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Happy Friday all! Bless us patron saint of air conditioning! Stay cool y'sll!


Good day all! Have a great one!


Will Persona 4 ever end!? I'm pushing 80 hours right now... This was my big issue with P5 as well, for as great as the game is, it's just a bit too long. What's a good game length for you? Girth?


Posted this in a comment on my previous post, but figured it deserves a Qpost as well. My cousin Brad and his company were recently featured on Prime's Regular Heroes. The show is sappy, but it's nice to see how many people are trying to make a difference


I need to set my Google News app to stop showing me American outlets. (or, you know, just delete the app). I'm getting too sad and frustrated every time I look at it. Demon Sperm... What the actual fuck is wrong with some people. fucking demon sperm...


That Humanoids Humble Bundle got me back into reading graphic novels as I burned through all of The Incal again and devoured The Metabarons. What are some good graphic novels you'd suggest to someone who's been out of the loop for some years?


Should have posted this yesterday for #Aribtrarymetaltuesday, but I was kinda in a mood... Anyhoo, Haken have a new record out and holy shit is it great! Very strong AotY contender for me. Fans of Leprous and similar prog metal will love it!


Need to rant a moment. Fuck anyone who refuses to wear a mask and take measures to help end this pandemic. Selfish greedy dumbasses. Spoiled fucks. Really missing my family right now and it doesn't look like I'll be able to visit any time soon. /rant


So many are finishing Tsushima and I'm still I'm act 1... Ooo, look! A birdie!


Yo, Humble has an amazing book bundle up starring my all time favorite graphic novel, The Incal. Both Moebius and Jodorowsky have been massive influences on my appreciation for art. Can't recommend this enough. Link in comments. Morning bump.


Persona 4 observation. In comments as it's kinda spoilery.


Happy Friday all! Curiosity: Do you use subtitles? I always have them on in games and almost always for films and series.


The Xbox presentation wasn't bad I guess. Not much in the type of games I prefer. Psychonauts looks cool, but afaik that's multiplat still. Nothing really there to change my mind from going PS5 next gen. PS5 has more cats in their games.


CotW! Hope you all have a delightful day!


Ghost of Tsushima is great and all but the lack of a 'center camera' is irking me. Too many times the camera swings behind some bit of environment when I'm battling 8 Mongorians at once. I usually don't survive. Odd no one's brought it up.


Good morning all! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Most of the new characters in CoH are pretty fun. Especially Frederick (Shopkeeper). Shadow Link and Zelda could have been more interesting. Was hoping for easier switching of characters in dungeon mode, but oh well. Anyone else play CoH?


Well, that mini direct was nice. Thank you Atlus for bringing me older games I've yet to play again :) Can't wait for SMT5! That WWF game looks (like shit) kinda fun and I'll be getting the CoH DLC and maybe the physical edition for the Zelda collection.


Well, shit. Thought I could get my Dualshock to last till next gen, but seems that's not going to happen. Random disconnects and an unresponsive left analog. It did live 5 years of heavy use tho'. Hope PS4 controllers will be compatible with the PS5.


Watched Blinded by the Light last night and really enjoyed it. I'm a big Springsteen fan so that helped, but all 'round it was a solid feel good film. What are some recent feel good films you've watched?


Ghost of Tsushima is pretty good. That is all.


Love my new TV. After so many years with a tiny 720p the bump up to 4k HDR has been astounding. Curiosity: do you set your 'color space' setting to auto or native? I tend to prefer auto.


Played a couple hours of the new Paper Mario and first impression was great. Higher than expected! It looks gorgeous, the battle system is actually kinda fun, the writing is funny, and the music is actually really damn great!


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