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I love cutscenes.

Cutscenes have become quite the controversial topic in recent times, with the age-old feud between ‘core’ and ‘casual’ gamers choosing the term as the latest battlefield. ‘Core’ players see cutscenes as bloat, disrupting the pure flow of ...

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Pokémon X and Y: Thoughts

[This is my first post in a loooong while. Hello again.]   I’m addicted to Pokémon. Again. Just when I thought I was out…   Pokémon X and Y marks Game Freak’s first foray into AAA development for the 3DS, and they’ve entered with a bang. ...

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Late Review: Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin

Dragon Age II’s Mark of the Assassin DLC introduces Tallis, an elven rogue seeking to steal the Heart of the Many, a gem with an undisclosed past secured within an Orlesian estate, under the guise of joining Hawke on a hunting trip. The D...

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Labor Day: Labor of Lovecraft

[Last week, I asked you to tell me about a moment in your gaming career that really made you work hard. Today's promoted blog on that topic is from Ross, who explains all of the work he's put into Minecraft and how it almost feels like ...


Late Review: Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II is one of most conflicting games I’ve played. On one hand, its tight, responsive combat system and unique art style provide satisfying highs; while on the other, the story, setting and RPG elements offer mundane monotony - o...


Late Review: Dead Space

Dead Space is a frightening game. I can vouch for this: it’s taken me two years, one month and six days to complete. I suppose you could say that I’d built up an irrational fear of it; the game seemed scarier in my head than it actually w...



Hi, my name's Ross. I've been a member of Destructoid for quite a while now, and I've been through quite a few accounts - mainly through me forgetting the password/email address. I'll pretend I'm new, so let's do some formalities. I'm 17 (...


About Rossone of us since 3:18 PM on 01.15.2010

Hi, I'm Ross
Things have changed, but this generally covers me. In fact, lots of things have changed. Anyway, I like to play videogames, talk about them, and write about them. You may have seen me posting a few comments on the front page; it's rare, but it happens. You may have also seen me in the Forums, which I occasionally rear my head in as Brightside. Send me a friend request, here, there, or on any of my consoles. I'm sure we can be friends forever.*

Oh, and here's a Community Interview that I done did.

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