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Really looking forward to Link's Awakening tomorrow. It looks too fucking adorable! Really hope it scratches that top down Zelda itch that hasn't been scratched since A 6.5 Between Worlds.


Beat Astral Chain last night! While I think it was slightly overrated, I still had an absolute blast. That Chapter 11 had one of the coolest looking environments of any P* game! I think I'm going to enjoy my NG+ run more than my first. 4/5!


"Profanar la tumba, al ritmo de la rumba; Con Fenriz y Darkthrone, Norwegian Reggaetón. Esta vida loca, a mirar la foca; Asando un salmón" Norwegian Reggaetón The best feel-good summer song ever! Can't get it out of my head. Hilarious video too!


Finished The Dark Crystal the other day and it's by far my favorite series this year! So much passion put into it. Also, I don't think my wife appreciates my new pet name for her is SkekTek :P


How about some totally kick ass, groovy af doom metal for this week's #ArbitraryMetalTuesday Crypt Sermon's new album is a banger! Def check it out!


Boy do I love Larian! This was adorable! I really hope they announce a physical Switch version soon enough!


Does getting blown out by the Cleveland Browns constitute finally giving up on a team you have supported for 40 years? At least no one can ever call me a bandwagoner. Let's Go Jets!


Oh boy, I am so loving Pillars of Eternity 2. I have not gotten sucked into an RPG this hard since The Witcher 3. Pic vaguely related.


So, will Spiders become the new BioWare? :P Seriously tho', I'm super happy for their success and definitely will check out Greedfall when I can fit it into my gaming schedule next decade.


Good morning all! Have a nice Friday!


So, someone just drove by my apartment (on the 5th floor) blasting this song so loud I could hear it crystal clear. I have nothing but the utmost respect for that driver. And now you have this song stuck in your head ;)




Even though they've become a parody of themselves 3 times over, Ghost still manages to put out catchy as fuck and entertaining songs. This new song/video made me smile :)


Start Pillars 2 the other day and hoo boy, first impressions (5hrs) are through the roof! From the art design to near perfect battle system I am blown away. If the story is half as good as the first I see myself dropping 100+ hours into it.


What's your typical rpg/DnD character? I usually play as an elf ranger with chaotic good or neutral good alignment.


I bought Blasphemous for Switch. I shouldn't have, but did anyway. 10% off is nice. Figured the team really deserves that first week sale. Played it a bit and it's heathentastic! Here's some blasphemous music to celebrate its launch!#ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Got a wonderful gift from Mrs. Raff today. Can't wait to dive into PoE2!


What are your top 5 game stories?


Have a delightful week guys :)


Finally finished 3 Houses. While I have my issues with it (too long), it was an enjoyable experience. Played Golden Deer and have no regrets. Raphael is the best. Will eventually play Edgelord's story, but not rushing to do so any time soon. 3/5


Saw It pt. 2. I dug it a lot. Some great scenes (particularly the funhouse) and I liked the ending even though it's wildly different from the book's. The book is still better of course, but they did an outstanding job with their version.


Have a nice weekend!


Happy Birthday Dere(ierre)! Hope you get gifted this game today :)


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