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Hello from Hong Kong! A.K.A. I'm not dead!

Hey all, Puppy licks here, Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up from mah travelin' adventures and offer a friendly note that I'm not dead yet. Yay! I've been busy with all this travelling business and rocking it out in Hong Kong, no...

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This achievement has meant nothing.

DanMazkin is Online Chat invite sent ... ... Come on, come on... ... Page sent ... fuck... *Sniff* ... Friends List DanMazkin - At dashboard, away for 15 minutes ... fuck fuck fuck! ... Messages Record message DanMazkin,...


ShortBlog: Garison, you're aaaaaallll right.

Hey all, International postage is a bitch. There I said it. So why the shortblog PuppyLicks? I bet you're all asking that aren't ya? Well let me explain. Months ago I posted a question to Garison and his cohorts on the Backwards Compatibl...


Shortblog: Burfday time!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMIT!!! Oh lawls. Anyway, turns out I'm 26 today... I'M OOOOLLLLLLD!!!!! I'm also sick as a dog, what are the fucking odds hey? But not to worry, because this is a good day to be a birthday boy. Let's have a look why. - W...


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