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I feel a bit smug hearing about how after I left a part of the company I'm with everything started to fall apart. Makes me both happy and sad. Happy cause that validates that I worked hard, but sad cause my co-workers now deal with the problem alone. :(


Just got myself a Super NT. Sadly the Famicom version sold out before I was able to buy it, but I nabbed the jet black one instead. I was either going to get that or a New 2DS XL Capture Card.


I finally did it. I did a blog thingy. Link in the comments. I know it's not the best but since I have to blog for school I figured why not blog here as well.


I feel like this is a good song for Valentine's Day.


Double post, whoops.


Welp, my computer seems to be going screwy. Whenever I play games I get huge amounts of lag. I think it's my CPU bottlenecking my GPU, but either way it's getting annoying.


I made my first database. :D


I didn't even realize the Super NT was coming out soon. Hopefully preorders stay open till I get paid next week.


Welp, someone stole my car's registration sticker from my license plate. Hope it fell apart on them because my father makes it so that it will rip if removed.


I hate that I get writer's block from writing even the tiniest amount. It makes doing homework very hard. The only way I get over it is if I find the right song to listen to, but the song needed changes every time I write something new. >.<


Barely the first day of classes and already I'm swarmed with homework. Didn't miss this that's for sure. >.<


RNGesus is not looking kindly on me. I need to get the Wizard's Relic Staff for Donald in KH1 and I'm just not getting it. I've killed almost 500 already and nothing.


Happy birthday to RoboPandaZ and happy belated birthday to Larx and Wes. :D


Welp just did an extensive 6 hour stream testing the new PS3 and only one game didn't work: Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. It's because of how the game handles loading that the capture cards freak out. :(


I now have a full-time job at Goodwill, am I adulting right?


#Desktoid I need a new desk, but this one has held up well for quite a while.


Huh, so according to my analytics on YouTube my channel has reached over 1,000,000 views. Doesn't reflect on the channel yet since it only updates after a few times and only by a small increment but still I'm happy now. :D


Status update on the PS3: Cleaned it up a bit as it was dusty only to find that Goodwill took the HDD out. That's no problem I thought, since I've got my old PS4 500 GB drive just laying around. Upon further inspection though, they took the HDD tray out.


It is currently almost midnight and I'm watching my grandfather until my cousin gets back. Surprisingly he's still up despite surely being tired since he's 91.


I managed to snag a backwards compatible PS3 (the one with PS2 hardware) for $24. Hope it works, but won't know until I'm able to put an HDD in it.


Toilet thoughts, I need some Tums.


Looks like 2018 is gonna be the year I move out of home. Now if only I could afford to do just that.


If anyone is interested I'll be streaming Okami HD on my Twitch page since it won the poll. Thanks to everyone who voted and have a Happy New Year! :D


Time to go with the crowd and list my top 5 of 2017: 5) FFXII: Zodiac Age 4) Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy 3) Super Mario Odyssey 2) Sonic Mania 1) Metroid: Samus Returns


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