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Pic of JC Dent enjoying his birthday. Have a good one.


Ooktar, you're slipping.


Found a way to get gifs to work in cblogs (embed them from another site like gfycat) so I might blog a world cup run on FM. Oh and FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME.


Just saw that I got frontpaged! Awesome! Thanks guys, that was a really nice surprise.

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Why I play: Football games

[Despite being one of the best selling series in gaming history, FIFA and other football games tend to get the snub from a good portion of video game fans. Seeing that we are right in the middle of the World Cup right now, this is a nice lo...


Wouldn't be England if we didn't struggle against teams like Tunisia. Also, is Warframe worth it? Humble Bundle got some freebies.


Every year I tell myself that I won't fall for it, but god damn does Cyberpunk have me hyped. Looks like everything DE:MD should have been.


Nintendo should just announce Pokemon Colosseum 2.


Ready Player One is not a good movie and it makes SAO look good in comparison.


Free-to-Play: Gwent (beta)

For this month's blogger's wanted, I wanted to write something about a game which I've been playing these past few months, Gwent. For those of us who didn't play the Witcher 3, Gwent is played in 3 rounds. Each player takes turn playin...


Quick Cblog question - what size should I make images? I need them to be as big as they can be for detail without either breaking the editor or slowing down the page. I just need to know what resolution to resize them to. Can anyone tell me?


Could Dtoid perhaps be a bit better at letting me know when I've been PM'ed? I don't usually check the email of the account associated with this account, when I do things get spammed, and I'm finding messages like a month old that I wish I'd seen before.


In a quiet street in England, as night turned to morning, there was a soft moan, of pain and pleasure. After 2 years of lurking, Salador finally popped his blog cherry.


I've been playing the randomizer SrChurros recommended. It's good fun, and some of the sprites for later gen pokes are surprisingly well done. But it will always feel weird coming across wild Rayquazas and Tyrantrums in Viridian Forest.


Thought I was finished... I NEED TO GO BACK.


So Westworld's first episode was pretty good, spoilers in comments.


Happy bday to my boy Occams.


You guys, the beatles are pretty good.


I think I'm done with online CCGs (Hearthstone etc). Having to log in every day and follow the meta makes it feel more like work than a game ever should and the ranking systems create far more salt than genuine enjoyment.


Giving up carbs is legitimately the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. At least I can distract myself with my backlog - gonna get into Enslaved.


Which TV shows are you fine folk following?


Question: how long is too long for a cblog? Cos I'm at 1.5k words and I've got a long way to go...


Just crawled over the finish like of Mass Effect Andromeda. Someday I won't force myself to play mediocre RPGs to completion but the day that happens I will no longer be able to call myself a masochist. Expect a very salty series of blogs soon. On to FF13


Happy Birthday to Wes, who literally manages this community of degenerates, and to Larx, who I'm proud to call a fellow degenerate.


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I swear I will one day shut up about Bioware.