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I went to the symphony to see Distant Worlds tonight. It was just wonderful. They mixed up the normal playlist a lot for their 10th anniversary, lots of curveballs. Many favorites of mine got played, and I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING. Also puppy petting.

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PREPARE TO FRIENDSHIP: Dtoid's Master Gaming Contact List

[Quickposts talking about Splatoon 2 (Why is not called Splat2n?) have me jealous of Switch owners. However, those of you that do have a Switch and aren't petty like me, add your codes here! The List will be updated into perpetuity -Panda] ...   read


Things have been busy and anxious lately, so here's a pun-picture of 2B for no particular reason. I'm still waiting on the inevitable A2 paper joke.


Does anyone use a USB microphone (example: Blue Yeti) for singing? I've heard that Windows 8 and 10 effectively breaks USB mics for singing purposes by screwing with the volume levels, requiring boosting to unacceptable levels.


It has come to my attention that not everyone may know that the Master List is still updating - and now will be including Switch Friend Codes. I will be switching back to a weekly update schedule due to the rapid influx of new information.


I wrote a review for the beautiful but ultimately terribly flawed game, Diluvion. It would mean a lot to me if people could give it a read. Also, sea puns!

FP: 8===D

Review: Diluvion

It's amazing how bright the ocean can be, and yet still be so accursedly dark. My searchlights barely cut through the murk, and the shadows of ancient hulks say I have no place down here. My sonar pings off of an even bigger wreck, a tiny g...   read


I'm happy Zelda is great, but if you have any idea how Nintendo is handling friends now, I have this huge list to either update with new info or rework, but I'll need some help understanding how this is going to work. I heard the word "friend code"...

FP: 8===D

Review: Neo Atlas 1469

“Y-you can't trick me! A black and white bear? It couldn't exist!”“A black and white bear… heh heh heh… Well, it's something different to look for if you reach the orient.”“A black and white bear&...   read


I'm so excited, I got one of the last two tickets to see Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy! I've wanted to see it for a long time, but tickets have always been sold out!


#ArbitraryQuestiontoid: Have you ever played a traditional roleplaying game (like, the kind with pen and paper - whether with actual paper or on a computer or online)? What's your favorite game?


My face when I walk into the grocery store and there is not a single speck of VD candy in the entire store, and the teenage attendant not only doesn't know where $1k in unsold candy went, but doesn't know half an aisle is now unpriced Easter candy.


In light of a recent occurrence that set off a bunch of our ToS lights, I'd just like to remind everyone to flag comments responsibly, that up/downvotes do help moderation, and that you can e-mail with questions. Also, butts.


Work transcript: Them: "Panda, can you give me a count of how many people are on the dancefloor right now?" Me: "White People." Them: "No, I mean how many." Me: "I can't tell, their whiteness is blurring together."

FP: 8===D

Review: Dungeon Souls

I have conquered the first level of Dungeon Souls. Its boulders and explosion-traps were ineffectual; its skeletons and bats (who are also skeletons!) have been reduced to glaringly bright coins and shards of bone. I have activated the last...   read


I love that the Heroes in FE:H are as disappointed in the RNG as you are.


As a quick update, the car has been rescued - after several days, the roads have sufficiently cleared. The damage from my intimate moment with the guardrail did less damage than I thought (I might need new tires, though). Have #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


After working a Super Bowl party (Sunday), I tried to go home in a snowstorm. Six hours later, car abandoned, AAA/Tow services having shunned me, the police finally delivered me home -where the power went out until an hour or two ago.


And 'lo, the Panda did smite the Spambot of Unusually-Powerful Spamming, and the people they did rejoice.


I realize there's been a fair amount of stress for everyone in the past few months - individual, political, and so on. That said, I'm still happy to be part of this community, and I'm glad to have so many of you as my friends.


I've finally captured the pure, derived essence of our Community Staff.


Thank you so much to everyone for the deluge of birthday-related messages. Between a long-lingering sickness and a bad day at work, my birthday didn't go that well, and waking up/coming home to all those messages absolutely made my day. Also, cake!


Happy birthday to Mr. Taco, whose life is now over now that he's 30. Totally old. Super old. Much older than me. Yup yup, SIGNIFICANTLY older than me. What's the expiration on tacos, anyway? I'm sure not 30. I'm glad I'm not 30.


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