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"There's nothing more enchanting than the perfect slice of toast, says Kaori Kajita, founder of the Japan Butter Toast Association.." Butter Toast Association... I am happy this is an actual thing. Also, $270 toaster!? Link in comments


Seems a class action suit has been filed against Nintendo regarding the Joy Con Drift (sounds like a lit dance move lol). From my experience N offered to repair mine at a very reduced cost. Still a dicked situation. Link in comments. Pic unrelated.


Right now the steelbook is only for the upside down people (Aussies). This better come to EU (and USA). I want it bad! It glows in the dark!


It's a crime this isn't a real thing. Nintendo needs to make this happen!


Best headline ever of the day! Florida, you never disappoint!


Happy Wednesday! Hope it's purrfect! What's your phone's lock screen image?


Was thinking after I make my way through my current game rotation and deluge of upcoming Switch games, I'd like to replay some old cRPGs and check out some new ones. My dinky new laptop seems to run Pillars oE very well. Who's got recs for me, old and new


I finally bought a cheap laptop from Prime Day mainly to use it for Excel and the occasional oldschool cRPG. I haven't seen Dtoid outside of mobile in over 2 years. It's weird!!!! Good point is I might blog more due to an actual keyboard!!!


One of my biggest gripes with MM2 is at the end of SMW courses there's no 'byu-oo-oop' sound effect like the original. It's just so satisfying. What's your favorite sound effect in games?


Popped Anchors and Arrows by Fair to Midland on today. Such a great, catchy, prog-ish, metal-ish album I haven't listened to in a while. Hope you all have a terrific day!


Reworked a couple things to make it easier. Just wanted to make a standard course that everyone could beat but not stupid simple. Making a normal difficulty course is actually pretty difficult lol.


Mario Maker 2 weekend round up! Post your latest courses here for easy access for everyone. I'll bump this a few times over the weekend. Bump!


One of my courses broke 500 plays!!! Yay arbitrary self satisfaction! (And ScionVyse still hold the record on it!)


This millenial break up was a ride. A very shitty ride. Link in comments.


Yay! New single from Opeth's upcoming record! Made my day! Can't wait to hear the full album. Hope you all have a great Friday!


To help everyone become better Mario Makers, what are some making tips? What do you like in a course? What do you find satisfying? What annoys you? Know any hidden tricks? What will make you immediately quit a course? Etc.


Things I wish were real. Have a great day folks!


Calling out Dtoid's resident Mario Maker 2 speed run final bosses!!! Let's see what you got! This is definitely an expert difficulty course and can be speed run or played more 'relaxed'. I'm actually really happy with how it turned out. Good night!


I'm laughing so hard I can't feel my face! My sides hurt so much and I'm in public. People are looking at me. This is one of the most ridiculous, silliest, superfluous, Italian, cheesiest, power metal songs I've ever heard. Humor me and watch the video :)


Happy Belated Birthday to the cool af FrostyFlakes and the super awesome totally chill great dude NinjaSppd! Hope you had a terrific day filled with wholesome activities and video games!


I'm really tempted to get this (Switch) but have already blown my gaming budget for the next few months with the Switch releases extravaganza. Will probably just get the standard physical when it releases (and BG1&2 digitally).


Was just thinking. Nintendo really badly needs to add Little Nemo to their Switch NES. Probably never going to happen because it's a Capcom game. But man, it would be great if it did.


Happy Tuesday! I've been totally hooked on the Malibu Ken record again. Weird, clever, humorous, chill, crusty. Love Tobacco's beats and Aesop's flow and lyrics. Wonderful pairing. What has been pumping into your ears lately?


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