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Words of wisdom.


My garfixcard is too old to play Halo Infinite, so instead I started playing Halo MCC. Finished the first game's campaign for the first time in at least a decade. Holds up beautifully, it's such a well-executed game.


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


We should be slapping full-ass orchestras into all the classic rock songs.


Adzoeyken Day 2021


Click your heels, everybody


NeoTurbo you beautiful bearded bastard, keep up that stream and flip them gravitys like a champ.


I have no context for this thing I saw on reddit, but the moment I saw it I knew I had to put it here.


Bangai-O is a fuckin masterpiece.


Happy Halloween Dtoid!


Sometimes the internet is really great.


So is the Prince of Persia remake just dead, or...?


Finished the PC port of Resident Evil Revelations, which brings a little closure after redboxing the PS3 version years ago. It wasn't very good, but I still kinda like it. Or, I feel bad for it. Or just liked laughing at it? I don't know. I had fun.


Happy Birthday, you big beautiful bastard. Coffee cocks.


Played Shadow of Mordor for the second time. Beat it for the first time. Wow that ending sucks.


This American isn't asleep, here's an Australian gunhammer.


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Collage of some favorite games in no particular order, courtesy of Dtoid's own Dango.