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I'm prone to intrusive thoughts that I can't shake. I've noticed when I'm especially anxious I get songs stuck in my head on loop that drive me insane. So in fairness I share with you the song I've heard on loop for days.


I'll be streaming some Stardew Valley for the next couple hours for anyone interested. Nice relaxed stream with a hint of murder: https://www.twitch.tv/oafkad


Ya'll motherfuckers were blogging about Dragons and nobody told ya boi?! Breath of Fire 3 is my life ya'll. I'm coming in hot and heavy with something soon >: (.


Since today is TMI day from Rico. Holy cow. Not only have I found rocket fuel, this strange red concoction is an amazing weight loss agent. It's like I ran over a gypsy or something.


Man, someone should contact Elon Musk about that red hot sauce. That's some incredible outward force from relatively little sauce. We could get to Mars this weekend.


There is a rumbling in my bowels right now that puts the fear of god in me. I can feel a great evil welling up inside. The eldritch gods sing a chorus within my gut. To hear but even a whisper would send a lesser man to his grave. These are the end times.


We got tacos from a shop with a spanish menu. They had some sauces and asked if I wanted any. I said "I'll take the red sauce." and the lady looked at me like "Ok, your funeral white boy." This is, without a doubt, the hottest thing I've ever tasted.


I go to lunch and come back with disqus open. It says "8 replies to this comment." Internally my reaction immediately was:


The only sad thing about the God of War review scores is that it'll be nigh impossible to escape that obnoxious "10/10 means perfect and this game has flaws!" rant from like a thousand people in the coming weeks and months.


Let's see if we can sneak two diks high fiving past the mods.


Tonight we learned that if a strange white woman offers you drugs that you should say no. You say no, miss, I do not want those drugs. They make people silly and I'm a serious person.


Have you ever been a far cry from having 60 dollars to blow? Well worry no more. Tonight I'll be streaming Far Cry 5 as I try to collect the last few trophies I'm missing. https://www.twitch.tv/oafkad


That was fun! Thanks to those that came to watch! And especially to Lawman, tricerarok, and LaTerry for chatting with this boring ole bird. Much appreciated!


Do you like Stardew Valley? Do you like money? Well do I have a stream for you (Just watching enters you into the Raffle, check out below the video for more details). https://www.twitch.tv/oafkad


It was incredibly hot in California yesterday which got me thinking about sawing people in half.


There will be a day where I open one of these boxes and don't end up disappointed. I might be old and gray, but I know that day will come.


Bit of shameless self promotion. Here is a 6 minute video of my being disappointed by a free Star Wars Loot Box I had. It was uh...well it was something.


Because of their avatars I sometimes mix up Bass and Wes. I'll be like "Haha, man that comment from Bass was funny." and then realize it was Wes.


Someone trying to hack my Epic account. Clearly someone found out I'm the guy that trained Ninja. My secret is out!


Got my energy back after injuries and data losses kinda piling up over the last year. Getting back into Fapmasters. Will probably start streaming soon. Spent a day preparing the map. Textures are placeholders.


So word of warning if you want to platinum Far Cry 5. It looks like once you beat the game that Eagles stop spawning. Strangest bug I've ever seen. Trolled every single spawn location for them and they are nowhere. Gonna have to co-op with someone I guess


Beat Far Cry 5. Woo boy! That was quite a ride! I liked it quite a bit. Gonna maybe suffer through the FC Arcade to get the Platinum. Definitely want to play a bit more and look forward to the extra content (have gold edition).


After reading that Flixist article I feel like it is important to remind people that it is ok to just like things. You can enjoy things and let the future unfold as it will. Don't dwell on the inevitability of entropy, enjoy that you are not yet nothing.


The Spyro remaster looks crazy good. I'm pretty excited, probably the thing I'm most looking forward to this year game wise.


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