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What a great time to bombard the CBlogs with ads I guess...


I just want to write this Valentine's about how much I love my girlfriend. She's a really great artist and she's dang cute. It'll be two years for us in April! (Suck it, Gaj)


On the note of getting Monster Hunter on PS4, y'all should add me. My ID is KilgoreTrout21 and... yeah.


I'd like to give a community shoutout to Alphadeus for making some dope music and for being a part of this community for so dang long now. Please listen to his stuff! #shoutoutoid


Aaaand that's Bloodborne! Beat every boss except for the Chalice Dungeon stuff. Gehrmann is easily the hardest boss. Moon Presence is way too easy. It's a frustrating game at times, but fuck if it isn't fantastic.


One time I asked Wes for his band's CD and all he sent me was his grandma's fingernails and a stale Cheeto.


There's a thunderstorm outside? In January? In Ontario? What the fuck.


I think one of the things I hate most about being in university at the moment is that I associate my home with work. Also my girlfriend is moving in with me in seven months and man does that feel too far away. Can't wait to be done school for good.


Beat Vicar Amelia on my second try. This game is too good.


I would be posting more, but I got a PS4 with Bloodborne and Final Fantasy XV for Christmas and they're so good that I don't do a whole lot else. On that note, I just beat Father Gascoigne and he can eat a dick.


Oh hey, I've been here for eight years now. Chriiiiiist.


Aaaaand perfect. Anyone who has said I have no artistic ability can feel very safe in their assumption.


Vote for me as sexiest Dtoid member if you're into kids or something.


Now I don't like U2 or anything, but I'm listening to Boy right now and am kinda liking it. Is that normal? It seems to be a pretty alright post-punk record.


Here's an idea, instead of a CG Steppenwolf, just use the band. They'd be great villains.


The diorama that was actually used in Cuphead. Suuuuper neat! The guy said he used actual sand for the textures on it. He also put 360 slits around the base that were used to position the camera for all the pictures that had to be taken.


Actual concept for the genie stage of Cuphead. I was at an event in Toronto with couple of the artists that worked on the game and it was wonderful.


I have to say, buying Super Famicom games is usually a much better deal than SNES ones. Just ordered Castlevania IV for $30. I'm so excited.


Motherfuckin' winter wonderland over here.


About RocketKnightone of us since 6:34 PM on 12.15.2009

After reading Gaj's profile like a creep, I've decided to give myself a better bio.

Hey there, sexy. I'm a university student from Ontario that plays more or less every kind of game, even bad ones! I collect old game consoles, though I primarily play on my PC and whatever Nintendo console happens to be out at the time. My favourite games are Baldur's Gate 2, Fallout 2 and Resident Evil 4, though if I made a list of my favourites, it would be enormous. Bloodborne and Final Fantasy XV are currently eating up all of my time. Yum.

That's all. Hope you liked it. Hope it got a chuckle or two out of you. Hope you feel better about your crippling sense of loneliness.

(Thanks to Dango for the image below!)
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