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Tempted to give qpost the married treatment and get rid of all the 69ng.


Also, dang! I now know what happens when you break 999 on faps! Cray! Need to fix that formatting fo realz.


We call it thiccthursday but I feel like every day is thirstday on qtoid.


Ignoring that S and 5 look the same in Dtoid font. We've officially got a popup for all your fap generators upon returning from being offline. Now fapping waits for nothing, not even you!


I should probably clear off my pictures on the Switch before Odyssey hits. I have a feeling I'm gonna be snapping lots of screens of derpy mario possessions.


Walked into the local Gamestop and there were 0 employees inside. I was so confused on what to do. To my credit I didn't rob the place. (Turns out a customer had dragged them out of the store to chat about whatever). Got Marshadow once they came back!


Whenever folks post without avatars I treat it like those egg accounts on twitter. My eyes glass over and I assume its a troll account looking to snag a big haul. Helps that what little bit I DO read of the comments end up being inflammatory or sarcastic.


So I'm not much of an artist but I've decided to try doing vector art at least initially for all generators in Fap Masters. Here is the farmhouse first pass. Ultimately might end up drawing them all by hand instead. Since I have a surface.


I feel like we need a NSFL tag for Dangus' latest qpost.


Thanks to Inquisitive Ravenclaw for the Charizard! You are a cool ca...er...Rad Raven!


Time for more Omega Strike! I've been told it takes about 8 hours to finish so we'll see if I can knock it out this weekend. https://www.twitch.tv/oafkad/


Bass convinced me to play Danganronpa and after Chapter 2 I think it's because he likes to see me sad. Despair, thy essence flows through my veins!


About to stream some Omega Strike on Twitch. If you don't know what that is you might as well drop by and see! :) https://www.twitch.tv/oafkad/


I've been ignoring world news today since there isn't much I can do and most news focuses on sad stuff. Google still managed to sneak "North Korea confirmed can Nuke West Coast." into my phone notifications :p. Bad news will not be denied!


I don't think you need to be God tier to review games. But I don't know if I'd trust an illiterate person's book reviews. "Cover was dumb. Not enough pictures. 3/10."


The Metroid and Samus Amiibo are lovely. The quality of these things just seems to get better and better to me. I love looking at them when I'm thinking about things.


Watching WWE2K18 is almost soul crushing. Unless I'm missing something it really feels like that team has no idea how to make a wrestling game :/.


A bunch of my friends from work went to Vegas yesterday. Would have been bad news either way but that made it increasingly stressful.


Ruh Roh. Gonna have to be careful on qposts if folks are gonna start posting Danger Rompers V3 spoilers. That said, it's not too long before folks can play an alpha of Fap Masters. Sometime in the coming week. (Works in all but Vertical Phone mode)


Got so many people I had to add a scrollbar to see them all. Comes out to 53 fappers so far. Plenty of folks to work out mechanics and a terrible first pass at balancing. Thanks everyone! (List is just sorted alphabetically by username atm)


I'll keep this simple. Would you like to be an unlockable person on Fap Masters? All I need you to do is say "Yes" (or any variant of that) in the comments here. Made it relatively easy on myself to add new people. Tiny bit more details in comments.


HEY NERDS! I see some folks asking how crypto currency works! Well buckle in your buttholes and watch this video! It's pretty great! (TL;DW: Probably magic, or math. Which is magic to Rico.)


Officially Fap Masters works on PC and Android. (Screenshot from phone). May add vertical phone support. Also will see about adding crossplay. Keep on movin'


Ok. Metroid is just as cool as I remembered. This is great.


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