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Top of the morning all! Here's to a lovely day! I bought an entry level graphic tablet to use for online teaching but would also like to try my hand at drawing stuff or some pixel art. Any low-cost program recommendations?


Hope you all have a wonderful day! Today's my 11th wedding anniversary (wife's taking a nap, hence why I'm on Dtoid right now.) Can't believe it's been 11 years! I couldn't be happier! Cute story behind the posted video in the comments. :)


HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I guess I like 1 AC/DC song now.


I was already very much looking forward to AC: Valhalla, and this is making the anticipation sweeter. Einar Selvik of historical Norse music band, Wardruna, is heading the OST! He also does a lot of music for the Vikings TV show as well.


Any opinions on the PC version of Carcasonne? There's a humble bundle with it. Never played the board game but it seems rather interesting. Is it something I can pick up and play without having to learn a shitload of rules? Is it good in single player?


Have a terrific weekend all!


Humble Store Sale is up. Thinking of grabbing Forager. Anyone have good things to say about it? Does it play well with m&k? Also, is anyone else's Disqus notifications borked? Edit: Aegis Defenders is FREE on Humble!


Good morning all! Hope your Friday is happy and healthy!


A post in the forums inspired me to dredge up this unfinished story I started writing some years ago before my hard drive crashed and I lost a huge amount of a work in progress. Look at it as a short-story. Give it a go if you're super-bored. Vanity bump!


Good morning all! Here's to a great day! What are the most fun 'stupid' games you've played? Godhand!


The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!


Good morning all! Hope your day is filled with joy!!! Have a great one!!!


Good morning to you all! Have a wonderful day!


Started a replay of TLoU today. Last time I played was like 4 years ago. I almost forgot how much that intro scene is a punch to the gut. So well executed. Definitely a masterpiece of a game. pic unrelated.


Good morning and happy Monday all!!! Here's to a splendid day!!! And holy shit! Dtoid forums!!!! Massive props to all that made that happen!!!!


Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's here. Even you cat-mothers, dog-mothers, plant-mothers, human-mothers, man-mothers. To any of you who nurture another living thing. Much love!!!


Happy Birthday Torchman!!! Great to have you here! Enjoy your day to the fullest!!!!


Good morning you saucy people! Have a great weekend!


Thank you all for all the great music recs today!!! Tons of great stuff! My Spotify is definitely getting a workout. I'll leave you with a rec of my own. If you have never listened to Ulver, get on that:)! Top tier fave band of mine and this album is FIRE


Recommend me some interesting music. Any genre. :)


Happy Friday all!!! Have a great one!!!


#CommunityShoutOut to Cockaroach and Zer0tonin for recommending clipping. to me. I absolutely love it. Best hip hop I've heard since Aesop Rock. Also a shout out to everyone who pushed me to play Zero Escape! Really enjoying it so far!


Good morning all! Here's to a great day! What are some things you'd deem unacceptable next gen? I say all in-game animals not being petable would be absolutely unacceptable with the technology we'll have. Let me pet ALL the kitties and puppies!


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