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For having such simplistic gameplay, the inner workings of Fate: Grand Order can be really obtuse. As a result, I'm still not sure what 4-star servant to pick from the big list they're offering for free for this event, since I already have Heracles.

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I have returned! Montana was a land of geographical variety - the Rocky Mountain portions were superior. It was very hot. Rocking chairs were rocked. Puppers were petted. Also, what did I tell you about burning down the site while I'm gone? Seriously, ppl


I'm heading to Montana for a few days! You all be good while I'm gone (Assuming I survive the heat - I am not built for 100F/35C).


Fighting game aficionados: I am a plebeian with a bad controller and hand problems. Is there such a thing as a quality, reasonably-priced fighting stick that is PC compatible? So far I'm looking at the Qanba N1, the Mayflash F300, and the Hori Mini.


Are we having #musictoid? Because this pianist is so talented they might secretly be two people.

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  Watch Video It's a new day and a new colony. My duplicants, dead-eyed and bushy-tailed, eagerly dig out rock with abandon in every direction. Beds are placed, power is created, and research is done. Things are looking up! Wait, why are t...   read
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My internet was down yesterday, so I missed out on posting metal arbitrarily... so have its forced-meme sibling, #NonsensicalEurobeatWednesday instead! This was the first eurobeat song I heard, years ago.


I keep being told, "Your aesthetic would be a magical girl robot." Well, after seeing it... yeah, yeah it is. #MagicalMechaMonday is my aesthetic.


Another picture from a few weeks back. Not my favorite one, but you can actually see the the landscape (I'm bad with levels editing). More pictures in the comments.


Twin Peaks has been relevant lately, so here's a picture of Snoqualmie Falls that I took a few weeks ago, near sunset. See, I go outside sometimes!


Thank you to everyone for the much better-than-anticipated reaction to my Stellaris review. I'd started to feel a bit discouraged, and how positive it was received really made my day.

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  Watch Video They said I could grow up to be anything I wanted. So I became a robot. To say my Federation-friends were alarmed might be an understatement, but with the threat of space fascism out there, there is more to worry about than a species of cuddly Fennec foxes morphing themselves into heartless machines with nigh-unstoppable battleships… right? ...Right?   read
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After a year of stasis, I have unleashed JcDent upon Disqus. To the future generations who discover this: I am sorry.


I'm still amused by the accidental existence of #NonsensicalEurobeatWednesday that I must continue to feed it. This week, a cover of Deja Vu by an artist normally known for doing surprisingly good Kazoo covers.


Just finished watching Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice/The Shape of Voice), a movie by KyoAni about friendship and love, but also bullying, deafness, marginalizaton, social anxiety, and suicidal ideation. It was rough to get through, but wonderful.


For the next day or so, Rising Storm GOTY edition is free on the Humble Store. It's an amazing FPS and you should all give it a try!


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