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Tonight's entertainment is courtesy of former Destructoid Mecha Expert GodLen, who's now over at Japanator doing his Weekly Japanatainment. Whew. Almost couldnt make this one cause of computer problems. So how was your weekend, Dtoidnati...


My Jacked Up!! contest entry for Samit

SInce Samit was a sad panda before, here is my entry to cheer him up. Just clocking close under the 2 minute limit here is my video: UPDATE: This is the new video above that features a tackle in the video. Now I qualify. Also, I didn't k...



Times flies doesn't it? You've just realized that your weekend is almost over and you've got school/work tomorrow. You scream. Shout. Moan. You can do it right here. This weeks video is courtesy of my Sensei Brad Rice


(Not) Ready to Monday!

Hello and welcome to "(Not) ready to monday", where your weekend ends and school/work begins. It's everything that Topher hates. Everybody unite and bitch that you're not ready yet.


Dear Mr (Dyson) Brigsby (and RFGO), I love you.

To those regulars on Dtoid that listen to RetroForceGo, not too long ago, Dyson was gonna give his extra copy of Snatcher to one lucky listener that can show off their impressive Retro Gaming rig and have fully functioning Sega CD. Well I w...


NVGR - Japan Festival '08 in Houston

On one beautiful spring day in Houston, the 15th annual Japan Festival was in full bloom at Herman Park in downtown Houston. The two-day festival, held annually by the Japan-America Society of Houston, is a showcase of Japanese culture an...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Now its my turn to show off my own (almost gaming) laptop setup. Its a low-end Compaq Presario which rocks 2 gigs of ram which is needed by Vista (ew) and runs on a Intel GMA card (double fucking ew). I can play those low spec MMOs but not...



Brian Crecente of Kotaku fame--- has reopened his hair palace for all gamers and non-gamers to enjoy!!! CLICK HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HE...



A recent controversy has started within the Destructoid community when pictures of local Destructoid ambassabor mascot, affectionally known as Desutoid, with Japanese pornographic DVDs. The scandal began when the faux robot had his co...


American Halo 3 FNF like right now plz

So Ive been waiting for like a couple of hours and stupid me discovers that the Euro edition of Halo FNF is long over. Since we dont have a host for the American edition today I might as well bear the cross that is the Halo 3 FNF America...


Help me build Dtoid robo cosplay for AnimeMatsuri

Due to circumstances unforeseen, I have to reveal my plans to cosplay as the dtoid robot for anime matsuri on easter weekend. I make this blog post to ask for suggestions for the cosplay. Here are some concepts and suggestions I've though...


Help me spend my birthday money tomorrow...

It's my birthday tomorrow and Im gonna hit my big 2-0. I'm gonna have over $200 to spend on myself (My friends are poor and my rich friends moved away). I want to ask you, my fellow Dtoiders, to help me spend on my latest paycheck on somet...


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My name is Red. I liek gaemz and animu. I write about anime and other Japanese-related curiosities over at Japanator.

I love beat-em-ups and RPGs.
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