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Heya Dtoiders. Haven't been round here in a while cause of working too fucking much and trying to squeeze some game time in whenever possible. Hope yous are all well, love ya! Alright, back to God of War.


Finally got a new phone that isn't a moldy potato (Galaxy A5). What's a good quick session style game that isn't going to berate me with ads or nag me for microtrasactions? I don't mind paying.


Firewatch on Switch! Definitely don't mind double dipping on that!


Looks like Wolfbrew Games has gone under. I def respect them for fixing up Slain! like they did.


I doubt I'm the first to think it, but if Dtoid's April Fools gag isn't Weslikesbunnygirlstoid I'm going to be a little disappointed.


The final would come down to Zelda vs Persona with Zelda taking the cup. I'm too lazy and lack the technology to fill the rest out (only have a tablet), but would like to see yous guy's charts.


Happy Passover, Good Friday, or completely normal Friday and weekend to you all.


Happy birthday Ooktar and FPTree!!! Have an awesome day!!! # ThiccTuesday!!!


The new video from The Sword is pretty cool. All pixel art and highly inspired by Final Fantasy (train suplex and all). Check it out! Ffo Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, and blues rock in general.


I've got a couple hours into Ni No Kuni 2 and am loving it so far. Also, the steelbook I got for it is one of the prettiest ones in my collection. What do you guys think of it so far?


Brought back a stomach issue from India as a souvenir. It's like the Dark Souls of diarrhea :( On the plus side, got some quality time with my Switch. And happy birthday Fish! You is good people!!


Back from my retreat in India! As usual it was a great experience. Posting a bunch of pics in the comments for those interested. Unfortunately some things like the riverside crematorium or the ashram I stayed at I couldn't snap.


Happy I found a morsel of internet today to be able to see it's dtoids bday!! Thanks to Niero, staff, robots, and the community for being so sexy and awesome! Love yous!!!!


Greetings from Varanasi, India! Hope yous are all well! Will post a few more pics when I get back home in a couple weeks.


I'm passing on seeing my favorite band, Iron Maiden, because none of the venues have seating and are outdoors during June and I hate festivals.(Seen them 9 times though) When did I start turning into a crotchety old man? This happening to anyone else?


Happy #CatGirlFriday Here are my precious bundles of mischief Freyja and Floki. Floki's a boy but I hope you can make an exception. Also, happy belated birthday to Limo Vxxy and anyone else who had one these days!!!


We're getting the rare bit of snow here in Milan. Bonus points to whoever can name what famous game\level is modelled after this cathedral.


What's a well regarded game\series you've never played and probably won't ever that seems the rest of the gaming world has? I've never played Shenmue or a COD game.


I'm absolutely loving the latest record from The Atlas Moth. They really jacked up the heaviness on it. What's some good aggressive metal yous guys been digging on lately? #ArbitraryMetalWednesday


On my way to get my first platinum trophy with Horizon Zero Dawn, just need to play the last couple missions. What a damn fun experience this game has been. Easily one of the best game worlds. What are some of your favorite open world worlds?


Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend.


I usually don't get political on here, but since that orange shitgibbon is bucking the blame on games.. Fuck Trump, fuck anyone who still supports him, and fuck the empathy-less whores lining their pockets with the blood of children.


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