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Sunday All-You-Can-Eat brunch at the local smokehouse.


Took 13 clears but I got my Dark Knight Titania EX weapon. Who needs sleep?


Update on my new cycling habits: I haven't lost any new weight since but considering all the crap I ate and drank the past 2 weeks for Canada Day and St Jean Baptiste I'll take 0 gain as a win!


I wanted Kjelle, but I think I'll live.


I subscribed to my city's bike share service last week for a 30 day period. Cutting back a bit on junk food and biking instead of bussing my way to the subway lost me 5 pounds in a week! I'll try to keep it up all summer and maybe live past 30.


Please don't lewd the Wooloo.


As weary of Stadia as I am I respect it more for marketing itself off of its convenience of use over the Exclusive sniping Epic went for.


The nude bots are out in full force again this morning. As the prophecy foretold.


Well at least my suffering in Halo 5 got me some pity from the Gacha Gods...


I hear rumors circulating about some kind of horrific team-killer in the community.Team-killing is an abhorrent act and only a monster would repeatedly engage in it towards Frosty, Hypno and Gus tonight,7PM Eastern,live on Twitch.tv/venturecrow


Time for a lazy Saturday afternoon spent Leveling my Dark Knight in FF XIV. I hope whatever you folk end up doing, that you get to enjoy it as well!


It is 1 AM on a Friday and I have work in a few hours and I am drunk as shit. AMA. Maybe I answer before passing out.


And that's the entirety of Halo 4 on Legendary in one setting. I now welcome the sweet embrace of death.


I'm glad I gave Apex a second chance. 3 wins in 2 nights and a lot of nailbiting top 3-5 gunfight losses. It helps that Frosty carries me!


I need help settling a debate at work. If someone swallows, are they still vegan? I say no.


I will be on vacation 9 hours from now. Time to tackle the backlog! *Plays nothing but free to play shooters*


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