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Pocketoid Episode 34 - eShop Extravaganza

Aaaaaaaand�we're�back! In this episode we talk about so many e-shop things! Some of em are butt, some of em are great! We also cover some important news about handheld games or whatever. Also, quick side note we recorded this episode whil...


Pocketoid Episode 29 - Fire Emblem Awakening

Here at Pocketoid we've been crushing real hard, not because of Valentines Day being tomorrow but because there soooo many WAIFFFUUUUUUSSSSS to choose from in Fire Emblem Awakening! In this episode we talk all about the latest entry in ...


Pocketoid Episode 26 Records Today! YA DINGUS!

Yo! We about to record some word talkins up in this biiiitttttcccchhhh!!! Today on the show we got Spirit Hunters! And Fractured Soul! And us being nerds about some cool shit you probably like too! Fuck man, I don't know what we be talkin...


Pocketoid Episode 23 - E3 2012!

Pocketoid Episode 23 right HERE! This week on Pocketoid omg you guys... E3... Hooray... Listen in for what we thought about the Big 3 conferences and all the portable news from E3 that your body can handle! We also have reviews Rayman (G...


Pocketoid Episode 22 - E3 2012 Predictions!!

Pocketoid is Destructoid's one and only handheld gaming podcast! This week on Pocketoid OMG YOU GUYS E3!! Listen in for our E3 predictions and also some reviews for the last couple of Virtual Console games to release on the 3DS eShop. Thi...


Pocketoid Episode 20 Records Tonight!!

Hey fart heads!! In case you missed it, Pocketoid is now bi-weekley, tonight being one of the the weeks we records. To be honest, I have no idea what we're gonna talk about tonight. We'll discuss all the handheld gaming news from the pa...


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