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Anyone else really craving chili dogs all of a sudden? Weird.


So my new* laptop is kind of a beast, and I'm looking forward to streaming with it. But damn if setting up the audio isn't a bitch and a half. It's still not where I want it but I'm throwing in the towel. It's fine. Thank Jeeves for plugins.


Spicy hot take: Instead of being pissed at Sony et al, you should support conservation and public access. If we consider video games art we should treat them like art.


I had to wait till midnight pst so my expert opinion on the first couple hours: cautiously optimistic. More Portia than Trio but I'm seeing stuff I like. Things aren't as gated, I have enough for a house upgrade on day 5. I miss character portraits.


Insomnia has successfully just rewritten me into a nocturnal existence. But! Its okay because, uhh, *checks notes* ... I can play the new farming game at midnight tonight. Neat.


I haven't even played the game yet because of chorin' but damn the Loop Hero soundtrack is chill. Great BGM for slaying the to-do list.


Today is a good day to watch Interstellar 5555.


If you have a 3D printer, Modiphius has a humble bundle of all their Fallout miniatures from the wargame. Great for all your post apocalyptic tabletop needs. Just...print me a dogmeat ;_;


I'm curious: what kind of reputation do you think Destructoid has? Both the site and the community independently? And if *you* had to sum up Dtoid's vibes in 3 words, what would you choose?


We also got a package today, but instead of Amiibo, comics or games it was just an irresponsible amount of coffee.


Happy Birthday to two of my favorite non-Frosty people! Happy Belated to Soulbow and Happy Bday Shibb! And happy new year to the rest o' yous


There was no way I was going to get a PS5 so instead I put that money towards a robot vacuum. The only demon I'll be slaying is my dog's awful shedding.


It's officially Peppermint Mocha season and I am ready for it.


Now that Limo's distracted by Prey - I think it would be neat to get him to affiliate during Extra Life! So if you've got time - stop by, say hi and maybe drop a follow \(≧▽≦)/


We hit our first milestone! Thank you to Torch and Renaud for...letting Limo pick my next stream game from my extensive catalog.😖 I'm sure the kids appreciate it, even if I don't. Next up: Critiquing Frosty's Minis & Waifu shelves.


....ANYWAY. I've spent most of the morning setting up our Extra Life page. Since Limo couldn't make his own account - he's gonna use ours! Any physical rewards we get will get sent to him and there are some very tasty milestones if I do say so meself...


Apparently I have one (1) form of luck, and it's this awful gatcha game.


Frosty: "Ehh, I don't need that much ammo, I'm fine" Also Frosty: *hears a chainsaw*


Back at it again at the Kris- Raccoon City... Jill x Carlos 5ever. twitch.tv/midnightrailroad


It's 5pm and I'm legally obliged to tell you we're playing more Resident Evil 2 Remake. Frosty uh, had a hard (but fun!) time with the first half of Leon B, so tonight we're finishing up and might end early or swap to another game after - suggestions pls!


Round Two: START!! On the docket tonight: Resident Evil 2: The Remake VERSUS Prins' ambivalence.


I get a sick kind of satisfaction from "destroying" digital things. Like, my animal crossing island, or the patriarchy. I guess I just like how easy it is to remake yourself. Anyway, this is just a really long way to say http://twitch.tv/midnightrailroad


Sorry Frosty, it was BOGO hot wings day, so I have a grotesque amount of wings, onion rings and veg in front of me and a 12 pack of Tecate all to myself. I'm gonna put the housewifery on hold till tomorrow and get drunk n play anime games. M'bad.


Ok, a real announcement: I hate horror games. I really do. Frosty, on the other hand *loves* them. And, since it's spook season, he has puppy-dog-eyed his way into having us stream ALL. ALL of the Resident Evils. And more. It's gon' be a thing


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