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Yakuza is top tier best game series of all time. That is all. Pic unrelated.


Happy Monday all! Finally finished Leon's path in RE2. Was good but I don't think survival horror is for me anymore. I much prefer stealth (Alien Isolation), walking simulator (SOMA), or action (RE4,5) horror. Still gonna eventually do the other path.


What's your favorite video game love story? Geralt and Yennefer (my pick), Princess Beach and Sam, Luigi and Daisy, Tidus and Yuna, Travis Touchdown and his toilet?


Happy Valentine's Day you sexy degenerates! Love you!


Just finished my 2nd run of Divinity OS2! Thanks Larian for cross-save!!! Lohse and Ifan done, who should I go for in my next run? I'm leaning Fane, but the Red Prince is intriguing too!


As if Metacritic's user reviews weren't absolute shit and broken as it is, one guy single-handedly review bombed AI: Somnium Files from 8.2 down to 1.9. Link in comments.


Happy birthday fellow brother in metal! Have a head-banger of a day! Just not too loud; you're old and it's bad for your ears :P


OMG! I love the new Mushroom Boi weapon in the Dead Cells dlc! He's my new best friend. I do sense a nerf incoming tho'!


This is one of the most adorable kitty videos I've ever seen!


Reminder: The Dead Cells dlc is out today! Go give the wonderful devs 5 bucks! Can't wait to get home to play! Anyone here actually make it to 3 cells yet? I can make it to the last boss on 2 but he just keeps whomping me lol.


Started playing that Pathfinder game I got with Humble Monthly. Four hours flew by! It really captures the mood of Baldur's Gate more than the other cRPG revival games (PoE, Divinity). It has a controversial mechanic (time limit), but I kinda like it.


Huh, the Oscars wasn't a total shitshow. How 'bout that! Congrats to Parasite, winners, and everyone else nominated. But deep down, we all know best picture should have gone to Jojo Rabbit ;)


I took all the games I'm interested in and have 2 choices left over. Any takers? Pardon if I'm a bit slow getting it to you. Add me on Steam so it's easier to pass the key ;) or just add me so I can cyberstalk what you're playing :)


In case you're wondering, WarGroove's co-op focused free dlc is just fine in single player. It's pretty fun and has some great ideas. Also popped in Dead Cells to practice a bit for the dlc. Is it humanly possible to beat it at 2 Boss Cells. Shit is tough


I need this car!!! Have a great Friday all!


Just found out my cousin was in a bad car accident and is in a coma. Things aren't looking too good. If you could take a moment and pray, send energy, good vibes, or whatever to Vincent and his family I'd really appreciate it.


Someone asked me what kind of music I like. Said prog, rock, metal, and some rap. They said 'You must like AC/DC and Kiss'. I just replied no. I'd rather stick driftwood in my peepee hole than subject myself to that. Any bands in your genre you hate?


Can anyone confirm? I'd be interested in playing that game :)


Ïa! Ïa! Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!


The Dark Crystal game first impressions. The embodiment of 'adequate'. It does its thing without any bells or whistles. Would like more bells and whistles (like a little VO or a click sound when I press a button). Entertaining enough to want to play more.


Posted my usual mini-review Cblog of what I've played recently. Read it while you poop!


I Played Some Video Games

It's that time for a bunch of mini-reviews of some of the noteworthy games I've played over the past couple months. Enjoy!!!   Disco Elysium (PC) Perfect/5 After 2 runs and a good month to reflect on the experience, I'm still at...


PSA: Studio Ghibli films are now available on Netflix everywhere except North America!


Nice! Aesop Rock has a new track out and it pretty damn hot! He name drops Cat Bus!!! :D Hope he releases a full length in the not to distant future!


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