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The original version is unbeatable but I really liked Bishop Briggs cover of "We Will Rock You". That woman has such a powerful voice! <3


"If you're an actor, always be true to your character. If you are not an actor, have character and always be true to yourself." Robert De Niro turns 77 today!! What's your favourite film with him? Hard to choose only one but 'Taxi Driver' is phenomenal


Hideo Kojima released P.T. six years ago! Wow, time flies! It's still one of my favourite horror "games"! I remember the first time I played it I had to take a good distance from the TV, which of course didn't make it any less terrifying :D


Started watching 'The Man in the High Castle' and what a wonderful surprise - Shang Tsung is part of the cast! Will he steal the soul of all his German enemies? ç.ç


I read this book called "This Is How You Lose The Time War" and... I'm in love with it! Time travel + romance + poetic writing = perfection! I can totally imagine a game based on this story! =3 Has anyone read it?


Hey, everyone! I've just arrived and I'm still trying to figure things out (like how to post my bio; not sure if it's my fault or if the website is not working for me!) but I'm hoping to stay awhile :D


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