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Why didn't anyone tell me how funny Vanquish is? There's a cigarette button, you guys. It's amazing.


Brain surgery complete! Sw33t!


Yay Alphadeus! It's your birthday! Have a good one!


So, my brother-in-law's having brain surgery today. Time to take a piece of it out. Happy thoughts and stuff, all.


The Polygon article about Smash on Switch: "Of course, the Switch version’s biggest appeal is the ability to play Smash Bros. anytime, anywhere." Uh, the 3ds says hi?


Happy Birthday Vxxy! Also yay for Occams!


What was your first JRPG, and what do you think you'd recommend as someone's first JRPG? Are they the same? Why/why not?


Kingdom Hearts 2 is the best 3d Shmup I've ever played. I mean, I haven't played many, but... Damn, the gummi levels are really underappreciated.


Peanut butter in your ice cream is delicious and you're all missing out.


I don't know why it's Let's All Slander Wes day, but I think that means it's also Let's All Appreciate Torchman Day. Yay Torchman. You're not Wes.


This controller review genuinely complains about the weight of the cord. "You can try to mitigate this issue by resting it on a surface that's at the same height as your hands." goo.gl/qA2DWA


yaaaaay joek


Ive noticed some animated music videos around qtoid recently. In case this hasn't been posted, enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhheiPTdZCw


You guys, I just fucking love Ninja Turtles.


Happy Birthday, Les and Warx!


Last night I realized: In all of 2017, I played zero games released in 2017.


Midnight's a ways off still for me, but Happy New Year everybody!


Heads-up, Ubisoft's giveaway (Uplay, PC) got bigger: World In Conflict, AC4 Black Flag, and Watch Dogs bundled for free. Enjoy.


So what are the chances Fortnite 50v50 ends up about as "temporary" as Rocket League's Snow Day mode?


208 and 2008. Poetry.


GOG's giving away MDK, which is an old third-person shooter I've heard of but never played. So uh, you know. Go get that if you want.


Better Rampage trailer: King Kong on TV, ad break for TotallyLegitFoodCorp. Cut to boardroom, where R+D's Dr. Sensible is like "yo guys we fucked up" but the executives are like "but money tho." Suddenly George's fist busts through the wall. Flash title.


I'm never sure how to feel about this "Old game gets new expansion years after it stopped being relevant" thing that happens sometimes. But I think this is good. http://store.steampowered.com/app/741350/Titan%20/


I dont have any stake in it, and I dont even really like baseball, but I'm glad the Astros won, from the bits of the series I watched. Also XD Torchman and Gundy


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I'm a 24 year old guy in Idaho. I've been playing video games as long as I can remember, starting with an old dusty NES, some Mario, and Battletoads. Now, I mostly play on PC and 2DS, and try to play everything under the sun unless it involves the letters "RTS" or "MMO." Which puts me in an awkward spot for Blizzard titles.

Top games of the forever, in no particular order:

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