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"Michael Stipe dance"


Have a great weekend!


OK, pack it in, this wins the Spirit Halloween costume meme this year.


I don't know how I didn't catch wind of this game! Saturnalia takes place on my favorite place on Earth, Sardegna, Italy, and uses their rich folk lore. I've been saying forever it would make an awesome horror game and here it is! Out on all platforms!


The Little Nightmares 1 & 2 bundle with all the story dlc is on sale on psn for €10. Great deal imho. I also got Signalis for Switch. Even with my Bayo3 arriving late, My Halloween weekend games set! Tempted to get Faith too but that might be overkill.


Deep conversation with my 4 year-old niece: "V, can I have a hug?" "I can't right now." "When can you?" "When it's time." "And when will it be time?" "When I'm done playing the lay on the floor game." Have a great day!


Looks like my Bayo 3 won't get delivered till Monday and with most of the country taking the bridge off I probably won't get it in my hands till Wednesday. Guess I'll keep on chipping away at Splat3 Trails from 0 and burn through Signalis over the weekend


Do the Dtoid writers get a click credit when I read an article from the endless scroll or is it better if I do it the old fashioned was and click the article from the homepage? Pic unrelated


Yay!!! New Devin single out and new album next week!!! This is the kind of uplifting, feel-good music I need in my life right now and these three singles have been some of my favorite songs of his yet! (no small feat!)


Bought this at the airport the other day and I've already burned through 3/4 of it (about 275 pgs). If you need a last minute October read I highly recommend this demonic possession psychological horror. Definitely gonna read more from this guy!


Hammers of Misfortune are the most criminally underrated band in metal. No album is alike but they always have that Hammers sound. "17th Street" is my favorite album of theirs for its raw, theatrical, off-Broadway vibe. #ArbitraryTuesday


Looking at upcoming games, for as much as I love my PS5, all my hyped and pre-ordered new releases are on Switch and I have zero problem waiting or skipping the PS ones (till FF16). Sony really fucked up jacking up game prices.


Going to go see Porcupine Tree, one of my absolute all-time favorite bands, reunion tour tonight. Hyped is an understatement. First post-pandemic show too. Here's my favorite song from them. 20 years later and it still gives me goosebumps.


Back home, to work :(, and your daily meme. Had a great time in the States! Gotta jog 8km a day to work off all the gut I put on lol. Have a great day!


Sometimes NJ be beautiful! (Barnegat Lighthouse). Hope you all have a great day!


Greetings from the USA. In case any of you ex-Jersians are wondering, Sleazeside is still scummy scum even in the off season (Pt. is still wholesome fun!). Have a great day!


Every time I visit the USA it gets weirder and more surreal. Strange feeling. Anyhoo, have a great day!


Taking off on a 9 hour flight in a bit. Please pray for my knees. Have a great day!


Randomly started to play Dusk again. Not only a great game but also a near flawless Switch port complete with gyro aiming. If you haven't played it yet, it's definitely a great October game!


I think this sink may belong to one of our beloved community members.


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