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In honor of GH:WT's release today...

Well, in case you haven’t heard, Guitar Hero: World Tour finally hit stores last night. However, some very lucky players managed to get their hands on copies even earlier, and one of them has already posted video previews of the expert guit...

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 from  our Community Blogs
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Instant Replay: Guitar Hero III

[Editor's note: SWE3tMadness talks about how Guitar Hero has helped her become a better plastic guitar rock star for her Monthly Musing. -- CTZ](Author's Note: This post is true for all Guitar Hero games, as well as Rock Band, but since G...


Fun with Hacking on the Wii

Some of you might remember a little gizmo called the Action Replay for the Gamecube that allowed you to manipulate games like putty. Well now through a homebrew program, you can use an application called Ocarina to do precisely the same t...


A Cast of Thousands: Count Bleck

((MAJOR spoilers ahead for those who have not completed this game.)) For some odd reason, these last few days in July have been particularly inspirational to the C-Bloggers here on Destructoid. I happen to be no different this time. But ...

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Just when you thought you've seen everything there is in Brawl... Training mode + Custom stage + 3 CPU's at 999% damage + sliding crate = Lulz. (Video originally posted on Brawl Central forums.)


Brand-Spanking-New SSBB Videos.

With Brawl on the advent of dropping like an atomic bomb on Japan, the rest of Destructoid is probably feeling a little envious. I know I am. Bastards. >.> While I can't fill the void of pushing the release date back to it's original...


Epic Guitar Hero exam wrap-up.

I posted earlier this week regarding the plans my seventh-period class at school and I put together to end the semester exams with a bang. That is, to play Guitar Hero 3 (Xbox 360 ver.) for our exam period, which was about an hour and a hal...


Best. Semester Exam. EVAR.

Well, this week starts the dreaded semester exams at my high school, but surprisingly there is one bright spot in this dark sea of almost-certain annihilation. But before I tell you that story, I have to tell you this story... You see, m...


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A Critical Ear: Analyzing Music in Video Games

If there's one thing that I like more than talking about video games, it's talking about music in video games. As a classically trained pianist that has been playing for more than twelve years, I take a look at some of my favorite soundtracks and how they contribute to the gaming experience as a whole.