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Wondering if that yellow electric rodent just insulted yo' mama? Well wonder no more! Here is a handy dandy cheat sheet!


Obligatory "This Rock Album Comes With A Free Video Game" post:


So, nobody else is gonna say it? Alright then! Ahem! Yakuza: Like A Dragon stole a good chunk of its plot from Getbackers. That's the cold hard truth.


Dear Mister Bateman, happy birthday! Here is your gift:


I knew it was just a matter of time before some internet comedian hatches the idea:


Looking at a list of movies released in theaters today, and, uh...does anybody else get tired with The Mundane-type of movie titles? You know, those two words titles that starts "The" and ends with a mundane object? "The Sicilian", "The Lie", "The Gun".


Wanna try something. Post your unpopular opinions about video games here, but nobody can post any rebuttal or counterpoints. This will just be a collection of unpopular opinions you don't dare to express to other gamers. Likes and dislikes are allowed.


My whole take on the Lady Dimmadome fetish:


Oh shit, Guilty Gear Strive is out today!?


Me: "I SWEAR! This anime is not about a bunch of gayboys like last time!" The Anime: (Happy Pride Month, everybody!)


Me: "OK, there is NO WAY this anime can be mistaken for a show about a bunch of gayboys like last time!" The Anime:


Me: "I SWEAR! This anime is not about a bunch of gayboys like last time!" The Anime:


Me: "I SWEAR! This anime is not about a bunch of gayboys like last time!" The Anime:


Scream 2 is on TV and I completely forgot how stupid the Scream movies are...oh god, I'm gonna get killed for the sin of "Being A Smartass", don't I?


Me, booting up Cyberpunk 2077: "Maybe I can get some new hot takes material after an hour or two of play." Me, 50 hours later:


If the next Sonic game does not have a Kink Castle Zone, I am marching straight to Team Sonic and spanking 'em one by one!


Me: "Aww what a wholesome pic of four beans waiting for the bus to schoo-" *notices the background* "YO HOLD UP!" (Artist: noeyebrow)


Can someone help me with a step by step to log into the comment section? I see my icon and I am logged into the site but that doesn't seem to do squat on the comments section.


Random Thoughts While Pooping #69696969: Ladies, everything you need to know about men you can learn from watching hardcore gay porn. Fellas, change my mind!


What's the cringiest line you've heard in porn? For me, it was "Ohhhhh yessssss turn my ass inside out!"


Random Thoughts While Pooping GI JOE Edition: Storm Shadow's name in Japanese is "Arashikagemaru". The clan is called "Arashikage." Storm Shadow is the rightful heir of the clan until a blue-eyed gaijin stole his spot. Storm Shadow was the hero.


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Greetings from Indonesia a.k.a. "You Mean Bali?" Ricky's the name and talking your ears off is my game. My family and friends often get annoyed with my endless ranting of the current state of the video game industry, so hopefully y'all will prove to be a better audience. Gosh I probably shouldn't say that out loud because one of them could be reading this huh? How do you edit these darn things?

Oh yes, my age is starting to show itself, doesn't it? Unlike you whippersnappers I was born when typing actually means typing on a typewriter. So as you can see, sometimes my opinions can get really outdated, and in this day and age of "I Am Offended" it's easy to forget that, you know, old folks like me ain't dead yet. That's why if you happen to disagree and find my opinions not quite matching up to your own worldviews, I apologize beforehand for that.

Now then, on with the show!