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After an eternity I've finally beat Octopath Traveller. Seriously impressed with the true end game area and how it ties all these seemingly disconnected travellers together. Damn!


So Octopath Traveler is insanely good. So good that I can now make peace with what Final Fantasy has become.


Id like to nominate RDR 2 for Best Jump Scare Holy Shit 2018


I hope its not premature, but I'd like to announce that the LeafiestOutcome and I are about to become best friends and lovers. Plz celebrate us. Also, which one of you is Leafiest?


That last little "S" is basically sitting on top of my house. Can I crash with you guys this weekend?


Poll: Some doofus backs into your car while playing Pokemon Go, causing $3K worth of cosmetic damage. What do you do? A: Use the money to fix the car like a good little boy, or B: Forsake the resale value and party with $3K


On the subject of favorite videogame music, I just realized that a majority chunk of my list would be made up of cave themes. I can safely add Octopath's cavern theme to the list


I have a dilemma. I have to pick between 2 job offers soon. 1st shift job 5am-5pm and frequent Saturdays, very physical work. OR 3rd shift job 11pm-7am, pays $3.50 more per hour, more automated, rare Saturdays. Without context, what would you d


I truly hate the South between May and September


Dammit, I just uninstalled Pokemon Go a few days ago and then they come out with a surprisingly deep trading and friendship system. Fine, I'll take you back! Link in comments


Despite all the games shown at E3, I really just want to play Bloodstained more than anything


Question: Would you miss E3 if it died? I much prefer the Nintendo Direct approach and having these announcements spread out throughout the year.


Not sure about PS4 yet, but I got my Bloodstained: CotM backer code this morning for (NA)Switch. Check your email!


I put a new HDD in my PoS4 in hopes of making it through God of War without a corrupted save. I've made it about 4 hours into the lastest run without incident *knocks on all the wood*


Does anyone use an uninterrupted power supply for PS4? If so, what kind is it and how does it perform? I think power fluctuation and outages are the root of my PS4 woes and one of these might be a good investment


I think my God of War save is corrupted :( I'm not sure how far along I am in the game but I have a level 4 Axe. I love the game but I realllllly don't want to start over


So everytime I've clicked on Destructoid today, my browser gets redirected to some bullshit malware websites. It doesn't happen if I have Adblocker Ultimate on but as soon as I turn it off and reload the site it does it again. Am I the only one?


I get it now. 10/10 is the eyesight you have to have to be able to read the fucking text in God of War


Bloodstained has a quest system where villagers will ask you to avenge them by finding or killing specific demons. Cool! Also, you can now pick which platform you want the retro minigame for in the Backer Survey.


PSA: Pokemon Go is dumping rare Kanto Pokemon all over the place for the next 7 days with double-candy. It's a good time to finish your Gen 1 Pokedex!


Niantic overhauled the graphics for Pokemon Go. I know it's an April Fools joke but I kinda want it to stay!


This is how I feel when a new Smash Bros announcement sets the internet on fire


It's past time to put Simon Belmont in Smash.


Galaxy > Sunshine > Odyssey > 64


I haven't touched a Mario game since Galaxy but I finally started playing Odyssey yesterday. I have my grievances but so far so good! I just have to accept that there's no paraglider no matter how many times I double-tap the jump button.


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