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OK with the amount of love they put into Joker for Smash I refuse to believe a switch port isn't somehow around the corner.


I think I'm done with FF XIV, at least for a while. My FC is basically dead , Eureka is terrible and I spent all of SB failing to get a single drop from any high end fight in PF attempts.


So apparently the Hellblade Switch port is very, very good. I may have to look into that one.


Siege tonight? Siege tonight.


Now all we need is Soulbow but actually good at Siege.


Sekiro sure seems like the Dark Souls of Nioh clones!


We live in a world where Microsoft is bringing Xbox live and their 1st party titles to Switch while Epic tries to become the PC gaming monopoly people accuse Steam of being. It's like we're in Bizarro world.


Workday's almost over. I need to empty my brain after this one. Siege, anyone?


New Splatoon 2 demo gives a 20% discount on the full game, progress carries over AND you get a free 7 day online trial even if you've had other free trials before. This also gives you Tetris 99 access if you want to try it out. Not bad.


Ahhh yes, the Monday after St Patrick's...


I know we joke about Siege a lot, but it's rounds like these that keep me playing. 4v1? No problem!


Saw Captain Marvel. It was OK. Not my favorite Marvel movie, not even vlose, but I liked it way better than stuff like Iron Man 2 & 3, the first 2 Thors and Ant Man and the Wasp. Bring on Thanos round 2!


I turn on my PS4 for the first time in a month to get updates done and now Siege wants to do a 35 GB update. Ok then.


And now we find out Trebek has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I hate this week, but I hope he pulls through.


The Good: I have the day off all of a sudden. The Bad: It's thanks to Gastro. The Ugly: I running real low on TP.


Why the fuck is the Division 2 beta 45 fucking Gigabytes. How big is the actual release?!?


First thoughts on Anthem: It's... Ok? The gunplay's fun but a bit shallow, the world's pretty but empty, the load times drag and whoever thought taking bioware and having them make a non-story focused game was smart should be drawn and quartered.


Welp. Got a free copy thru a friend with the hookups. Guess I'll try it at that price.


I'm trying to get back into MHW and I just can't. Missed all the timed events and cool loot, all my friends are in the 150+HR range and I'm still 9 since I played a bit at PC launch but waited after hoping they'd patch performance a bit.


So Deamon X Machina is a thing I need more of.


Beer is both broth and cereal.


I'm OK with Fire Emblem doing what it's doing for 3 Houses, and want to see more of the gameplay and map design since we barely got any, but I do hope they give old school fans a treat and give the Jugdral games the Echoes Remake treatment.


Gave Apex a shot, not really digging it. It needs a solo mode and the the free unlock method for the 2 locked characters feels way too slow. Decent gameplay though, and it runs pretty well.


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