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Bravely Default 2 protips: Use that ship exploration while in sleep mode thingy always! It gives really great rewards for boosting JP quickly. And same with monster food for a JP boost. Max your Freelancer job asap :) Have a great day all!!!


Gotta say the more I play CotDG the more I'm digging it. It definitely needs some weapon balancing and it takes a few runs to click, but the core gameplay is incredibly solid. Worthy addition to my rougelite collection. Anyone else playing? #Indietoid


Loving the #Indietoid trend! Here's one more. The Blackwell series has some outstanding point & click adventuring, terrific writing, and voice acting. An absolute must for fans of the genre (and basically anything from Wadjet Eye).


Very few games have as much heart as Horace. Delightful story and great 2d platforming gameplay. #Indietoid


Oh, it's Limo's birthday. Fuck do I care? ;) Have a good one buddy :)


There was almost a golf game with Capcom characters like Apollo Justice and Chun Li... I would have been all over that!


Yes please!!! Have a great week all!!!


Definitely enjoying Bravely Default 2! Normal mode has some teeth, especially boss battles, but if you use all you skills and take advantage of the mechanics and battle strategically they're doable yet challenging. Pic unrelated


Fuckin' human and his goddamn flash. Also, Awwwwwww to all your kitty pics! #Caturday


Stupid and cheesy Facebook post, but it made me smile.


Yay! Friday! Can't wait to finish up my adult stuff so I can dive into Bravely Default 2. Pic unrelated.


Yay! Gnosia got a release date! March 4th for €25. I am definitely getting it day 1! Anyone else looking forward to this one?


OK, my last qpost about how much I loved Paradise Killer. The music is just so groovy! Like a mix between Ace Attorney and Persona OSTs. Definitely buying the OST (it's on Bandcamp! :) )


And that's Paradise Killer finished. What an absolute mess of a fascinating and memorable game. Definitely not an experience I'll forget anytime soon. It has some major issues, but if you can put up with jank and and some obscurity, do play it!


This looks neat! Like a Hades, Darkest Dungeon, Diablo mash up. 3 games I absolutely adore. Seems it spent some time in EA. Anyone play it and could push me over the edge to buy? Seems to be well liked.


Hope you all have a great week!


I'm super interested in play Famicom Detective Club, but that €60 tag is a bit steep. Hope a physical edition releases to justify it. Gonna grab Paradise Killer from the eShop sale and have AI in the 'log. Any other detective games on Switch?


Thank fuck it's Friday! I should be working on my current game rotation, but I think I'll just do a few more Hades runs. :P


I've been wanting a real sequel to FF Tactics for over 20 years (the GBA ones don't count, their tone is just too different) and it's finally gonna happen with a spiritual successor. Gonna check out the demo later today. 2022 is so far away!!!


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