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Ninja Blade: Demo Review

Recenlty, the Ninja Blade demo was released on the Xbox 360 network and I had the unfortunate luck of playing this dreadful ga...I mean demo. I realize that demos are not always an accurate reproduction of what the final game will be but ...


Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Game Review

With Watchmen set to debut in just a few days it is not surprising that the game has just made its debut on the XBLA. PS3 fans will get a chance to enjoy the game on the PSN network very soon as well. I read the review provided by the Des...


The Great Game Debate - Now With Pictures

I realize the great game debate is just as over done and tense as the one done on abortion. Everyone has a comment most of which are misleading and ignorant of the facts *cough* Jack Thompson. Yet no matter what the issue continues and now ...


Mourn The Lost Videogame Sequels

This year alone so the outpour of many videogame sequels. I myself have been busy playing Fallout 3, Rockband 2, and Gears of War 2. However, in playing these great games with the anticipation of more great games such as Bioshock 2 I am lef...


Life Behind Glass

This is a short story I wrote and am hoping to turn into a full book one day comprised of other short stories in the same vein. I'm looking for any opinions anyone has on the story and I must warn it is a bit long. Enjoy. Life Behind Glass...


Uwe Boll and the Videogame Movie Debate

Several years ago for no particular reason I decided to attempt the task of emailing the infamous videogame movie director Uwe Boll. I will not say how I did this for fear of causing an upheveal of hate mail toward the man but I will say...


Movie Worthy Videogames

I don't know why I thought of this but the idea suddenly occurred to me that some videogames, no matter how far fetched their premise is, should be made into a movie. Redneck Rampage For those of you who remember, this game was about a b...


Your Favorite Videogame Moments Part 2

I think I'll starte where I left off. After the proximity mine match that ended in utter defeat for my opponent we decided to try a different more cliche grouping of weapons, mainly: rocket launchers. I am a self proclaimed rocket-whore and...


Seven Pounds Movie Review

Four out of Five Stars I will warn here that in trying to review this movie I may accidentatlly reveal spoilers about the contents of the film. Thats one of the aspects of the movie, its very difficult to describe the plot without giving t...


Your Favorite Videogame Moments

This post is inspired by a post from the G4 newsite. There are several videogame moments that reside in my memory banks as times when I truely enjoyed the match and its end results. Here are two: The first took place while playing the ori...


About Saint Demonone of us since 1:27 AM on 11.16.2008

Gaming have always been a part of my life in some facit or another. I started with the Atari and moved on to the Nintendo and eventually Gameboy. The NES was a prize and I remember the hours I spent playing Super Mario Bros. 3 trying to find that whistle. Now of course the game can be completed in like 30 minutes, but I digress. Today, I am a proude Xbox 360 owner. However, I do try and branch out to the other systems when I am able. Currently, I am switching between Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, and the occassional Rock Band 2 jam sessions with friends.

Aside from games I also heavily enjoy movies and writing. I am working on my English Masters in the non-digital world in hopes of becoming a better and hopefully someday more highly published writer. I'll probably post some of my stuff up on here occassionally to get the opinions of the crowds. Until then, I have provided a few lists of my favorites, enjoy!

10 Favorite Games in no particular order just to name a few:

1) Goldeneye
2) Turok Rage Wars
3) The Halo Series
4) Zelda: Ocarina of Time
5) Fallout 3
6) Psyops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
7) Donkey Kong Country
8) Mortal Kombat series
9) Resident Evil series
10) Soul Reaver series

I am also an avid movie lover and tend to stay up to date on the latest movie news and releases. 10 Favorite Movies in no particular order:

1) Equilibrium
2) Donnie Darko
3) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
4) Friday the 13th series
5) Fifth Element
6) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
7) Fight Club
8) Final Fantasy VII
9) Hot Fuzz
10) The Princess Bride

I do like animated movies and films including of course anime. So in no particular order my favorite animated films and shows:

1) Trigun
2) Afro Samurai
3) Evangelion
4) Justice League
5) Akira
6) Venture Bros.
7) Family Guy
8) Metalocalypse
10) The Boondocks

I also read comics here is what I currently have on the rack:

1) Moon Knight
2) Kick-Ass
3) Friday the 13th
4) Punisher: War Journal
5) X-Factor

I am an all around nerd and enjoy a variety of different mediums and forums.
Xbox LIVE:Saint Demon
Mii code:[email protected]


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