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This looks interesting. Anyone have any opinions on it? Update: Grabbed it and it's a terrific CCG. I really like the gameplay flow and the presentation is nice. Seems to be tons of SP content in the base game even if they try to jam DLC down your throat.


Please wear a face (mask).


And my first step into the Trails series is completed. TitS ('snicker') was one of the very best JPRGs I've played to date :) And the localization was incredibly well done! Gonna take a breather before jumping to to part 2, but look forward to when I do!


Holy Shit!!! Holy Shit!!! 'New' music from Mr. Bungle!!! Old school thrash as fuck! Xeo, you need to listen to this :)


PSA: There's about 3.5 hours left to get the amazing Humanoids graphic novel bundle on Humble including the best sci-fi GN of all time, The Incal. I've burned through nearly everything in this bundle already and can't speak highly enough of it's quality.


Have a great day! Bonus kinda NSFW meme in the comments.


Shout out to Xeo and Sailor Zebes for recommending Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark to me. It's exactly what the doctor ordered and I'm enjoying it immensely!


Odd question: Sometimes my bluetooth headphones quickly disconnect because there's like a million BT things in my building (I think) and if it happens when I'm in game the sound doesn't reconnect and I have to restart the game. Any solutions?


Dear video games, stop making me kill animals for upgrades and progress. Thank you much.


My wife just informed me that it's International Cat Day on social media or something. To not miss an opportunity to celebrate our feline overlords, here's my precious Floki and Freyja. Donations of snackies, pen caps, and cotton swabs are appreciated.


Have a great weekend all! Now that I'm done with P4 I'm looking to finish up Trails in the Sky and put a bigger dent in Ghost (seriously this game has so much content!) and Paper Mario. Maybe play a couple rounds of Fae Tactics. You?


I've been watching Our Planet on Netflix and the photography, as expected, is absolutely stunning. That being said, it's also making me sad and frustrated. 'Look at these amazing animals and plants. They're all gonna die because humans suck.'


Oooooo! New tune and video from Finntroll!!! Troll as fuck and I love it! Can't wait to get my troll on when the new album comes out!


What is the best advice a video game has ever given you?


Good day all! Hope you have a great one!


Been thinking about giving Disgaea 5 (Switch) another chance with a fresh start. Don't remember why I stopped playing it. Anyhoo, what are your favorite SRPGs?


So, is Gojira coming to Switch? They sure hell look like Miis. Anyhoo, NEW GOJIRA TUNE!!!! It's pretty standard Gojira but still solid as fuck. Great groove as usual.


And Persona 4 is finally fucking finished!!! I had some major issues with it (had to drop to very easy to finish the game) but overall I enjoyed the experience. Really great characters and story though I think P5 was way better in every other regard.


Wilderun are the best metal band that you're not listening to. By far my AotY for 2019 and now with the major label re-release it can be my AotY for 2020 as well. FFO Opeth, Blind Guardian, Devin Townsend, Good Music. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Following my post yesterday, I played a few hours of Fae Tactics and it's a definite recommend for those of you itching for a good TRPG. It's a bit unpolished, but the gameplay and tactics are great so the downsides are easily overlooked. More in comments


This game looks hella fun and would scratch the TRPG itch which hasn't been scratched by a quality TRPG in a loooooong time. Do I grab it for PC or wait for the Switch version (which doesn't have a date yet). Leaning towards PC because I'm impatient.


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