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Sorry for being late, but Maverick just got teased/announced for Rainbow Six Siege and... Gosh he's actually pretty damn hot. Like a total pretty boy.


Huh, a new Rainbow Six Siege character named after the band The Clash, which people can't work out if the shield will be a Montagne shield (as a defender) or something to just block doorways with. Will be interesting.


A recovered artefact from the Reservist Shed. The rats keep following it.


If I had to sum up the sensation of ever getting hugs from people:


Sometimes I find fun images for the inspiration bank which, unfortunately, can't really inspire much as it isn't similar to anything planned. So I've begun to save them as "reaction images". What kind of reaction they are? Who knows?


Howdy! So, SirDino is currently putting together the protagonist for Project Clover, but we're a bit indecisive what hair colour to go with. To help settle things, I set up a Twitter poll to see what people prefer. I've put a link in the comments.


Part 2 of my Project Clover dev blog series will be out today or tomorrow. It's written, just needs drafting and have fun images added. I'm hoping people enjoy it!


Hoping to have my second Project Clover blog next week. Just finishing up an animation system. Got a bit less done than I had hoped, but still pretty gleeful.


In that sweet mood of listening to Jason Molina songs (and covers of Jason Molina songs). I'm still hoping to coax at least one other person to dig him as much as I do, like I found kinship in my love of Mountain Goats.


Hey, kept you waiting, huh? So I was musing on maybe trying to make a game as someone very new to coding. However, did wonder if people would be interested in a blog series once a fortnight or once a month about progress. More details in the comments!


Nintendo has already released music for their hot new game primed to being announced at E3.


The Yellow King lazily acknowledged the future and past, like a scholar looking upon a puddle. Its curiosity only piqued for a moment as its tentacles unravelled reality, studying what could now be the present, future and past, dismissed [indecipherable]


Holy fuck, Ubisoft's gone and done it. They have actually updated Rainbow Six Siege with child soldiers. My Yellow News article actually predicted real life events. I'm honestly in fucking awe right now. Picture in comments.


This week, I've been mostly listening to Lzzy Hale. Which damn, very nice. Like an early 90s vocals on an early 80s heavy rock band, and powerful enough to not creak on the more "shouty" parts. Lovely jubbly.


Finally, the ultimate Netrunner set-up.


Bethesda has released new details on the exclusive Summerset armour coming up in their new Elder Scrolls Online Somerset DLC. They also mentioned a Morris Dancing mini-game will be coming on release.


The King in Yellow could not recall a source, nor recognise their current visage. Was it always this way, spreading the gospel since the sands formed, or had it merely forgot a prior life? If the theory troubled then its sunken face... [indecipherable]


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