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In The Defense of GameStop

This video is for your listening pleasure. (I left auto play off for you mobile people :D) In The Defense of GameStop I am more than aware of the evils that GameStop has done in the past of becoming a giant chain that ate up the brands...


So somehow I have been super motivated to make a blog this is your warning that it will be up after I go on a run.


Back on my anime run, now that I get that ears go below eyes... I took another hour and applied the fixes from the last round of advice, and its looking better. Though the hair is flat and I will be fixing it soon. Also hopefully adding a better mouth.


Says to self... I can do anime... Loads up vector art program and tries hard for 6 hours... Not even a complete image with proper shading... Well now I have much more respect for anime makers, but I an't stopping here.


Gaming Guide to buying 4k TVs

Don't Honestly, this is probably the worst time to be investing into 4K. Only the most top of the line processors and Graphic Processing Units can scratch what 4K has to offer and most of them are failing to provide fully 60fps experie...


Getting good at BlazeBlue Crosstage Battle is hard. But ultimately I find it more rewarding and slightly a better game than DBZ FighterZ. However in the graphics department DBZ FighterZ is much more impressive. But kind of lacks partner complexit


Well... on the third instrument... just 1-2 more to go.


Progress has been a bit slow, but its getting there.


I just watched a new episode of Zoids, it made me very happy


Pretty sure they only did this because they lack the home, picture, right thumb stick, and LZ and RZ. I will see If Pokken works on the NES flicks soon


Got the main beats done, now just the rest of the song, more animations and a secret ending.


Going to make my own bongo cat video sometime soon, probably doing a Mega Man cover... Which song should I choose?


So since Final Fantasy 15 PE HD was on sale, I used my reward points to get it down to a respectable $13


Best of hope and love for the people affected by the earthquake. Watching Paranoia Agent and seeing it happen the next day...


I beat Dead Cells, and funny thing not following the advice of anyone helped... I stacked all the power scrolls evenly and then had flaming barnacle and heavy turret help me clean up on the final boss. Great game, I wonder if they will expand it?


Happy Birthday Gmana and Cockaroach! Another chance to share outdated 90s music videos :D


Thanks everyone, and everyone I missed Happy Birthday. (SO MANY BIRTHDAYS ITS LIKE ALL OUR MOTHERS PLANNED THIS) Anyway, hope it was a good one.


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My parents bought an NES and MM6 and Metroid and that is how I got into gaming.

You could say I am a Nintendo fan boy, but I am starting to get off of that train as of recent.

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