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Review: Arrest of a stone Buddha

It was late, but I sat there, Switch in hand, as the opening moments of Arrest of a stone Buddha played out drearily, bleakly before me. Cold-blooded execution in a church, and there I was taking control of the exec...


PSA: Retro Crush is a pretty new, totally free streaming service that holds older anime ('80s/'90s) and I'm super into it. Watched Space Adventure Cobra yesterday--GORGEOUS movie. They have Appleseed! And Lupin! And Otomo's Memories!


Definitely an “extra who gets killed in The Last of Us” kind of day.


Oh my god. Just got literally the best belated birthday present from my buddy.


Just hit the credits in Dragon Quest XI and, both because of what I know and just what my gut tells me, it still feels as if I’m just getting started with this game!


I hope you like hurting other people, because I've got a US eShop code for the Hotline Miami Collection burning a hole in my pocket! Code inside!


... Gus I found you what you can buy me for your birthday.


Oh man you guys... 1. Didn't know anyone really knew my birthday on here, and 2. ...Thanks. Really. Means a lot to hear it from everyone. Stay safe, be merry, play God Hand. Play God Hand once. Play it twice! Go crazy, play it THRICE.


Been thinking in depth since about 5AM the meaning of the title “Grim Fandango”. Hope your quarantine goes well!


The Castlevania Chronicles score is hilarious.

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If you’ll indulge me: Sam in the Dragon Quest XI Casino - A Story in Five GIFs. Act I - Discovery.


So on Switch all of a sudden a BUNCH of games I’ve never so much as owned appeared in my play activity, and the hours on games I have played are off. Anyone had any experience with something like this? Praying it isn’t permanent; I value my stats!


Took me a third viewing, but, uh, I guess I do love Ghost in the Shell.


Started The Division 2! Great graphics! HUUUUGE map! Lame character creator, only able to make this guy. #selfietoid


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