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I mean, okay, now I kinda understand the whole Little Mermaid controversy deal a bit.


Okay, NOW I wanna roll for Cyno!


Coolio is gone? This year just keeps on going down the toilet. R.I.P. https://edition.cnn.com/2022/09/28/entertainment/coolio-obit/index.html


Everybody calm the fuck down! (art by: Kay Wan)


This thing is pure heroin in musical form.


Me: "Why would I be upset about Cyberpunk Edgerunners' ending? It's just fiction! It doesn't matter!" Also me: *googles "Can you shoot Adam Smasher repeatedly on the junk after winning without killing him in the game?"* (image courtesy of Markiplier)


Fuck you, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Fuck you 'till the dick breaks. (Bit of a spoiler-y rant in the comments)


So I got hit by a car while crossing the parking lot since I was looking down at my phone browsing Destructoid. I think the universe is telling me something about my Qtoid shitposting. Well-played, universe. Lesson learned.


My Neighbor Dr. Stone. (artist: Jiro)


When you wanted to do that cute couple's heart hand gesture, but your boyfriend's a dumbass. (Artist: Choukutsuu)


So THIS is why y'all much prefer Thomas the Tank Engine porn than seeing fanarts of two fictional gayboys being all happy in a wholesome relationship!


Hi. Hello. Having a good dinner? Good, good. There's a recently serialized manga about a guy whose dick was transformed into a girl, and it's the most wholesome story about relationship and loneliness I've ever read. Well, have a good day! 😊


Calling all JRPG folks: need help to decide which game to commit to. Right now I have Digimon Survive, Caligula Effect 2, Soul Hacker 2, and Disgaea 6. Which one or ones I should wrap up before Star Ocean and P5Royal drops?


At this point, I smell a Pulitzer Prize for anybody who dared to go digging for the mystery that is Gilson B. Pontes. There has GOT to be a story here!


Random Thoughts While Pooping Marvel Edition: I don't get the constant demand for Marvel to "drop the comedy and get serious." That's DC's brand! That's like going to a McDonald's and demanding they make you a Whopper!


In non-Thomas the Tank Engine Porn news, does anybody else feels that video games have gotten far too long? Yes, a story should unfold for however long it takes to wrap loose ends, but a lot of times it didn't feel like we're spending time with the story.


Hi. Hello. Having some breakfast? Kids enjoying their early morning TV shows? Good, good. Have some softcore Thomas the Tank Engine porn!


Hi. Hello. Enjoying your lunch? Good, good. Are you thirsty? Alright, how about a picture of two soda cans fucking to quench your thirst?


Here's a fan-comic of The Amazing World of Gumball about a rock and a balloon having sex. Because there is no God. *mad cackles*


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