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Console game remasters I'd like to see.

Now this should probably be a bit of a controversial entry. As many people know game remasters have become a big thing fairly recently mostly in part to the PS4 not having backwards compatability for PS3 games (unless you're willing to...


About RurouniKira117one of us since 3:54 PM on 05.13.2019

Hi there.

I'm Richard (Also known as RurouniKira117 on here, Ghosthunter Z59 online and Ghosthunter Gaming on YouTube.) and this is my new gaming blog.

I have been gaming ever since I was very young with the first game I remember playing being The Italian Job for the PS1 (a game I consider to be one of the best movie licensed games for the system if not ever) and then moving onto the PS2 before being introduced to the franchise that would become my absolute favourite... Halo.

I own all three of the current main systems along with a fairly recent spec gaming pc, however I also like to partake in non video games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering and Warhammer 40,000.

On this blog I'll be posting whatever really comes to my mind, whether it be about AAA Games, indie games, mmos or any of the table based games I mentioned in the last paragraph so i hope you'll find something you like.

Part of the reason i made this blog is to help practice for writing for Games Journalism publications. I will admit I'm not a big fan of how most publications are run nowadays so I'm hoping to try getting onto the scene to spice things up a little.

Anyway, thank for finding this blog and reading this intro, I also accept any constructive criticism that you might have as it can only help me to improve as a writer.

I hope you guys enjoy "my little gamey thoughts and opinions."