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When your boss tries to school you on federally mandated guidelines that they don’t know.


I bought a RX 6650... which is a decent upgrade from my RX 580. Even manage to sell off my old 8GB RX 580 for $150 to make the upgrade cost $250 :3


This is a pretty rad port to the NES :3


Hope you are having a good Friday


Hope you had a great birthday Occams!


Cute little baby bunny exploring around at my work :3 If only I had a carrot to give it 🥕


Oh yeah, if you are into hard sci-fi. Raised by Wolves is a fantastic series.


I love that bitcoin and ethereum are finally busting. ethereum Specifically has lost 45% in the last 30 days. Understandably I do feel for people that lost money in these currencies, but this basically means graphic cards might actually be affordabl


Thx secret Santa 🎅, my Zaku loves the packs you got me!


Is there a way to fix the web adds constantly cycling? I really want to read comments but they have started cycling every 5-10 seconds and it pushes my phone screen back to the top of the page. 😣


Idk how I ran into this, but it’s like the best mix of old school newgrounds and Adult swim


Happy birthday to Cloudman Sam, Deadmoon, and Descruff. Hope you all have a great time.


Happy birthday Chris! Thx for all the hard work you do, hopefully it’s a good one.


It might be just a day for everyone else, but for me its Monday!


Well I am starting to get into Flesh and Blood TCG. Should be interesting. Anyone else play?


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