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I gotta recommend Mega Man 8 Bit Deathmatch. Good shit, and it's free for download. Great boss fights, doesn't require you to have the original Skulltag or Doom.


Megamind gets better every time I watch it.


JoJo but Yoshikage Kira is Carl from Llamas With Hats.


Enter the Florpus was cool as hell, y'all.


Stop having such well-written male characters, Three Houses, or let me romance Dimitri.


Ever since choosing Blue Lions, my douche level has increased x10. I love them though don't @ me.


After being unable to get out of the house, I have purchased Three Kingdoms digitally. (Side note to Switch fans: Wal-Mart has all Switch games permanently at a $50 price, so if you want physical copies, that's a good bet!)


BoB: Player-Made Heroes

Shit, this is hard for me, because there's so many I want to talk about. Between Proto Man's surprisingly tragic and awesome story, Kazuma Kiryu's kindness prevailing to me over our cultural differences, my belief that Alma is the real...


Finished my BoB but apparently I'm being flagged as a robot and cannot publish it.


this is dumb rock about an old video game what is this dripping from my eyes


My Friend Pedro went the Katana ZERO route in a poor second act. Disappointment levels high.


Why did nobody tell me Hyrule Warriors is actually a lot of fun? I would have gotten it far sooner.




I want a Mario game that plays like a Yakuza game.


I backflipped a motorcycle over a van. Get My Friend Pedro its damn GOTY.


If your favorite Robot Master isn't Wood Man, then what's the point?


You ever just sit around and then realize that you accidentally wrote 40 pages of short story and don't know what to do with it?


Watched Spider-Man: Far From Home. Man, I can't believe Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil all showed up! I literally can't! Because Kevin Feige hates them all and it'll never happen.


Fallout 2 is bad. This difficulty isn't enjoyable. Average trash mobs kill me despite me taking Gifted. I can't land a single hit on ANYTHING and fights are just "wait for the enemy to land a hit and kill you". How do I make it the classic everyone says?


Wood Man. Wood Man. Wood Man. WOOD MAN. WOOD MAN. WOOD MAN.


I want a Mad Max game that plays like Breath of the Wild.


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