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Finally watched The World's End, and it was good. It's on the lowest on my Edgar Wright movie ranking list, but not as disappointing as what the audiences says, and I do relate to what Gary King went through in the movie as I do now.


Shouldn't be surprised that some people here were 100%/0% towards Epic/Steam instead of acknowledging of the benefits and flaws of both platforms. (Not the mods though, they and Torchman was still neutral about it)


Played the first PC port of Halo CE again. Good game. Okay port (Mods FTW). Still annoyed at some of the console-friendly FPS functions. Master Chief doesn't have much of a personality here. The Flood was alright. 343 and The Library levels still suck.


...I'd still like my games on my personal storage devices, Google. Thank you very much.


New Oddworld: Soulstorm trailer! I should get myself acquainted with the series someday. (EDIT: Qtoid & Qpost page comments synchronizations are still FUBAR)


Remember Fraser Anning and his statement regarding Christchurch? He recently got egged by a teenager. Thankfully an egg is the only thing he gets. Anning reacted badly and put a fight with him before his bodyguards restrain him poorly. Boy's fine, though.


The best birthday gift this year: finally getting a refund for the Phoenix Point project. It's already quite a downer of a day, so fuck the Christchurch shooters, fuck the tone-deaf politicians right now, and fuck Julian Gollop. Good night, everybody.


There's two confirmed mosque shootings at Christchurch, NZ. Apparently the suspect livestreamed his shootout, uttered "Subscribe to PewDiePie", and rumored to be affiliated with 8chan. Can't say more as I'm at work now, but stay safe, Kiwis. [UPDATES]


Call this another anti-Epic propaganda or what you want, but recently the PC blokes at ResetEra (via MetaCouncil) determined that the EGS does collect your local, private Steam data (friends, play history, etc). If true, yikes. Link on the comments.


Nine Inch Nails' The Fragile, aka the best NIN album to sing and yell towards your daily frustrations, especially on the car alone. This particular song was used for the teaser trailer of the Avenger movie back in 2012. #IndustrialThursday #NINtoid


Just went through the recent Phoenix Point AMA, and wow, the devs admitted that they approached Epic first. Just to put their game there, and then somehow got out with exclusivity money. Links to the AMA on the comments. I just can't brain this now.


So a dev under Deep Silver somehow made the pre-orders exclusive to EGS, but make it fair game to both stores at launch? While this is more commendable and smarter than the other type of exclusivity, it's still weird nonetheless.


We backed your game for a Steam/GOG key at launch, and you decided to jumped ship to Epic for exclusivity money. For a crowdfunded game! I'm getting a refund soon, but shame on you, Snapshot Games. [BUMP] More details on comments.


OK, what did y'all motherducking admins did to the best feature of Qtoid 'click on comment numbers on the top right of comment to spawn Disqus comments', which is now broken and cannot spawn comments unless we go to the Qpost page to see comments instead?


I don't know if it's true, but one of the Steam reviews said that DMCV have a really good keyboard & mouse control scheme? Could anyone here playing it on PC confirm that?




Blizzard finally released the first Diablo on GOG. Hot damn. Warcraft 1 & 2 confirmed next. [Update #2] So the store page doesn't stated widescreen support from the beginning. Slightly disappointed, but still a good buy, if a bit overpriced for its age.


Good morning, Destructoid. (Higher resolution version on the comments)


3D Realms' Quake Engine FPS revealed. Looks promising, like an actual spiritual successor of the first Quake's aesthetics. I've still yet to play Dusk or Ion Maiden, though.


My turbulent gateway to the DMC games.

In the next few days this week, Devil May Cry 5 will be released, 11 years after the original release of 4, and 6 years after the alternative continuity title simply known as DmC. While most people here will no doubt be glad that the n...


I'm starting to like 'em Scottish Pokemon memes.


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