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Yay! Friday! Have a great one all!


This is definitely going on the 'buy sooner rather than later' wishlist. Looks charming and it's by the Monument Valley team!


Have a terrific day! What's your favorite AIC song. It's a toss-up between Nutshell and Head Creeps for me.


Assert dominance. Smell like ham. Lolol


Interesting article about why the localization of The Great Ace Attorney took so long. (Link in comments) I got hooked up with a few localization gigs during lockdown and lemme tell you, not easy work, but fun!


I have become one with the Gates! The Gates slumber inside me! I shall do only the Gates bidding! Unto the Gates His will! Ïa! Ïa! Gates f'tagn! Give yourselves to the Gates!


This looks really neat! You play as a tiny human and make bug mechs. Definitely gonna be the next indie I purchase. Hopefully the Switch performance is up to snuff because it looks gorgeous!


Me, every summer. I hate summer. Can it be Autumn yet? Have a nice day all!


Started playing Yoshi's Crafted World again and it's really clicking with me now. Levels are fun, there's a ton of content, and it's overall adorable. That said, I still dig Wooly World more and hope N makes another one of those. Loved the art direction!


This looks like an interesting mindfuck avant-garde game.


The hardest hitting news you'll see all day! Have a great week!


Genius targeted marketing has had every major electronic retailer shoving the Xbox S down my throat lately. Guess they are in good supply finally. Curious if anyone who wanted one got one and if they're in surplus in other countries. Pic unrelated.


It's Bandcamp Friday!!! This month Panopticon's new album, ...And Again Into The Light, gets the highest of high recommendations from me. Blown away by it is a massive understatement. A must for Atmospheric Metal fans! Put your suggestions in the comments


Didn't realize Griftlands finally exited Early Access! Been looking forward to this for a while. I love Slay the Spire, RPGs, rouge-lites, and Klei games so this is sure to be great. Should have waited for the Switch version, but oh well.


Nice little exchange with the creator of Strangeland on a screenshot I shared. But, seriously, play Strangeland, it's a great point and click game and there's a good hint system so you'll never get stuck.


While we wait for the robots to unbork the front page, let's play a game. Word association. Comment the first word that comes to mind on the previous word. I'll start in the comments.


And that's Ori 2 100%ed! Just wow wow wow! Amazing from start to finish without a weak point I can think of! This is how you do a sequel! Best metroidvania only second to Hollow Knight. Switch port is on point!


Played that Disgaea 6 demo and really liked it. Considering a pre-order (only €50 physical) but I still need to finish 5... And looking at my upcoming games plan for the Summer, my Switch is gonna be busy! Can't wait for Mario Golf and Ace Attorney!


This stupidity has led to some pretty funny memes. Bonus NSFW in comments.


I feel you Till. I feel you. Video NSFW for cheesy slasher flick style violence (not against children ;) ) #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


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