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What are some things out of your preferred genre you really enjoy? For example, I'm not big into hip hip but love Aesop Rock and I don't care for fighting games or playing online but I play the hell outta Smash. Pic unrelated.


€15 for GTA5? I didn't go crazy for the other games and think RDR1 is just alright. But I do love open world games. Should I give it a shot?


So many birthdays these couple days. If it's your birthday these days please accept my well wishes and have a delightful day!


You're feel-good news of the day. This innocent anecdote put a genuine smile on my face.


Happy Birthday Wes! I shall engage in extreme taco debauchery rituals in your name today. I hope it sends sexy taco vibes your way and you have the most wonderful day!


Good morning (or evening or afternoon or whatever) Dtoiders! Have a great day!


What I Played in 2018

Through 2018 I kept a list of all the games I started playing. This is going to basically be a copy/paste of that list. Kinda boring, but figured I still share it. You can consider all the games on the list played to the end of the st...


Sylvando from DQXI is officially my favorite JRPG character ever now. So much fun! Who's yours?


This is pretty neat. I would love to have this calendar.


Aesop Rock videos are always a joy! Can't wait till this collab album drops. The physical copy comes with an Ed Gein style mask. Do want!


Any metal singers 'round here? Wanna be in Doom Eternal? I wish I could take part, but I'm an awful singer:(


In case anyone cares, here's my top 5 albums of the year! 1- Queen of Time by Amorphis. A little proggy, a bit folky, a tad melodeth, 100% catchy as fuck metal. Give it a spin! (Rest in comments). What are your top picks? (Bump for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Morning Dtoid! So, who's your favorite npc fodder? I like the guy who randomly goes 'pam pa ram' in various villages in Witcher 3.


Good morning Dtoid! Have a day!


Arbitrary Top 5 Games of 2018 time! No surprise my # 1 is God of War. I was in awe from start to finish and even after. Most impressive is just how talented the art direction team was. The look and feel of everything was so engrossing! (Rest in comments)


Started DQ11 yesterday and holy fuck is that game just the biggest ball of joy! After 4 hours I'm in love! And the music! Soooooooo good! Might have to double dip when the Switch version lands.


Also, Blade Runner.


Heyo! Dropping in to wish yous all a happy as fuck new year and a sexy and sweaty bday to Soulbow! Ok, back to vigorous gaming while I still have the chance! Btw, Beat AC Odyssey today! Fucking amazing game! Play it!


If anyone wants to get me something for my birthday, I need these Bosch figures! They actually exist and are on Amazon! (Srsly though, if you want to make me happy today, pics of cute animals always does the trick ;) )


The more I play AC Odyssey the more I love it. Props to the writers. They really upped their game tenfold. The puns in Crete and the first bit for the Olympics. Hil-ar-ious!


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