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Ya ever reach the point in a book or game where you step back and really think “... Wait a minute, what in the Sam Hill is going on? How did we end up here???” Well, I’m at that point with Deadly Premonition 2. York voice actor interview here.


I'm becoming convinced that the best movies of all time are really just about... movies.


So, I remember it being not very great, but there WAS already a Yakuza movie—directed by the definitely great Takashi Miike! I feel like every article I’ve seen talking about the new film pretends this don’t exist, so, y’know, here!


My heart beats with joy. (Cyberpunk 2077 system req/rec)




10 years ago. End of an era and about as essential and justified as a spin-off can be.


Treating myself after a longish workweek (Oh si?) to a massive, salsa verde-dripping (Guácala...) burrito (¡Que hermosa!) of rice, black beans, grilled chicken, onions ‘n zucchini, topped with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa roja (¡Ay dios!) RIP SAM


I hope you’re all having a relaxing Saturday evening! I devoured an okonomiyaki, rice, curry, and am playing Halo for the first time in six years; I’m getting a contact high. (Also PC shopping is a rush!)


There’s another 35th birthday next year, Nintendo. BALL’S IN YOUR COURT ‘TENDO.


I made a new friend and wanted to give him some food.


Doom 3 Sucks, and That's Okay

Truly, it was with a boyish sense of eagerness that I embarked upon Doom 3; hope for the often-maligned “reboot” of the iconic Hell-stomping, trailblazing franchise. I was ready for the naysayers, those invested in the fast...


Gotta share this print I ordered from an illustrator—Micah Ulrich—I was recently turned on to. I love my mushrooms! Link to his shop and stuff in the comments.


A little short for a stormtrooper, tall enough to freelance.


Guys, I’m just as guilty, not pointing fingers... But we forgot his birthday. As parents we really need to be better.


Why are the Cool Things so expensive. Who is in charge of pricing Cool Things.


PSA, because I’ve seen zero mention of it here: Post Void looks like an acid-trip nightmare of ‘90s FPS-proportions and it’s literally $2.00 on Steam right now.




What’s the temperature on the Split Pad Pro? I’m splurging a bit... and always eyed this. I constantly play my Switch portable, Pro Controller in hand, laying the console down; I avoid using the Joy-Con analog sticks when I can, etc. Any users here?


Mamma mia! I finished The Wonderful 101 two nights ago... and it’s all I want to play??? I went from near-hatred to loving this game?? What the heck!


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