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On top of Bloodborne, I'm going to be doing a run of Dark Souls 3 with some buddies, and my character is ready. You're a beautiful man, Clob.


For the love of God, just bring back Tatsunoko VS. Capcom, whatever it takes.


My review on Cris Tales is out! Check it out if you want, I think this is another good one! One last bump for the weekend crowd!


I felt a jolt of inspiration today, I'm sorry


Got my clean install of Windows 11 working the way I want it, and my next review is going to be out in just a few hours! In the meantime, I'm going to be playing through Super Metroid on my stream starting at noon! https://www.twitch.tv/scionvyse


In the colour correction phase of my next video, in which I turn myself from a tomato into a potato. The video should be done by early next week at the very latest.


Started up Bloodborne again. This is always the most important part.


So, with the Horizon delay, does Sony have any games coming out this holiday season? Or are they just going to hope that the hype sustains them in the wake of Nintendo and Microsoft's big hitters?


I can't believe this took four years to randomly pop up in my Youtube recommended feed. I feel like my life before this was now empty.


I'm getting more hyped every day.


Finished the main story of NEO:TWEWY. It's real good. But actually it's a bad game because despite the game's plot, this song isn't there.


#covertoid I've always thought this was a really good cover of a really good song.


The Cris Tales video is all recorded. It ended up being about as long as my Prince of Persia reviews- I guess I had a lot more to say that I even thought, haha. Time to get that sucker edited.


Finally getting around to playing NEO: TWEWY (shipping issues, don't ask) and like, it's basically impossible to see if/when/how/why you're ever getting hit. I'm basically ignoring the HP bar and just starting fight over when need be at this point.


Current status: Not blocked everywhere but my house edition (maybe)


TWEWY and NEO:TWEWY, and TWEWY: The Animation soundtracks are coming to Spotify tomorrow! This is not a drill! AAAAAAA!


Finished Cris Tales, and I'm definitely going to make a video on it. It's been a long time since I've played a game that so much right while simultaneously doing so much wrong.


Started playing Geoguessr again. It's fun, but I suck. Pic related because I found it last night.


Oh man the Annapurna Interactive showcase is today. If they shadow drop the Outer Wilds expansion I'm going to lose my mind.


Actually managed to get the Skyward Sword Joycons for msrp. Still not planning on getting the game, but I really wanted those.


Welp, looks like my copy of NEO:TWEWY isn't going to show up today. That sucks, but oh well, I guess I'll just keep plugging away at my backlog in the meantime.


Played about two hours of Cris Tales. It's very pretty, for sure, but it also has some significant issues. When you're two hours into a game, and finding a specific skill takes navitating four submenus, your game's UI design is bad.


A few months in the works, my next video is finally done, and just in time for NEO, it's about The World Ends With You! I put a LOT of work into this one, and I easily think it's my best yet! One last bump for the weekend crowd!


Current status:


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