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Ive always loved that the reason orcs love giants is the same reason rednecks love monster trucks.


So I broke down and finally joined the retropie master race. I fucking love the thing as it lets me play this on my big tv!


A little sneak preview of the orktober project :P


Current Status:


Current Status:


Reminder that Valfaris is out today and you should play it :P


Behold the most illegal model I have ever kitbashed and painted. An Edgelord Slamguinius! COME ON AND SLAM! AND WELCOME TO THE JAM!


Current Status:


Vesalius found this image the other day and it must be shared!


Current status:


Reminder that KenshirORK exists.


And the winner of the oni and the samurai minis is...Vesalius!? I already talk to you way too much on discord so expect a message soon :P


I dont know how much interest this will garner but I'm doing a small give away of some minis! If you are interested just comment and i'll pick a name from random. Drawing will be this Saturday. [FINAL BUMP]




Enjoy this picture of Queen Tyr'ahnee with a mouth.


I...bought a box of tau.


Can I just say,I fucking love this mischievous santa.


Reminder if you want some more Trespasser content then to watch the excellent series done by Research Indicates :P


Once you get over them not looking like arbites. The new palanite enforcers aint half bad looking :P


Happy Birthday to the best (objectively :P) dtoider, Inquisitive Ravenclaw!


Always good to go back to basics.


What the fuck is a Connecticut?


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