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Man what? Yeah that sounds perfectly reasonable and not at all a terrifying premise.


Not gonna lie, I get super anxious making these kind of posts. But I want to say to anyone else out there hoping Trump will win, that you're not alone.


Tfw your Mario delivery is delayed ;_;


Maybe I missed it, but I don't think I saw this one posted yet.


I really like Dragon Quest. That is all.


Guys I think I figured out why some people have trouble breathing with their mask on.


In other happier news, late life update: I'm a dad again. My son was born back on May 4th.


Political post and articles coming up in the comments.


"Fighting was the only thing...the only thing I was good at. But at least I always fought for what I believed in."


I beat Fire Emblem Echoes the other day. Easily my favorite of the ones I've played. Also beat Luigi's Mansion 3 yesterday which was quite good.


The worst part about Link's Awakening is it doesn't let me use the dpad.


I too have recently updated my phone wallpaper.


I beat Dragon Quest 2! Finale was a little rough. Malroth liked to spam blistering flames. Overall I liked it though. Can't wait to start 3!


They gave Tifa thigh highs. My gosh they managed to make her even better than before!


New avatar. Also as a vidya update I recently beat the boss I was referring to in the last qpost. And even farther back I got the platinum for DQ11 and finally beat FF12. Will post some more thoughts for them in the comments.


"What did this to you?" "Giant...ape..."


For the 2 others watching Toonami. That sure was something!


Pokemon! Some of these could probably be swapped out still? Still pretty happy with it anyways.


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