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I grabbed the Covid-19 Relief Humble Bundle because I wanted to donate some money to GiveIndia. I already have a lot of the games, so, spare Steam keys in the comments! Some really great stuff in here! Bump before bed. Will send keys in the morning.


This is a thing that exists. Link in comments.


Played the first few chapters of Call of the Sea and I'm loving it. Outstanding art and sound direction and an intriguing story. Can't speak much about the puzzles so far, but the ones I did were clever and fun. Big rec for adventure game fans.


And that's Cyberpunk finished! Played on ps4 over the past 3 weeks and encountered 0 crashes and 0 game breaking bugs. Ran smooth enough and I'd say it's in perfectly acceptable condition now. Anyhoo, I loved it to bits! I'll put my path in the comments.


Hope you're all having a great day!


Just finished playing through Stories Untold in a single sitting (about 2.5 hours) and wow! What a unique experience! Horror and nostalgia done right and only possible through video games. Very highly recommended! I need to play Observation asap!


Happy Mother's Day to the lovely Dtoid mothers out there and to the baby mamas of our majority. Remember to call your mother today ;)


Good morning all! Here's to a great weekend!


It's Bandcamp Friday! Go buy some music! 100% goes to the artists. I'll be grabbing VOLA's upcoming record. These Danes are quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite modern artists. Check 'em out. And give me music recommendations (any genre).


Finally Friday! Can't wait till my daily adulting is done so I can double down on some vidya games. Have a great day!


Sometimes something restores a bit of my faith in humanity. The Dtoid community did that today! Y'all are genuinely good people!


I just finished reading Larx's farewell blog and I'm rather saddened, disheartened, and angry (at her). Real talk, if I ever make you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, please call me out on it! I'm an old, straight, white guy and I may not notice things.


Have a great day all!!!


Hope you are all having a great week!


I tried boiling sausages in vodka. It was the absolut wurst! Happy birthday AbsolutFreak and Gus! Have a great one!


Heya comic fans! Humble has an outstanding Heavy Metal bundle going filled with great stuff! I'm definitely a bigger fan of the older stuff not in the bundle, but what's here is still worth your time. Especially the Taarna comics! #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Well, that's a nice way to start the day. Jumped on Dtoid to find my first fp promo! Thanks Dtoid! Hope you all have a great day!

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Jank me harder, daddy!!!

[This community blog from Destructoid's own RiffRaff made me do a double-take, and I had to see what the headline meant. It's a fun one! Who doesn't have a story to share about janky video game moments? -Jordan] Howdy all! Hope all is well....


I wrote a janky blog. Give me validation and check it out. It's short. Thank you for your time. Pic unrelated.


Since I'm on a Lovecraftian video game jank binge I noticed Call of Cthulhu is €7.50 on psn. Anyone play it? Worth my time? Reviews are all over the place and I'd rather take the Dtoid community's word. I'm leaning towards buy.


Have a great weekend everyone!


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