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I think I have a serious rpg problem right now. Concurrently I'm playing Divinity: OS2 on PS4, FE 3 Houses, and Pillars of Eternity on my laptop (my 2nd run and kick off to my planned Infinity Engine marathon). Is this healthy?


Hope you all have a terrific day!


Today's the 30th anniversary of Kiki's Delivery Service! Gonna definitely give it a watch tonight! Such a happy and pure film :)


Happy Monday! Hope you all have a great week!


How does one pronounce Byleth? Bī leð, Bī leþ, Billy, Billyþ, Blyþ,Bì leþ, Blarlhotep, Beth, Beð, 'belch sound'? FE games do get some weird names. Also, Raphael is best boy!


Obligatory please avoid posting FE: Three Houses spoilers regardless of how small. You guys are always great with that tho'. Trying to go into it as blind as possible and don't want to have to avoid Dtoid. Have a terrific day!


I love both J and W RPGs but nowadays I feel I get more into and more interested in WRPGs and my interest in JRPGs is waning. Which do you prefer? What is your top 3 from each sub-genre?


Getting my Steam account back in order after a few years away (friend me! RiffRaff79) and was looking 'round my screenshots. Was reminded how great Harvester is. I will praise the wonderful weirdness of this game till Kingdom come!


Very important post for everyone with Joycon drift problems and paid for a repair. Nintendo will refund you and moving forward all drift problems will be fixed for free!!! Link in comments. Pic unrelated. Update: Confirmed! Nintendo EU is fixing mine FREE


I change phone lock screens as often as I change boxers (about weekly). I think I'll stick with this one for a while.


Sometimes I wonder why I even bother browsing Reddit memes..... Have a great day!


Finished Detroit: Become Human last night. Was way better than I expected! David Cage finally hit his mark! I really liked Conner. That actor was great. What should I play next, Shadow of the Tomb Raider or Yakuza 6?


What's the story behind your username/gamertag? The first 4 letters of my surname are Raff and someone started calling me Riff Raff back in grade school. It stuck. Worked out as I also became a huge Rocky Horror fan when I got to high school.


GotY. Don't even try to top it. Not possible!


We don't ask each other this simple question enough and we got a few new faces round here lately. What's your top 3 games, films, books, butts, and music albums? Feel free to add a top 3 of whatever else too! Bump to let the other timezones in on the fun!


Happy Monday! Hope you all have a terrific week!


Wrote a personal gaming update Cblog. If you are insanely bored and really have absolutely nothing to do, maybe give it a read :)


"There's nothing more enchanting than the perfect slice of toast, says Kaori Kajita, founder of the Japan Butter Toast Association.." Butter Toast Association... I am happy this is an actual thing. Also, $270 toaster!? Link in comments


Seems a class action suit has been filed against Nintendo regarding the Joy Con Drift (sounds like a lit dance move lol). From my experience N offered to repair mine at a very reduced cost. Still a dicked situation. Link in comments. Pic unrelated.


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