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Finished 13 Sentinels with a platinum. Very good experience even if the story is a bit too convoluted for its own good and a few characters can feel hollow. Would love to see VW take another stab at a VN to work out the kinks. Highly recommended!


What's your 5 most anticipated games of 2021? Mine : 1. Monster Hunter Rise 2. Disco Elysium Switch 3. Silksong 4. Bravely Default 2 5. Stray. Pic Unrelated


Finally started Yakuza 4. This is soooooooo much better than Y3. And I'm really enjoying Akiyama. Can't wait to start playing as Uncle Kaz tho'. Pic unrelated.


Good day all! Hope you have a great week!


Games I beat in 2020: A lot, I lost track. I can say the were no real duds. Only shelved 1 game because I didn't care for it. Great year of gaming! Pic unrelated


Have a great weekend all!


Floki and Freyja being cuties :)


Hope your 2021 is joyous and fruitful. May the next day be better than the last. You got this!


Happy birthday Soulbro! Hope your day rocks!


Here's to a happy and healthy start to 2021! You guys made this year much more bearable. Thanks for that :) Remember to be with your terrified furry friends when the fireworks go off :)


My Dec. games haul: Immortals, Cyberpunk, 13 Sentinels, DQ11S, DQ Builders 1&2, AI TSF, Yoshi, Capt Toad, Ys8, Iceborne, Horace, Phoentopia, Grindstone, I Am Dead. I think I'm good on games for a while, though I still have enough credit for Yakuza LaD...


Curiosity: does anyone actually put both their hands on the wall when showering? Every time in every game and movie, they do it.


Hope you all have a banging day!


Watched Tenet. I have no idea wtf happened or wtf the movie is about but it sure was pretty. Nolan finally got his whole head up his ass. Still, enjoyed the ride. And thanks for all the bday wishes! Sleep time now!


No better way to spend your birthday than playing some video games with your best friend. (My house is also a lot tidier than this pic makes it out to be :P )


Ys 8 (Switch) for €24 even though I did massive damage to my backlog with a ton of new, large games? Seems like a price that won't come around often. Yay or nay? Pic unrelated.


Have a great day all!


Hope you all had a great holiday! I had a great day! Got DQ11Switch, 13 Sentinels, and Immortals and ordered DQ Builders 1 & 2, AI: TSF, and Capt. Toad with my xmas/bday gift card. I got a bunch of flannel shirts and pants too! I love flannel!


Merry Christmas you jolly fucks! Thank you for that smile and chuckle you all bring me every day!


Finally played a few hours of Cyberpunk yesterday (fat ps4). Just want to toss my voice, sure, there's issues, but nothing as egregious as made to seem so far. I dig the art direction a lot and the music is great! I think I'll enjoy it just fine.


May your grievances be aired.


I played a few games on Switch... Honestly, I think it's safe to say it's my favorite console of all time. That portable mode goes a long way for me.


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