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So it's do or die time for my car. If I don't pass smog then my car is officially done since due to California law most catalytic converters are illegal here so I'd have to special order one, which would cost a fortune given the year of my car.


Almost got scammed out of my laptop I was selling. Caught it before it was delivered. But now I'm depressed cause I'm an idiot.


Surprisingly my new computer tower arrived just now as I got back from a wedding. Soon it will be filled with parts.


Darn, the Motherboard I wanted for my new rig is now back-ordered and would take weeks to get to me. Welp, time to go hunting for another board.


Happy birthday to Parismo. Hope you have a good one.


Guess who's messed up his back cause of how he has to stand when his grandfather has to go to the bathroom.


So I'm trying to research a video editing rig since I don't game on my PC as much as I do video editing. Problem is I don't know which CPU to go with. I don't need an amazing one, but my i7 4790k is more for gaming than rendering.


Man my grandfather is on a good one today. XD


Happy Birthday to our resident Mech. May the new Gundam series be good.


Salt levels are dangerously high right now cause of HeartGold. I'ma go look at cute ferrets for a bit to calm me down. Done with HeartGold too since my luck is so bad it's taken me 6 hours to catch just 4 of the Legendary Pokemon in that game.


Welp it's past 2 am and I just now finished my term paper. Verdict is: it's probably the worst paper I've ever written but at this point I'm too tired to care/frustrated to care.


Just got back from Infinity Wars...holy shit. That is all.


"Hooray I finally beat the True Arena, now to record one last thing." *forgets to change file name, previous footage is lost*


Feel like giving away a game, and I know the best game that keeps on giving. Code will be in the comments, and please say if you've taken it.


Everything has been a hit with my grandfather now living with us except one thing: he doesn't like my cat Gizmo.


Is it bad that I already feel burnt out of school? I mean it's the end of the semester pretty much and I really don't want to take summer classes, but parents want me to. :(


Moving grandpa Neronium to our house today. Hopefully he likes it still. He hasn't lived with us in about 10 years.


Happy birthday to Occams. May white people always be white people.


If I'm reading this email right then all backers of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero are getting the Ultimate Edition for PC for free. If that's the case then sweet. :D


Welp I messed up when changing my Twitch name. The 'a' in streams didn't go through so now I'm stuck with Neronium Livestrems for 6 months. Curse my incompetence.


Well my friend finished my commission for me and my new avatar is now done. Bye bye Roxas1359, hello Neronium. :3


Is it bad that my gaming collection is so big I forgot I had Halo 3: ODST and bought another copy...


Welp that was another birthday come and gone. Thanks for the birthday wishes from those who left them.


I am now older. Now back to working on that paper that I have due by 5 today. T^T


There's bad RNG and then there's failing to catch Raikou in HeartGold for 2 hours straight bad.


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