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Just completed Need for Speed: Most Wanted for like, the 5th time? Still liked the game for its cheesiness and dated-yet-good gameplay, despite the repetitive progression and the terrible rubber-band AIs (Even with mods that claimed to remove them).


FINALLY. Sorry for the delays for those who were actually expecting, but the 1st alternate continuity of Waifuween is here! (Also it's in blog form, link in the comments) Edit: Bump in the night she came home again.


After all these 'crunching' debacle came out, I felt a bit guilty for all those "give it to me NOW" post and gifs, and would just content to wait for the devs to deliver their products properly without working to death.


So Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Base game) just slashed its price by 34% for a week on Steam. After a month of release. How bad was the sales, really?


My ambitions for Waifuween increases, and yet I kept burning myself over the amount of GIF works I'm trying to put out. So guys, should I concentrate more on the story or just on GIFs of Dtoiders being dead? Video below semi-related to A Better Tomorrow.


Holy cow, the source port of System Shock is kinda amazing. While even the normal SS1 with mouselook isn't enough to keep me going, this one could finally convinced me to see this game through.


Something to take a break from Waifuween GIFs. Higher res version is on the comments.


So what happened to Juic3 and Malika Chan these days? Did they just stop being active around here or Discord for a period of time, or something else?


Oh Microsoft Store, I had given you so many chances for me to download apps off your place, and yet you kept mucking it up so many times, that I have to Google the problems and doing solutions that never worked so far and might potentially alter my PC.


Finally completed Wandersong, and it was one of the most joyful games I've ever played. Thank you, Kyle Yadlosky for the experience.


#post]The Waifuween blog is now available in cblog form![/url]


If some of you have no idea what my prior GIF of a lady with a beanie and blue hair is all about, or never heard of Waifuween before, fret not as I've made a complete history of what happened to some Dtoiders during last Halloween on the comments section.


CJ, why didn't you tell me that my cartoon twin brother was in this game?


Recap of the Waifuween movies

(Note: I would like to thank some of the community members for encouraging me to put the qpost up into the blog. The previous qpost can be found here.) Once upon a time, we had a lovely member 'round here called Angie22, who really lov...


Someone get her off Era. It's time.


The last (prequel) of the trilogy, done within less than 3 hours. The gibberish meaning behind the kanji words are on the comments below. Will attempt Hypno and Nekro's long overdue Photoshop some time later. And again, thank you for your patronage.


I've delayed this Photoshop for far too long, but here it is. Sorry for the lack of image quality, as I can't find any picture source with higher resolution. Another one coming up soon.


Current status: (Thanks/No thanks to Kyle Yadlosky)


Since @bong264 doesn't want to do a GUN review, I then decided to take up the mantle, which is coming up now. (Also, a big thank you to fellow robot Kevin Mersereau for helping me seeking out the accidental spam words. That really drove me nuts.)


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