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Someone was playing "I Hate Everything About You" and I politely informed them I liked it better when Tom Lehrer did it.


2020 is just playing the opening of Dead Space 2 on loop


I want a Devil May Cry game soundtracked by The Protomen. Admit it, that'd be incredible.


Do you know how many people have died screaming Leeroy Jenkins? More than zero!


Can we get an F in the chat for Dark Crystal Age of Resistance? I'm never gonna not be mad


Was nobody gonna tell me that the Scooby-Doo Halloween special has them go up against The Scarecrow? As a huge Scarecrow enthusiast this sounds kinda fun.


Magneto and Kuvira should form a club I'm just saying.


literal vampire potbelly goblins


Vergil DLC Vergil DLC Vergil DLC put it put it put it in my fucking veins right fucking now I demand it I will have it it shall be mine ah I shall play as wicked cool katana slicey man ah that's so cool he's so handsome I am overjoyed


C'mon. Are you people even contributing real OPs? #OPtoid (Also, who the fuck chose this music for Berserk I desire to be on as many drugs as them)


Yo where can I stream the original Mobile Suit Gundam because I cannot find it anywhere


I'm not a Republic serial villain, Dan. I did it 30 minutes ago.


Is mercy authorized in your domain?


You people and your backlogs! Ahahahahahahahahahaha I've been playing Fortnite for months and it's really addictive like i think it may have become a problem i want to play other games but my brain doesn't want it please send help


Which one of you motherfuckers wrote Starlight Express?


Fortnite's current event is probably a better Marvel game than Avengers. At least it has DOOM!


This is like peering through the eyes of a Lovecraftian God.


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