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I would wait for a chance to play the game by myself, but I just have to know. Is David Hayter in MGS V in any way? Please no spoilers.


Tearaway was cute, but it was kinda short and underwhelming to me. I would recommend paying around $20 for it if you value your money.


Watching Twin Peaks for the first time. Just yooou... aaaand IIII...


Diplomacy has failed. TEAM! Unite up!


After mopping the floor with an online opponent in Smash 4, he changed his tag to "URBAD". Next match, I win again and change my tag to "GG". Surprisingly, he changes his tag to "GG", too. Who knew the cure to saltiness was good sportsmanship?


Someone removed my comment in the Squid Sisters thread. It's kind of a party popper comment, but there's absolutely no reason to remove it. You can't prohibit someone from expressing themselves, even if their opinion is negative or different.


Dreamweaver's porn vault was closed, the mountain had been ransacked, and Abigail the Goose was nowhere to be found. The sun was starting to set when I heard a distinct voice echoing from afar. "Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!"


launched into the mountain of gold shit. "You cannot defeat me, pony human". My hand felt numb, like when you repeat the same motion for too long. That's when I realized. I had to give Ulysses one final ride. I strapped on the Oculus Rift™


then I finally managed to find Ulysses, hair gray, skin red, and one baaaad diarrhea. He looked at me fearfully and tried to hide the pentagram, but I knew exactly what he was up to. I didn't have a mouth anymore, but that didn't stop me from going


When I was a wee lad I had a pony named Ulysses. Ulysses was a great pony - he had very beautiful pony hair, above-average pony intelligence and a very pony-like attitude. He also happened to shit gold. One day I was walking with Ulysses and I said, "My p


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