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AC Unity has been pretty good thus far. I mean, it's the same old gameplay formula of classic AC games, but I just love running around in the Revolution era France. I've found a few minor glitches thus far and the performance has been pretty darn smooth.


I'm not sure if this has been talked about or covered on Dtoid before, but this is the first time I hear about Sonic 3 A.I.R., it's a full-on remaster of S3&K, with native Widescreen support and other niceties taken and/or inspired by Sonic Mania.


Everyone can become Bluckles now *Heavy breathing*


I frequently find myself trying to backstab enemies from behind or trying to parry them like in Sekiro. I'm not implying that AC Origin's combat is fucking brain dead, but sometimes it's nice to just mindlessly swing my sword around and kill things.


Just started Ass Creed Origins. I highly doubt I'll ever get to finish it, especially after watching how massive the world map is, but I like what I've seen thus far. And that Photo Mode is pretty darn neat!


It seems Ninty isn't as lenient on their YouTube policies as they say, anything related to Switch homebrew is getting targeted MANUALLY by Nintendo, meaning they're using actual censorship to silence these videos. Hardware jailbreak isn't illegal. At all.


Gee thanks wind, it's not like I love the smell of smoke from acres of burnt trees or anything. I guess I'll be sleeping downstairs, at least there's more room to breathe there -_-'


So uh... This is happening a few miles from my house (a neighbor took this picture). Lots of firefighter helicopters coming and going. I hope nothing major happens :/


Huh, who knew that Classic DOOM had a TON of RNG programmed into it? And that's not a bad thing at all, the video shows how potentially the game could be without RNG and it would be either insanely unbalanced and/or a boring mess without it.


Am I the only one who isn't embarrassed of the Gamertag/PSN tag that my awkward edgy wannabe teenage self made 14 years ago?


Dolphin has greatly improved it's netplay and they added an actual server browser with in-game chat, so you can FINALLY play Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure online! Or Mario Kart Double Dash I guess, you do you.


You get a dragon, you get a dragon, EVERYBODY GETS A DRAGON!


I fucking love the WOOOO~ guy, everyone knows about him, but even if you do... You'll get a nice surprise around the corner. THAT got me. And I lost my shit.


I know this may not apply for everyone, but if you're having a hard time in Sekiro, the Hirata Estate is a great place to grind for Pellets, Gold and EXP, I'd even argue it's an even better place to practice than the practice dummy guy at the temple.


The Witness is free on the EGS. Its DRMFree, you can uninstall the EGS after you download it and it's still perfectly playable without it, just make sure to copy or move the game to a different folder just so it doesn't get deleted after removing the EGS.


That snake section was really fucking tense, from it's buildup by discovering random trees with snake skin hanging from them to the shit-on-pants inducing encounter with it.


If Anthem felt rushed with an unfocused mishmash of unsatisfying loot systems and barren locales, that's because it is. Almost the entire game was finished in 8 to 12 months.


Jamás creí que Corey en La Casa Blanca fuera superado, pero he aquí, el mejor OP jamás creado en la historia de la humanidad.


Watch me as I struggle, panic and get insanely lucky against this badass grandma. The video got a bit fucked up, especially near the end, but at least I'm glad I was able to record it at all.


How do you sell expensive graphics cards and demonstrate their new rendering technologies? By developing an expensive multi-million dollar AAA game (looking at you BFV and Metro Exodus), or just use a (decisively awesome) 22 year old game to show it off.


Marvel vs Capcom 2 is fine and dandy, but I far preferred Capcom vs SNK 2 over it. Easily my favorite "VS" game from Capcom.


MCC on PC won't have either local split-screen nor cross platform compatibility with Xbox One. I can understand the cross platform thing, but no split screen is a huge bummer for me.


Now that Dusk has been out for a few months (at least on PC), I want to see a Dusk RPG spinoff in the same vein as the mobile first-person dungeon crawler RPGs that id Software used to make in the mid 2000's.


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