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Jamming full speed ahead for almost 30 years now, Clutch still drops hella sick grooves. #ArbitraryTuesday


Slimey's enthusiasm convinced me to do things I generally don't do. Early Access and gaming on my laptop. Worth it if only to support the dev. Game is basically Dusk meets Doom Eternal. Runs great on my potato. Hope controllers get rebind support soon!


Can confirm. This is super accurate even when I switch on my NJ/NY accent. I'm kinda curious to get this book. Anyhoo, have a great day!


Should I do it? I think I will. I missed this summer's screening of Spirited Away, Nausicaa, and Mononoke because I was either sick or work got in the way and I'm going to go see Howl tonight. Shame Totoro isn't on the list.


Someone at Monolith was having a laugh giving names to the elite monsters. Can't wait to find Filthy Sancho and The Swordmarch Steamer.


Just a reminder that RRR is no joke the most entertaining movie you'll watch all year. This movie has ruined all Western action flicks for me because they will never have the balls to be this awesome.


Current status. Have a relaxing Sunday!


One of the best things about XBC3 is that there is auto-save, quick save, and manual save. This amount of saving pleases me. Pic unrelated.


If you're having a bad day at work be happy your boss isn't Konami.


My 2nd favorite local cinema just announced a Cronenburg marathon for this week leading into his new film. Definitely going to catch Videodrome and maybe another. Do I dare watch Crash again? What are some amazing movies you must see but once is enough?


Why must drunk people be so damn loud and at the corner by my flat's window. Can hear them over my headphones... Pic unrelated.


That Streets of Rage 4 survival mode is insanely addictive! Best €20 on a game I've spent in a hot minute. Anyhoo, of no relation, that recent Blind Guardian EP is pretty damn rad. Hansi still has one of the best voices in metal! #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


How do you eat your sandwich? I'm all 3 neutrals. LN>CN>TN But hella kraut and spicy brown beats all!


Is Mario Sunshine a soulslike? Have a great day!


So, episode 6 of The Sandman was, wow! That was possibly the best episode of anything I've watched this year! E5 (The Diner issue) was no slouch either. 4 more episodes to go but I feel I can safely say they nailed it with this adaptation.


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