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Apparently I have one (1) form of luck, and it's this awful gatcha game.


Frosty: "Ehh, I don't need that much ammo, I'm fine" Also Frosty: *hears a chainsaw*


Back at it again at the Kris- Raccoon City... Jill x Carlos 5ever. twitch.tv/midnightrailroad


It's 5pm and I'm legally obliged to tell you we're playing more Resident Evil 2 Remake. Frosty uh, had a hard (but fun!) time with the first half of Leon B, so tonight we're finishing up and might end early or swap to another game after - suggestions pls!


Round Two: START!! On the docket tonight: Resident Evil 2: The Remake VERSUS Prins' ambivalence.


I get a sick kind of satisfaction from "destroying" digital things. Like, my animal crossing island, or the patriarchy. I guess I just like how easy it is to remake yourself. Anyway, this is just a really long way to say http://twitch.tv/midnightrailroad


Sorry Frosty, it was BOGO hot wings day, so I have a grotesque amount of wings, onion rings and veg in front of me and a 12 pack of Tecate all to myself. I'm gonna put the housewifery on hold till tomorrow and get drunk n play anime games. M'bad.


Ok, a real announcement: I hate horror games. I really do. Frosty, on the other hand *loves* them. And, since it's spook season, he has puppy-dog-eyed his way into having us stream ALL. ALL of the Resident Evils. And more. It's gon' be a thing


I have a Very Important Announcement for ya'll in the comments.


Frosty's gonna be back from his trip soon, the house is a wreck, and I have projects to finish so you know what that means...


Body woke up before dawn for unknowable reasons. Mind reluctantly followed. What am I going to do with all this extra time?


Which game, in your opinion, has the best field music? Aka the best exploration/non-combat BGM?


This uh...this is how you play this game, right?


I really wanna stream some Cowboy Simulator but for some reason the broadcasting app on Xbox renders all shades of grey as straight up inky vantablack. Unless it's well-lit daytime in game its impossible to see. My google skills have failed me tbh.


#waifuWednesday I cannot wait for the Space Invaders crossover event in SinoAlice. Look at this ridiculous thot. Two-toned crocs?!?! Absolute madlad. Pure perfection.


*hears sirens* oh right it must be Wednesday. Time has no meaning. What is days? Why is weeks?


I dealt with a task today that's been hanging over my head like a guillotine for many. many moons. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. But since Frosty isn't here I turn to you for validation. Please praise. Much scary.


Why...why do I have to log in to the server in order to change my brightness level? Why am I getting interrupted in a menu by getting booted out of a server I just took 5 minutes to load into? RDO Pls.


Legit just loaded into a disconnection error for RDO. I think the xbox is trying to tell me something...


My mouse wheel broke. (╥﹏╥) Even after opening it up, giving it a clean and checking for anything obvious, it still won't work. A new mouse is on the way because I never realized just how much I used that damn wheel.


I disassembled my keyboard to deep clean it but I haven't reassembled it yet so I'm using the bt keyboard we normally use on the consoles. Its the first time in years my keystrokes are completely silent & not that comforting, ear-piercing mechanical click


I hate horror games. I hate horror shows. I get jumpscared by my dog walking around at night. So tell me why I'm sitting in a completely dark room about to stream RE3 with Frosty.


Saw this, thought of ya'll. Don't @ me about it.


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