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The musical stylings of Jim Sterling [Parts 1 & 2]

Ohay, long time no blogz. For those of you unable to make what is surely to be called, JIMATHON 2008, I have salvaged what I can before I nearly blew up my computer last night, enjoy: Isn't he just a dreeeeeam boat? More to come when I...


Reaprar Recaps: Cblogs Of 09/09/08

Originally I was going to rant about spore, but I'm tired and lazy today, and by the time I was done recapping all my rage seemed to have evaporated, hopefully it'll be here next week. *- Welkstar continues work on the Retroforce Mame Cab...


Kid dies in Halo-Related accident.

[EDIT: There's some stuff going around that it may or may not be the same kid, OXM seems to have drawn the conclusion that it was the halo kid from nowhere, as the WaterTown Daily Times mentions nothing of the sort, which is strange, cons...


Reaprar Recaps: Cblogs of 01.09.08

[Early post today, mainly because I'm suffering from mass insomnia, attempting to go sleep again now, and I just plain got shit to do.] We return with MORE RECAPS, This is some CONSISTANT SHIT, YO. Reapisms after the recap. *- An awesome...


Reaprar Recaps: Cblogs of 31.08.2008

I'm bringing it back folks, maybe because there was barely anything today, maybe because I was bored, or maybe I just love you. No Reapisms™ though, I'm far too busy crashing some castles. *- Why the $200 Xbox360 is important, Well sai...


An open letter to the TF2 Devs - A heavy problem.

Dear Gods of multiplayer, I'm delighted that you're choosing to update the heavy, arguably the fan-favorite of TF2, I've heard alot of rumors about 'Iron Knuckles', and 'Random item drops', both of which, I'm looking foward to (please don...


Reaprar recaps - 30/05/08

[Today's recap is a little earlier than usual, this isn't to shit on whoever's doing the re-cap tommorow, but it's just because I've had a busy day, I'm tired, and I have a Battlefield demo to play.] Today's recap might be a little rushe...


FarCry 2 'Comparison' Trailer (360/Ps3)

FarCry 2 'Comparison' Trailer (360/Ps3) Don't have much to say, I'm really tired so I'm going to post this then go to sleep. Can't really tell much difference graphically, and both versions of the game seem to run very, very fast. I can...


Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Demo Impressions!

[I like how they made a point to showing "OVAR NINE THOUSAND" scene in there, but maybe that's just me? Also, I think the opening shown here is a liiiiitle different than the intro in the demo, could be wrong on that though.] First off, ...


Game Reviewer/Youtube Controversy.

[Above video created by Stanburdman, you should watch his videos, he's rather good.] Right now the internet is aflame in anger directed at youtube, Four of the (In my opinion) best video game reviewers, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Armake21...


So, ScrewAttack updated their website.

I got a message from a friend asking me to roll on by ScrewAttack because they finally implemented all the features they promised.. over half a year ago now, So I think "Hmm, I'll go see what all the fuss is aboutz" And I really wish I did...


Dr.Ashens Reviews the R-Zone Pocket Xtreme

And we're back again with more junk, this time Dr.Ashens reviews the R-zone Pocket Xtreme, this one may require you to turn your volume down, because I wouldn't be suprised if your ears actually jump off of the side of your head and run awa...


Wtfjusthappened? Also, Shirtz and Dr.Ashens

Okay, when did that happen? the other day I was chillin' around 45 or something, and now I've doubled my points and now I'm at 25? That's kinda odd, seems like every one else got a boost too, what happened there? Also, I decided since the...


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