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Time to peace out from DToid for a bit. Or just the overall web. Can only hear the same complaints from the same crowd about pokemon so many times before I want to ram my head through a wall. Is it that hard to just not buy a thing you think is bad?


Good riddance to Don Cherry. All it took for him to lose his job is 30 years of being a hateful bigot and national embarrassment on live TV.


GM asks, GM receives


I just need one more Hector and the dream team is all set.


Just sitting at my desk at work counting down the hours until I can get back home and play more Outer Worlds. That game is phenomenal so far.


I still can't believe those fuckwits at Bethesda think they can get away with charging more than I pay monthly for GamePass Ultimate for a membershit to their barren, busted, boring shitshow of a mess masquerading as a Fallout game.


Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2 is a steaming pile of shit, even by Gundam Game standards. I haven't played a game that upset me this much at every design level in years. Worst game I've played in at least 3 years.


I'm on Hallowed Grounds tonight...


Godfuckingdammit Bethesda. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/10/doom%20


Platinum Games should make a Space Opera ... Oh wait...


Oh sweet Canadian elections just got really fucking bad.


owwwww my head hurts


I'm so sleepy. Why am I always sleepy but then when I can actually try to sleep my brain won't let me?


I ate too much cheese last night. Pray for the office janitor. Pray fir his soul.


Sakurai can never really rest, can he?


Control looks amazing! Kinda sad it's not coming out on PC for another year but with all the other games out there right now I think I'm ok waiting.


JackBox: Where years of useless knowledge pays off!


I can tell it's almost September because my yearly depression is kicking in. I wish I could sleep through that entire month and wake up in October.


I kinda have to agree with Jim on all points on this one.


Ion Fury is really, really fun. Highly recommend it to anyone that likes fast paced shooters.


I think I already have 2 categories for my yearly list set in stone: Most pleasantly surprised (Fire Emblem) and Most disappointed (Sekiro). Not saying Sekiro is bad, but it's probably the worst From Soft action game in recent memory.


Black Eagle path cleared, no losses, only 2 outside units recruited. I didn't even have a full roster for the final battle. I may have to actually write a blog for this one but, short veesion: It's good.


I'm at the last chapter of Three Houses Black Eagle path. I'm hoping to wrap that up after work tomorrow but I can safely say at this point that I have a new favorite Switch game, maybe even favorite game for the entire generation.


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