hey a new Smash patc-


My top 20 favourite games of the 2010s video is up! You won't believe #2! One last bump for the weekend crowd, then it's on to the next video.


Top 5 games of 2019: 5. The Outer Worlds 4. Baba is You 3. Outer Wilds 2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses 1. Dragon Quest 11 S. Nothing else I played really screamed GotY material. Top 20 of the decade video should be coming out today though, that'll be fun!


You know when a game is so engrossing that you kinda just stop being able to do other things you need to do? That's happening to me with Dragon Quest 11. Like, I have no idea how this game only got an 8 from Destructoid, I would probably put it as my GOTY


Time to play SantaVyse. I've got 23 game keys to give away from humble bundles, and I'm posting them all here! There's some good stuff here, so have a look if you want a free game! Everything has got to go! Perro added some here too!


Yo a Christmas themed prequel to Cthulhu Saves the World just released yesterday. That's wicked I loved that game.


Oh boy, there's going to be drama at the family Christmas get together, which will make everyone miserable all day. I sure love family gatherings, and I sure love Christmas for making them happen.


Looks like the Persona 5 IM app stopped working and was taken down off of the Google Play Store. I've been using that for over two years. :(


This will probably top 800 by year end, but it's cool to see. Also I apparently didn't use my switch at all in October.


I watched The Last Jedi for the first time yesterday. My only thoughts are that it felt bloated and pointless. I don't know why it felt bloated though, since almost nothing happens the entire movie.


Snagged myself a ticket to the Gizzard show in April. I've never seen them live, so I can't wait.


With my next main video taking WAY longer than I wanted, I decided to put out another smaller review- this time on Superliminal, a puzzle game based around perspective and perception. Check it out if you want! One last bump for Sunday night.


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