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Finally got around to building a pc, so if any community folks wanna play PUBG or something this week, lemme know!


FP: 8===D

Hellblade to release August 8

Ninja Theory today announced that Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice will release on PC and PlayStation 4 in early August. The digital-only title will launch on August 8 at the more-than-palatable price point of $30. Hellblade's release date news...   read

FP: 8===D

Review: Tokyo 42

There's a neon heart at the center of Tokyo 42's cyberpunk playground. The isometric, open-world action game feels as though it could fit in your hands; a diorama of sleek architecture meant to be spun and examined from every angle. Its mix...   read

FP: 8===D

Early Access Review: Dead Cells

You've probably played parts of Dead Cells before. Its DNA is familiar, a patchwork assembly of recognizable influences. There are echoes of Symphony of the Night and Super Metroid in the 2D action platformer. Rogue Legacy's persistent unlo...   read


Do any of you lovely Dtoiders play Elder Scrolls Online? The Morrowind expansion thing has me interested, so I'm considering grabbing a used PS4 copy of the base game for cheap to check it out. Curious to hear people's thoughts.


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