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Finally played through RE 7 over the weekend and that was great time. Not a fan of the kast two segments but everything else was so good that they could have just kicked me in the nuts for the kast 2 hours and I'd still sing its praises.


Slurs in psn usernames are a-ok but don't you dare try to share content and use the word Shenanigans! Christ I hate Sony so much. The PS5's a bit of a piece of shit, too. They're lucky they had years of no competition to build a base off of.


Some nights suck. Found out from my dad that my mom is refusing to get vaccinated because of my dumb aunt's anti-science facebook bullshit.


Best Buy delayed my PS5 shipping to ETA unknown. Might get it next week might get it next month. Methinks someone oversold.


EB games Canada has a queue up for PS5s


Apparently Sony is shutting down most of its Japan game studio. More in the comments.


So anthem is officially dead. At least the blurb on the back of the box wasn't lying to us!


Found out the Blizzard Arcade Collection is out and I'm tempted to pick it up just to play the Lost Vikings again. Loved it and its sequel as a kid. Playing 1 with my dad is one of my earliest gaming memories. I think he still has them in storage. too!


In a happier post, I am so happy we're getting a new game from the Octopath team, and that it's looking like the closest thing I could ever hope for to a new Tactics Ogre or FFT game.


So many people hyping themselves up on bullshit leaks and their own delusions walking away disappointed when just reading the announcement tweet would have been enough to know Metroid Bayo 4 and BoTW weren't going to show up. Every time, like clockwork...


I know it's only February and we have a lot of 2021 left to go through but I legit think we might have a frontrunner for "Biggest asshole of 2021" right here. To everyone caught in this mess, stay safe!


New Smash DLC character leaked. Leaving in the comments for spoilers...


Kingdom Hearts is coming to PC! Epic only! At absurd prices! ... Yay!...?


After 2 weeks, I'm really loving my Series X. I will say however, this is probably the least "wow" generational leap I've seen my entire life. Nothing on either platform feels like more than "last gen but slightly shinier and smoother"


Control is weird. I like the gameplay so farand it's a pretty game, but the writing is so far up its own ass it could make Kojima blush and barely an hour in I wish it had a setting to shut Jesse the fuck up. I've been on LSD trips that were more coherent


The First Person Shooter choice makes me think Sony's smoking crack but otherwise, yeah. Sounds about right.


Donut County is an absolute joy


My quick thoughts on the Series X after a few days: The hardware is fantastic. The loss of loading times is a thing I love way more than expected. BC improvements are great, too. Gamechangers, in some cases. MS just needs to deliver new games, now.


Gave No Man's Sky another spin to see that Next Gen patch in action and uh... Wow. Also, this


Oh look what showed up today


Is it February yet? Asking because that's around when I should be getting my Series S I ordered through Walmart and I'm kind of excited to get it now. I was doubtful at first but everyone I know with one loves it. Plus, it's cheaper than a Switch here!


Rise might not look as nice as World but if the demo is any indication this is going to be my favorite Mon Hun game yet.


If any of you guys are in the DC area, please be safe.


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It's 1 AM on a work night and here I am, on the toilet, paying for the sins of Christmas past...


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