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Dracula now refuses to deal me my weed. Please send help.


Behold! The Lord of Destructioof!


Dracula. That motherfucker. He is my weed dealer.


I have committed numerous tax frauds. Get got IRS.


Okay but what if... Mobile Suit Skeletor


I've had enough of these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday-Friday plane.


MHA would be so much shorter if Snipe had just finished the job back at USJ.


what is man but monke persevering


why does tails have all the fucking weed?????


God, Shin Godzilla was a fucking rollercoaster. Great movie.


fuck their wives drink their blood


Why are the Dynasty Warriors Gundam games not on PC? Genuinely curious on this one, they seem kinda fun.


I honestly thought Loki was only okay but boy oh boy is that last episode reveal hype. Also, Episode 5 was really good.


Hey. You guys should read my Gundam blogs. Just so you can mock and laugh at them of course.


Blogger Suit Gundam I: Cool Robot

I want you all to know this is Mike's fault. So... I watched the Mobile Suit Gundam compilation movies. And Char's Counterattack. And Hathaway. Do I have thoughts, you ask? Fuck yes, I have many thoughts. Let's start wit...


Hey, you fuckers! You like books? You like period crime dramas? You like horror? You like looks into Chinese history written by actual Chinese authors? If so, I recommend Chloe Gong's "These Violent Delights" very highly! Just finished it and it's great.


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