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Embarrassing drug stories: Once smoked crack out of a corn cob pipe and dislocated my shoulder trying to throw a bowling ball off the top of an abandoned movie theater. Other drugs may have been involved. Disclaimer: I don't condone crack usage.


Haven't blazed in years, but for all of you who enjoy the giggle grass, enjoy the day!


Browsing upcoming games and this caught my eye. Looks pretty neat. I am getting a little tired of the [insert adj. here]-punk aesthetic, but the gameplay hook looks fun. Might give it a go when it releases later today.


Is Obvious Plant a meme? Because that would be my favorite meme. #MemesILove


Kinda in defense of paying full price for games, y'all should be taking more chances on indies and paying full price for them more often. Worst case scenario, you're out 20 bucks. But only pay full price from AAA devs that you highly enjoy and trust.


Rad! Green Jello has a new single and upcoming album! What year is it?


yay. monday. have a week.


Love that 70s/80s Atari and paperback art style. It needs a comeback! Imagine an entire game done with this art direction and wood paneling. 'Drool'


Thanks to Morty for pointing out Strangeland (developed by Wormwood, who made Primordia, & published by the always amazing Wadjet Eye) finally has a release date! May 25th! Can't wait for this game!


So, I pulled the trigger on The Longing. It's just to interesting to pass up. Worst case scenario, I'm out €12 (currently on Steam sale). What are some other games with fascinating premises have you played? Lucas Pope games come immediately to mind?


All in all, great showcase. Bunch of stuff I'm interested in. Maybe I'll snag The Longing. Love that art style. And Oxenfree II!! Hells Yeah!!!


Noticed this has a nice little discount on the eShop (€12). Looks like a silly time and right up my alley. Gonna wait to see what happens at the showcase later before buying first. Anyone play it? Worth my time?


Unlike real life, I like a good conspiracy theory mystery in my games. Or even a good who-done-it mystery to solve. Yakuza/Judgment, Ace Attorney, Obra Dinn, etc. all get me super invested in the narrative. What are some games with great mysteries?


Nindie showcase tomorrow! Put your unrealistic shadow drop bets in the comments! Winner gets a cat gif!


Noticed Jenny LeClue is dirt cheap on the eShop (€4) so I snagged it because Dtoid's best speller said it was pretty good. Also grabbed Valient Hearts for €6. Not a bad haul. Pic unrelated.


This game looked interesting and was cheap so I gave it a shot. It's pretty damn unique. Like a combo of Slay the Spire and a D&D party-based dungeon crawler. Worth a look for rougelike fans.


Have a great day all!


Holy difficulty spike, Like a Dragon! Loving chapter 12 and the boss fight, but I'm getting my ass handed to me. Guess that's why the grinding area opened up right before. Guess I'll try to grind to lvl 40 and try again. Pic unrelated.


Well, I guess I was smart enough to beat Obra Dinn! Just needed to spend a full day playing nothing else to not lose the groove and a good notepad. And a few lucky random guesses. Outstanding game and I wish there was more like it. Pic unrelated


I really hate shelving games and try to finish everything I start but AI:TSF is seeming to be joining the shelved list. The attempts at pervy comedy are so cringe and clash with the atmosphere hard. The repeated porn mag gag broke the camel's back.


So, I finally started Obra Dinn and I want to love it, but I don't think I'm smart enough to play it. My horrible memory and the games info system is rather clunky therefore it's making my brain hurt. Any suggestions?


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