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First of all, Blasphemous is food. Second, join us playing Streets of Rage 4 please: twitch.tv/destructoid


Come chill with us tonight on the Dtoid Twitch! It's live right now and Dreezy just started playing the FF7 remake. (I personally prefer my Cloud with polygonal boxy hands as opposed to 4K photo-realistic hands.) https://www.twitch.tv/destructoid


I need some good mobile games to play. Please suggest something meaty


We got rid of Disqus ads on Destructoid. All it took was a bit of convincing!


We just hired some web devs on Dtoid to help make improvements and new features. So whadya want? What's your fantasy wishlist (and real wishlist)?


Finish the sentence. If I had uncontrollable power I would-


I'm in an anime mood. I get that way two or three times a year. Not enough to warrant paying for Crunchyroll. What should I watch? I need a few good suggestions


Hi guys, I'm the new (evil) CEO. Scanning qtoid quickly I can already see this is going to be my favorite part of Dtoid. On the surface, we Canadians are polite. Dig a little deeper and we're mostly batshit crazy. So, this is my jam. Teach me your ways!


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