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Ohhhh, look at all the Siege owners coming out the woodworks. Soulbow's probably died of happiness (HA! Penis) by now.


No nut November? More like Mo' nut Movember, amirite?!? ... I'll see myself out.


Nothing beats a homemade soup to fight off the cold weather coming in.


Tonight's specialty: A lactose brewed porter with hints of coffee, vanilla and orange. A real treat, this one! #Beertoid


For tonight, a special treat: the best local barley stout I know of.


Must be nice to run for election when you, you know, run the elections.


Someone front-paged Soulbow's Siege blog. Do you fuckers realize what you've done?


To everyone who streamed, watched, helped spread the word and/or donated for the Extra Life runs today, thank you! I love seeing one of my favorite hobbies used as a force for good.


Who the fuck gives no-counter refine to a unit that already has a no counter skill?


Im at a bar drinking a lot tonight to mentally prep for several hours of Siege tomorrow. For the children.


Welp, 3 days into the week and I already have 4 hours of OT banked. I need a drink and/or a heavy sedative.


Today i walked into the office as the spookiest of all creatures. Overworked, depressed office worker.


Praise our Sony overlords, for they guard our fragile minds from the sickness! Sony knows best, in Sony we trust! Cast out the lolis and the cross-platform heathens, for they are not worthy!


Im tripping balls. Messed up my oil dispenser and accidentally took 4 times my usual dose. This should be an interesting night.


Status update, drunk as fuck, sang enter sandman and welcome to the jungle at karaoke.


Last dober post of the evening. Have a great night/day/whatever, you beutiful bunch of fuckers.


I like AC Origins quite a bit! Not a fan of level gating open world games but this Gen I'd almost put it up there with BotW and Witcher3. Almost. Microtransaction economies in single player games can fuck right off.


Good news! After a week's delay, my bed was finally shipped this morning. Bad news, I have no clue how to build assemble a queen sized bed! I will drink some more and ponder my options.


Happy B day Mike. I dedicate this godawful hangover to you!


Current status: completely fucking wasted. Went to see a coworker's indie metal band. Great show, cheap boooze. Gonna be a hell of a hangover tonight.


Soulbow confirmed teamkiller. I bought Siege for this? Just kidding. It was actually a decent time.


I boot up Siege and Soulbow disconnects from Xbox Live. Someone is all talk and no walk :/


Been a long week. Got something to take the edge off on those long transits.


Weekly reminder that Xenoblade 2 is the weakest link in the franchise.


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