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I hadn't played Hollow Knight in a few months, so I decided to remedy that. I kinda forgot where I was going, and I still suck at the Watcher Knight, but that's a good time. Also, False Knight was spared, because he did nothing wrong.


I'm glad I picked up MHGU at this point. Having hundreds of basically every material cuts dozens of hours of pointless, insultingly boring grinding. Kinda makes the game worth playing, since I can actually play the game instead of just grind.


Welp, I preordered TWEWY from Amazon, and it just shipped. However Amazon decided it'd be a good idea to ship it from BC, so it won't be here until next Friday.


My experience with Marble It Up was like this: "Oh man I like this a lot I can really see myself playing this all the time." "Wait what that's all there is? Aww."


Oblivion modding is going well. Floating rocks and sky fire is all just part of the experience.


Yoo Guacamelee 2 is coming to Switch this December. I'm glad I waited, because I doubt I'd be playing it much if I grabbed it for PS4.


I just saw LGR's Oblivion video and now I want to play it again. Oh no


Wandersong is okay so far. It's definitely trying a bit too hard to be hashtag quirky elohel ecksdee, and the dialogue is going to age like old milk, but the music is great and it's pretty fun.


Finished Valkyria Chronicles 4's main story. The epilogue kinda fizzled out, but overall I loved it. Seems like there's a lot of postgame stuff to do as well, so I guess I'll just keep going until there's nothing left to do.


So Megaman 11 literally has Torchman. I'm not sure how I feel about that.


Yo this song is so sick, it definitely doesn't feel like 6 minutes.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 ups the ante really quickly. I like it. The missions seem like they're already a much larger scale than previous games, and they take longer to complete as a result.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases tomorrow. Let's hope that Amazon ships that Memoirs of Battle Edition soon.


Coheed was great. Protest the Hero was probably a bit more solid in terms of the live mix, but they were both super good, and I had a great time.


Going to see Coheed and Cambria tonight. Protest the Hero is opening for them. It's gonna be goooooood.


Playstation Classic is now a thing. Sony does what Nintendoes years after they do.


Peace Walker update: Started over with the Legacy Collection on my new PS3, and it makes a world of difference. Oh man actually using a stick to control the camera instead of the face buttons is super important, not to mention the better controls overall.


Oh my God I just saw that DHMIS is coming back I'm so excited


I like the combat system in Spider-Man. It really makes you feel like Batman.


Player data and rankings for Mario Tennis Aces will soon be stored at a Nintendo server. This is how all online games should work and I hope for dedicated Splatoon players' sakes that it starts to do that too.


I now have a spood game and a new PS3.


My only regret with Nintendo's online service is ever having hope that it could be not terrible.


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