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Have a great weekend!


Have a great day!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Shout out some great tactics games not named FFT, Tactics Ogre, or Triangle Strategy. I recommend Fell Seal and Fae Tactics. Have a great day!


I think the Green M&M is also a big Tori Amos fan too and still jams some Mazzy Star. Also, maybe chill with the Pokémon articles on the FP. I get it's easy clicks but bruh, it's making my dumb ass overlook the interesting stuff.


Happy Birthday Willow!!! The cards forsee a great day for you!!!


What would be the background song? I'm going with the Johnny Cash version of "Hurt". Have a great day!


Hey people who beat Bayonetta 3, I keep hearing the final chapter is pretty long, how much time should I set aside to tackle it?


I didn't want to buy any new games until I got my 'log under control but Psychonauts 2 for €20 on PSN is really trying me. I'll probably cave... Pic unrelated.


Have a great weekend!


Noelle wrote an excellent FP article you that should give a read. One of the many take-aways from it was this tweet she shared. I'll be revisiting it this later in the year. What categories would you add? Naturally, I'm adding 'Best Butt'.


Probably not hot take: Nickelback is a way better band than Maroon 5. Like way better.


5 magic beans for this 3D platformer which seems to be reviewing exceptionally well. I'm sold. I needed something bright and breezy to play :)


Just had a talk with my tattoo artist and officially got the ball rolling on my next piece. Can't wait to see what she draws up! Pic related. Anyhoo, which Final Fantasy had your favorite art?


Hot take! Have a great day!


Status that who which what in that how are is currently in state of currency.


Starting the day as a 9 but will probably be an 7 within a few hours. Have a great day!


Pro-Tip: You can plug a USB mouse or wireless mouse dongle into the Switch's dock and play Tactics Ogre with mouse controls. 🐁 I wonder how many other games let you do this. Have a great day!


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