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I... Want to vent some personal issues I’ve been struggling with lately, so I'll write what I've been going through in the comments. You don't have to read if you don't want, but I feel like I need to get this off my chest.


Apparently, Ubisoft's stock market value has dropped to almost 10% these past few days because of the overwhelmingly negative response to Tony Recon's Ghost Clancy Breaklands. GOOD.


Not only is Billy Mitchell's record of Donkey Kong bogus, but also his "First perfect WR of Pac-Man" is also bogus. He already tried to sue Twin Galaxies for removing his DK record and all the evidence keeps piling up on him. I need more popcorn for this.


It's farily common to see game platform holders, sudios and publishers congratulating each other, but to see them doing it IN PERSON kind of brings the warm fuzzies in such a cynical industry. WoW x FFXIV crossover plz.


Gears 5 finished. I'd say it comes close to Gears 2 in terms of scope and set pieces. Im dissapointed that we only got two overworlds to explore and it never reaches the beautiful vistas of Act 2, but regardless, it's a definite step up from Gears 4. 8/10


I've hit a wall in Gears 5 near the end of Act 3. Two Snatchers at the same time is already bad enough but sort of maneagable, but after killing one, 3 Scions pop up and the friendly AI is so fixated on the Snatcher that they constantly die to the Scions.


Anyone who's dumb enough to pay for "Bulletproof Oxygen" deserves to be scammed.


Apparently, the EGS version of Arkham Knight has ALL of the game's DLC included and it's 100% DRM Free. I still don't like Epic's boorish attitude, but yeah, this might be the best version of the game on PC yet. Excluding achievements of course.


You wouldn't believe how fucking upset I felt for having to put up my AC on sale. *sigh*


Platinum Games should block everyone and their mum- oh wait.


Blasphemous is a game that makes me uncomfortable on a personal level. I was raised pretty much surrounded by Catholic iconography and the Spanish Inquisition was a huge part of my country's past. I'm not squeamish, but some scenes makes me cringe a bit.


First impressions of Gears 5 thus far: Friendly AI is kind of shit, I don't like the Chainsaw being mapped to the same button used for reloading (RB), every cutscene is now rendered in realtime and HOLY SHIT IT LOOKS AMAZING!


Xbox Game Pass is still being offered at $1, so I left Gears 5 downloading all morning. I haven't seen any reviews or previews of it, pretty much going in blind. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I just hope it doesn't crash as much as Gears 4 on PC.


I know most of you are knee deep into WoW Classic, but last week, Adventure Quest 3D had a live concert with Korn. Not only you got to headbang virtually, but you also had the chance to fight against literal Freaks on a Leash. That's fucking metal dude.


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Hey there!, I am a Mexican gamer in my early 30's and welcome to my little corner of nonsensical rants!

Add me to Steam or Discord as Rad Party God#5799 if you want, I'm fairly easygoing, I love to talk about nerdy stuff and maybe play some games! ^.^

My current platform of choice is the PC, contrary to popular beliefs, I'm not part of the infamous PC Mastah Rice, I just enjoy playing stuff there and I can afford it, simple as that.

I grew up in the 90's, so naturally, I love to post as many 90's references as I can. Many of the most influential games I've played are from the 90's, specifically from the 5th generation (PS1 and N64).

I'm not listing an arbitrary list of "best gaems evah", but I'll definitely include some of the games that pretty much shaped my tastes and what I expect from a video game nowadays, also they're pretty darn good:

-Super Metroid
-Chrono Trigger
-Super Mario 64
-Anything from Rare on the N64
-Every major 3D Zelda game (yes, even Skyward Sword)
-Crash Bandicoot 1 ~ 3
-Halo 1~3
-Metal Gear Solid 1/Twin Snakes ~ 3
-Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
-Castlevania Rondo of Blood / Symphony of The Night / Chronicles
-Silent Hill 1 ~ 3
-Resident Evil Remake/2/3/4
-Dino Crisis 2
-MediEvil 1/2
-Devil May Cry 1/3/4 (2 sucks)
-Turok 2
-Half-Life 1/2
-Doom 1/2
-Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
-Eternal Darkness
-F-Zero GX
-Metroid Prime Trilogy
-Fallout 1 ~ 3 / New Vegas
-TES: Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim
-Thief Gold / 2
-Guild Wars 1/2
-The Secret World (Legends sucks)
-Sonic Generations
-Sonic Racing Transformed
-Wolfenstein: The New Order /
-The Old Blood
-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
-Dark Souls 1 ~ 3
-Killer Instinct 2013
-Axiom Verge
-Doom 2016
-Titanfall 2
-Sonic Mania
-Hollow Knight

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