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I hope all your genitals end the day on a happy note! Love yous guys!!!!


I'm laughing way too hard at this.


I am absolutely loving Celeste! So charming and endearing. I suggested it to a buddy and he said a pixel art indie game isn't worth €20. Not the first time I've heard people undervalue indie games like this. Anyhoo, What are your favorite pixelart indie


I haven't been this disinterested in a superbowl in a while. Of course I'd love it if the Pats are upset, but, meh, skipping it this year. May the squad who hattricks more touch gols get a birdie.


I'm starting to warm up to rouge-lites as I've sunk tons of hours into Darkest Dungeon and Isaac (and Don't Starve when I had a pc, Switch port please!). Any quality ones you'd recommend I should put on my wishlist (pref Switch).


The new Humble Book Bundle is a must buy! Can't wait to read "Angry Man Pounded by the Fear of His Latent Gayness Over a Dinosaur Transitioning Into a Unicorn"!


Trying to use as little hyperbole as possible, the new Orphaned Land record is really really really good. One of the most unique bands in music these days. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


I'd like to actually see this!


Hope you all are having a nice week!!!


So, yeah, definitely addicted to Darkest Dungeon on Switch. It's how I'd like all random battles to be in turn based Rpgs instead of slogging through the same commands over and over. Also, this song is the most brilliant thing I've heard in aeons!


My brother just sent me this advert for the local Rocky Horror theater. I don't know how the Switch will be involved but methinks I need to book a visit to the States to find out.


Thinking about finally getting Darkest Dungeon on Switch. Anyone play the port yet? Good? Is the bundle with the dlc worth €30? Also, have a great Friday and weekend!!!


Have a delightful birthday RoboPanda and a big thanks for all you do for the community!!!


So I think Nintendo is going to release my cats favorite game.


And happy birthday to Larx too!! You is hella sexy!!!


Happy Utero-Liberation Day Wes, you sexy beast!!!!


Is #ArbitraryMetalTuesday still a thing? 'Cause this new Summoning record is fucking phenomenal!!! LotR themed folky black metal. Couldn't find a full track on YouTube, but the record's on Spotify and I can't recommend a listen enough.


So I caved and ordered a XBC2 Pro Controller. For the price it better be the most comfortable, longest lasting controller I have ever used. If it tops the Wavebird I'll consider it money well spent. What are your favorite controllers?


Help! I'm trapped under kitties and I really want to play some video games! :p


What is selling me on Dark Souls Switch isn't the portability, but that I may now be able to pause the fucking game somehow. Sleep mode ftw!


Started playing Horizon and am absolutely loving it. Made me realize how much I really do enjoy open world games. What are some of your favorite real-world-ish game worlds? For me it's India like in Uncharted:TLL or Far Cry 4.


Horizon Zero Dawn Complete for €30! Yes please! Can't wait to finally play this, heard it's quite ok :)


Things I want most from the next Nintendo Direct. Mario Golf and Hyrule Warriors 2. Make it happen N! What do you guys want the most?


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