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Finally finished Pillars of Eternity 2! What a terrific game! Deep lore, great narrative, memorable characters and setting, and gorgeous art direction. If you're in the mood for a massive RPG I can't recommend it enough. Next up, actually finishing D:OS2!


My biggest gripe with Death Stranding is the text size. A good trick is to use the zoom option in the accessibility options of the PS4 settings. Hopefully this gets patched up so I don't have to keep using this workaround.


TGIF! It's been a whirlwind of a busy week and I'm happy it's over! Looking for to delivering some packages over the weekend and going to visit family in NJ next week! Have a great Friday and weekend all!


I've been playing Death Stranding and Luigi's Mansion contemporarily. This about sums up what my dreams have been like.


Floki kitty always protects me well while I play video games. Or he just wants treats. Anyhoo, I love him (and his sister)with every ounce of my being. #Kittytoid


I wrote a bunch of words over on the cblogs about video games. Shameless call for attention. Also, a spell checker in the cblog editor would be pretty cool!


Stuff I've Played the Past Few Months

Here's some games I've played recently (since mid-summer to now) and some thoughts on them. Hope you enjoy! And be sure to let me know if you think I'll dig something!!!! Love you!!!!   I picked up a low-end laptop mainly for wor...


Anyone else experiencing excruciating back pain when playing Death Stranding?


Landed a contract to coach English to Ubisoft!!! I'm super happy! Surprisingly, I didn't need to scale a tower to reach their offices. Pic unrelated.


I'm suddenly craving a Monster brand energy drink. You?


Post came today! Finally got 'em! And I have a couple free hours to actually play!


Good morning! Hope you all had a great weekend and have a terrific week!


Still waiting on my copies of Death Stranding and Luigi's Mansion 3 to be delivered... At least it's an opportunity to keep chipping away at Pillars 2 and Divinity 2. Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!


Going to see Opeth tomorrow and couldn't be more hyped. I cheated and checked the set list for this tour and after seeing them 8 times I finally get to hear my favorite song from them live and in person! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Current mood. Nothing like washing pigeon shit out of your hair in a public bathroom as you're running almost late to meet with a new client. Hope you all have a great day!


Sometimes I feel like the only person who doesn't get all moist at the mention of Star Wars (and Marvel). I enjoy them, but they're just okay imo. Then again, I get a raging chubby at the mention of isometric rpg. So there's that :P


Started watching Carnival Row last night. Interesting show and I dig it so far, but what kind of random-British-name-generator did they use to name all the characters?!


The narrator in the Divinity:OS series not winning every possible award in voice acting, let alone not receiving nominations is a crime against humanity. Such a shame. What other notable voice acting impressed you?


Happy Birthday Chris! You are one of the most welcoming people ever and are a big part of this community! Thanks for everything and I hope you have the best day ever!


Hope you all had a chill weekend! Hope your week is terrific!


Finished Yakuza 6! Other than I think it went way overboard with the amount and length of the cut scenes, I really enjoyed it. And yes, I saved all the cats!


Happy Friday! And if you have today off too, enjoy your long weekend!


Holy Shit the new record from Wilderun is unhyperbolicly one of the best albums I've ever heard in my entire life! Just overflowing with creativity. Xeo, Necro, and anyone remotely interested in metal you need to get on this ASAP! Album stream in comments


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