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It does feel more ridiculous in your hands... and there is a control scheme for it too.


Yay Dead Cells won best action game :D


Going to the gym I will have plenty of time to finish my drawing for Bass afterwards :D


Well my animation adventure continues I saw a really interesting technique that looks like a copy off of late 80s early 90s Gundam style that I loved from 08th team... I might have to try it out in blender and my other programs


I have come to the realization in making my own anime style short, that humans look weird. Idk why that is but when you really stare hard at people and begin to think about it we all look quite strange.


So man Windows 10 still sucks... Is Microsoft really just incompetent? My computer crashed when I tried to set up a microphone...


My Destructoid account is not working on Flixist. Would love to comment over there but don’t want to create a separate login.


Doing a job interview with Apple, hopefully it goes well.


Having a lot of fun doing co-op on dark souls , more enjoyable than on my PC. Got my got to level 44 and just about ready to move on from the depths but now I need to do all the side stuff. Already killed that gold knight jerk.


In The Defense of GameStop

This video is for your listening pleasure. (I left auto play off for you mobile people :D) In The Defense of GameStop I am more than aware of the evils that GameStop has done in the past of becoming a giant chain that ate up the brands...


So somehow I have been super motivated to make a blog this is your warning that it will be up after I go on a run.


Back on my anime run, now that I get that ears go below eyes... I took another hour and applied the fixes from the last round of advice, and its looking better. Though the hair is flat and I will be fixing it soon. Also hopefully adding a better mouth.


Says to self... I can do anime... Loads up vector art program and tries hard for 6 hours... Not even a complete image with proper shading... Well now I have much more respect for anime makers, but I an't stopping here.


Gaming Guide to buying 4k TVs

Don't Honestly, this is probably the worst time to be investing into 4K. Only the most top of the line processors and Graphic Processing Units can scratch what 4K has to offer and most of them are failing to provide fully 60fps experie...


Getting good at BlazeBlue Crosstage Battle is hard. But ultimately I find it more rewarding and slightly a better game than DBZ FighterZ. However in the graphics department DBZ FighterZ is much more impressive. But kind of lacks partner complexit


Well... on the third instrument... just 1-2 more to go.


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