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So this is what classical acting looks like.


I'm working tomorrow and the day after. Just, fuck my shit.


The World of Riobux in 2017

Howdy gang. This is going to be a bit of an odd blog I think. There’s definitely scatterings of video games here, and some bits about Destructoid as well, but the focus doesn’t lie there. As egomanical as it is, the focus ...


Trying to work out if people would like to read a blog talking about my life in 2017. A smidge about video games (and video game journalism), a bit about Destructoid, some negative things, so I wouldn't blame if people wouldn't want that.


Need a lovely Christmas game to play for the season?


The blogs keep not wanting to load. I can tell what should be an hour recap job at worst is going to drag out to several hours.


Just choked on a Rainbow Six Siege match. Just fuck my shit.


Hello my fellow internet usingers.


Think I've got my top 10 and bottom 10 of the year planned. Just need to double check by actually turning on my PS4 and should be good to write up. Although will have to be in a 2 part fashion judging by past years.


Time to write up my recap, maybe the last one of the year since I'm working Christmas Day and Boxing Day (representing both recapping the right day or a day late). Anyone got any topics you'd like me to chat about?


Fuck it, I'll do the recap next week. I was busy today doing... ... ...Um... ...Hhhmmm...


Mario, what hast you done?


Well the blogs are a bit fucked. Both mine and Marcel's blog takes half a decade to load, if they do finish loading. "Community Blogs", if you're not signed in, still sends you to QuickPosts. Here's some unrelated music though.


A call to the defenders rung. The call was unwanted, but was thrust upon all, invading both dreams and reality. A single message was brought: The Yellow News was coming.


Sshh, it's the Sound of Silence...


I may be working on an older project a little bit in the coming days, got some ideas that I'm just chuckling at to share.


Ssshh, it's okay, the recaps are coming.


Question: Is this the Mario Odyssey intro and if not then why not?


Some images I just cherish so much the sense of humour going on in them.


Oh Destructoid.


Shit, day late with my 3-week recap. But draft is written. It's a-coming. Then off to prepare to cover EGX.


I'll do the Sunday recap next week. I feel like slipping into something more comfortable, like a coma. Fuck it.


"I'm going to write about the time I got a vaginal yeast infection?" "Wha...What are you going to call it?"


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Hey, I'm Riobux. I joined Destructoid a good deal back due to Podtoid when Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman used to do it, and when Phil & Spencer did the Destructoid Twitch channel. I'm a Sociology With Psychology graduate who has a particular interest in videogame culture and the creation of videogames. These days I just punt out recaps rarely, but you can also find me creeping around cblogs.

When I'm not here attempting to act like a civilised being, making odd jokes only I snigger at or being way too late with posting recap, I can be found trying to work out how the hell the new strange world of social media on Twitter works at @Riobux.