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Wow the Avengers game looks like a worse deal every time I hear about it. I really hope it crashes and burns.


We were supposed to gradually go back to the office next month and then this morning work from home was extended until January. I might go crazy.


I may have accidentally gotten my sister into gfuel


I'm loving Ghost of Tsushima. First Sony-published PS4 exclusive since Bloodborne to really grab me that way. I'm glad I got one more out of the system before it gets put to pasture.


I think SUPERHOT MIND CONTROL DELETE may turn out to be my game of the year. I just sat down to play a bit of it 5 minutes ago and it's already been 2 hours. And they gave this out for free to owners of the original?!?


Oh a weather alert I wonder what it is? "Temperatures will reach up to 36 degrees Celsius today and will not fall below 20 overnight tonight. The combined values of temperatures and humidity will produce humidex values between 40 and 44" FUCK


Try and buy a friend a gift and they just spit in your face. Uncool.


Yeah 2020 has led me right into madness...


Ugh Hearts of Iron has way too much time strategizing and not nearly enough high-octane, Hitler shooting action. I think I spent 100 hours trying to invade nazi germany and I didn't see a single minute of actual combat!


This new generator is gold!


The collection grows...


So long, SINoALICE. Nice art but the tutorial sucks, the UI is jank and the gacha rates are atrocious.


PS4's been on standby all day. I go to launch a game to play with friends that I played yesterday. Nope it didn't auto update so now I have to wait 3 minutes for it to download and almost an hour to actually install it. I'm done with Sony.


How nice of Sony to exempt Naughty Dog from having to censor sexual content from their games. Really shows what their entire stand these past few years has been all about.


I spent my entire week off playing Trails games and am now on Chapter six of Cold Steel 1. I'd ask for someone to send help but really at this point just burn down my work servers so I can play a few days more.


I guess I don't have to worry about saving up for a PS5 at this point. Demon's Souls is tempting, but that's about it for me. Also no price point is kinda starting to raise some flags. I expect close to 1k here with sales taxes.


Looking forward to my Sack's big adventure


Yeah I think PSN just shat the bed. Or at least the store did. I just got looped from cart to checkout over and over again on the console itself and then the browser version wouldn't even load.


Swamp-ass season came early. Would have really liked to be back at the office with some AC by now.


I'm almost at the end of Trails in the Sky the Third. I know there's more to the series afterwards, but I'll miss having this part of the cast around as a focus. Especially Estelle.


Happy Bday, Gundam man!


I've been making some chili quite a bit this week. Latest batch:


Was digging around my old collection when I found this. I just beat the game and part 2 for the first time on PC this past month but it's nice to see I still had the OG all along. I thought I'd lost it years ago.


Finally beat Trails in the Sky SC after 65 hours of play. That puts me at about 110 hours for both parts in the past 7 weeks. Fantastic pair of games!


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