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Pitch a better multiplayer Fallout than Bethesda made. (And please don't respond "A singleplayer Fallout game" because me too bro.)


Rewatched Scott Pilgrim with a family member who hadn't seen it. The comic is better but the movie's fun and if we could please have the game I'd die a happy man.


Give me your zany suggestions for content included in the Snyder Cut. No suggestion is too crazy. If anything, most are too sane.


Everyone discussing what Capcom needs to make, and we're all forgetting the most important project they could ever undertake: Darkwing. Duck. 2.


If quarantine has taught me anything it's that I need The Protomen Act III right now.


I am starting a petition to make a BlazBlue dating sim. If I can't romance Hazama what's the goddamn point?


get in the fucking robot shinji jesus christ


Griffith and Char did everything wrong.


Fine. It's Torch's birthday, so I'll say it: Griffith and Char did nothing wrong.


Behold, the fifth and final Godhand!


I seem to be the only person who wants another Force Unleashed and it saddens me. Also, my PC no longer runs Jedi Academy please send help.


Slaanesh did nothing wrong.


SO and I played Fortnite Duos. First game of Fortnite I'd ever played. Yeah, we won.


Alright. What's the gaming opinion you hold but nobody else seems to? For me, it's that even though I love his work, I think Hideki Kamiya is kind of a dick.


Killed scorpions while dual-wielding sickles. Play Stellaris.


Killed a mummy with a hammer. Play Elderborn.


I knocked a spear out of the air with another spear. It was cool. Play Elderborn.


Every time Sonic Forces exists I get a little bit sadder at how cool it could have been.


Yoshikage Kira did nothing wrong.


RE7 is fun, but FUCK giant wasps. Whoever made these things is a piece of shit and I hate them.


Can I have P5 Royal for Switch? Is that too much to ask?


BlazBlue Central Fiction has been fun so far but A) I like Hazama's dub voice much more than his Japanese voice and B) how the fuck do people do Distortion Drives and Astral Heats? They just don't work for me on the Switch Pro Controller.


Microsoft is full of shit. I just wanted my free copy of Minecraft for Windows 10, and they are "out of gift codes", which they have been for over 48 hours. Mojang is doing nothing. This is transparently a PR stunt with no real weight behind it. Fuck me.


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