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And it's that time again! I finally finished my video on Dream Team, so I figured I'd share it with the Dtoid crowd as well! Check it out if you've got time, it's a good one!


I'm still going to post all of my main videos here, for those who want to see them. My video on Bowser's Inside Story is done, and I think it's a pretty good one! Check it out if you've got some time!


Oh boy, I also joined not-qtoid https://cohost.org/ScionVyse


I have finally finished Tears of the Kingdom. Definitely one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had, and one I'll for sure go back to again... eventually.


It's #Monday, I spent all weekend procrastinating, hopefully I'll get around to stopping some time this week.


So yeah, this looks really good! The first trailer definitely didn't do the game any justice, it seems like it'll be great.


My newest video is done and out! I think it's one of my best, I put a lot of fun stuff in it, check it out if you want! Bump for the weekend crowd!


Well, my PC just died again. Hopefully it's just a RAM stick again, because if it's something more serious, I may be on the upgrade train, or, I may become a full-time Mac user for a while. Ew.


I think I've hit that point in the year where there's basically nothing left I really want to get out of stuff that's announced. After Street Fighter, which I'm not even sure I want, all that is really on my radar is Talos Principle 2.


I too have been Zelding, and it is very good. But unfortunately it is #Monday so it's back to work for me.


Who's in the box?!?


I finished my next video, and decided to finally actually release it! I'm going to head through Mario & Luigi now, a series I've never played before! Bump for the weekend crowd!


After that trailer, I'm beyond hyped. I need to finish my next video before it comes out, as my productivity is going to drop to zero as soon as it releases. Pic related.


So that Zelda trailer, god damn.


Prepping a Pathfinder campaign for some friends, and to get myself motivated to finish it, I decided to write it a theme song. It's the first original track I've written with my new Mac! Check it out if you've got a minute!


Alright, my next video is finally out, this time I'm talking about One Piece Odyssey! Check it out if you're interested! Bump!


Oh baby, I finally hit 3500. I've also been working my ass off, and it looks like I'm going to have another video entirely done and ready to go before my next one goes live on Friday. Gotta do that grind.


My next video is already done, but since I don't want to release it just yet, I decided to take some time to redo my endcard music. I tried to lean into the jazzy feel to it a lot more. My jazz arrangement experience is zero, but it sounds alright!


Man, I love this game. If they don't remaster 2 and 3 I'll be very, very upset.


Got my T4 in today! I can't wait to get home and do my favorite Valentine's Day activity-meticulously prepare my taxes for filing.


I guess I'm finally done talking about Paper Mario for a while, so instead I talked about Bug Fables, a very, very different game. Check it out if you're interested! Bump for the weekend crowd!


One of the best Directs in years. It was banger after banger almost the entire way through. And holy shit, not only do we get the Prime remaster, but a Baten Kaitos collection? I like, couldn't ask for much more.


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