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We got a cat. Also I've been clearing some of my backlog, which lately means hearing a lot of "updated my journal". My white whale is almost complete. What a great game.


Honestly, I think Xbox's showcase was a lot more exciting than Sony's (Demon's Souls remake notwithstanding). Definitely could have had more gameplay, but new Obsidian shit is always exciting and the fact that Fable isn't dead is very cool!


Got a dry cough. Please wash your hands, people.


My work has declared itself essential, so I'm working through this thing. Ugh. My partner works at Michael's, which has also declared itself essential. I just want to be home. I want to be able to see my nephew in the near future. You know?


I work at a stupid alternative medicine store and this is what had to happen, I guess. Oils are just flying off the shelves. I'm going to get the virus because of this. I feel it.


I've only mentioned it in passing, but my friend and I run a stupid weekly podcast and I figured I'd post it here. Check it out if you have thirty minutes and hate yourself.


I sometimes make music and I'm kinda happy with this one so check it out maybe


I tried to build a mostly new PC and the damn thing won't even turn on. At least if I could turn it on and it had an error, I'd have a lot more to go on...


I got a dang blog up, so you guys should read it. Also Gaj likes Wes, pass it on.


Games I Done Beat This Year, Reviewed

Games I Done Beat There is a list of games on my backlog currently taped to my Wii U that stares at me as I write this. There are still six games on it that I haven't beaten, but I tried my darndest to get as many off the list as I cou...


With this generation of consoles coming to a close, I think that this period in games might be the best we've had yet. From 2012 to now, it's just been phenomenal. There's been a ton of disappointments, but this gen has Bloodborne so it's the best one.


I'm not sure if this will work, but I've been casually making some songs on Beepbox and figured I'd share them here in the comments (if I can use a Drive link??). They get better as they go on, and the named ones may have been made under the influence.


Beat King of Cards. The levels get really great by the end. I had a blast, but there's definitely a few issues here and there that make me like OG Shovel Knight and Spectre of Torment more.


Going through King of Cards reminds me of how often Shovel Knight makes my blood boil. I mean, it's great, but fuck.


Beat Titanfall 2 yesterday. Phenomenal campaign, wish it was a bit longer though.


I guess I have a month of Origin Access, so I've been going through Titanfall 2. Great game.


Here's one for y'all. In the comments is a Steam key for Yakuza Kiwami.


So is that Game Pass 3 month deal just for new subscribers? I mean, not that I have any right to complain since I've already done the dollar deal a couple times...


Hey y'all, I have some games from those Humble guys that I either already own or don't want. I figured it would be better to give them to people who want them than horde them myself. I'll post the keys in the comments.


I wanted a physical copy of The Outer Worlds, which I didn't preorder, so I have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to finally play it. The wait is painful.


And that's Crash 3. Great game. The water levels suck. Definitely the best of the three.


I beat Crash 1 (including Stormy Ascent) and am now onto Crash 2. It's a much stronger entry... except for the ice levels. They really lessen what is otherwise a pretty great game so far.


I got the latest Humble Monthly and have been going through the first Crash Bandicoot for the first time. It's a fun game, but boy howdy does it piss me off sometimes. The camera in particular makes it really hard to gauge how far I need to jump. Hmph.


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